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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #890862015-04-27 00:17:27King_Deus said:

    Hi, I'm Deus.

    22, single, Brown hair, 6'0.

    I like video games, hiking, anime, and various other things.

    So, message me if you want, and perhaps look forward to seeing me around this place.

  2. #891442015-04-28 00:26:17Ser_Michael said:

    Hey, my name is Micheal and I spend a lot of time on the internet (way more than I should) and I enjoy video games, anime, sci fi, and Game of Thrones. I'm a college student (barely passing) and I hope to meet new friends though CL. Thanks.

  3. #894852015-05-06 05:46:30RIMAa said:

    hello! my name is RIMAa..obviously since it is shown on my user name haha . god how cheesy can my jokes get. anyway, you can call me rima or any nickname you may have for me, (as long as its not demeaning or insulting its FINE :D). so yeah, so glad to be part of this community :D

  4. #899342015-05-26 00:20:26Nondra said:

    HI! I'm Nondra, I'm pretty new to actually exploring the internet. I'm seventeen, I love anime and animals and friends.

  5. #899612015-05-28 00:23:02TheStrayOtaku said:

    well then.... ****.... didn't think I'd have to introduce myself... um... well I like using explicit ****ing language that is not ****ing suitable for ****ing young and ****ing innocent children. Actually, no I don't, kinda why I censored it, but what the hell I like a good joke.

  6. #900242015-05-31 18:05:47segarocks said:

    Hello! I am a new spiral knights guild member of The Colorless, and i request help on the Snarbolax quest, i am a flexible player ready to take on most (if not all) missions when i am assisting the team.

  7. #900302015-05-31 20:59:07Nondra said:

    Segarocks, the animes that I like the most usually have a lot of characters and character development. My favorites are Angel Beats, Nana, Drrr, Black Rock Shooter, Darker than Black and a lot more. I'm still working on my anime list, otherwise I'd just link it here. What about you?

  8. #900702015-06-03 23:59:46Love_Bun said:
    Hi! I'm a fairly new to the Otaku world, but I'm LovBun, a.k.a Giselle, 16 year old who is just looking for chill online friends to discuss anime and such. My favorite anime include Bleach, (that is my #1) Fairy Tail, Death Note and the list can go on forever. Just here to chat and join up in this community!
  9. #900782015-06-04 15:03:00Grinners said:
    Heyo, I never noticed this thread until now. I still feel like I should formally introduce myself to all of you even though I've been here for about a month. Hello, I'm Grinners. You can call me Grin, Grinners, or any other nicknames you please. I was introduced to this site I think last year by a friend but never made an account and now I felt like joining and getting to know the community. Cheers.
  10. #906572015-06-30 21:41:48MR_GilGaMeSh said:

    HI guys. I am Gilgamesh (which was already taken so MR_GilGaMeSh). love anime and games. 20 M from india. watching durarara and wanted to find a anime chat room to chat in and found this. hope to make friends .

  11. #907472015-07-10 12:45:31nitehunter132 said:


    im kuroko (stolen but love the name, real names josh)

    im 16 new zealand, love anime, parkour talking and food :) i know its not much but yeah :0