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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #908512015-07-21 05:49:17Momoka said:

    Ummm... Hi, I'm Momoka, but you can call me Momo. I'm a girl, I'm 15, and I live I The U.S.A. I like anime... And naps... And waffles. Minecraft, too. I'm not sure if I'm doing this right. I don't think I clicked the right button... sorry. So... Um... This is me. Hi. >_< Well, I think that went well. Good job, Momo, good job.

  2. #911162015-08-09 23:08:39sylveonsin said:

    hey im new. my names sin. im just looking for cool new people to chat with. :) i love anime and im from canada. nice to meet yall.

  3. #912202015-08-17 03:25:57dotkyl said:


    I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Computer Science student in Brazil(Please, sorry my bad english). I live in a inner-country city, I like to study other languages on free time, and I listen a lot of rock in my normal day. I'm always seeking more knowledge and, well, people who can offer me experiences I'd never had. This is me everyone, I hope you're cool with it, and, well, let's be friends.

  4. #913392015-08-20 11:49:21 *Benriya said:

    Hello~ I'm newb, umm call me Ben (@BakaHime calls me a daisy), I am 19, Poland, I love anime, movies, books ( first of all: fantasy, crime, mystery ), music ( prefers rock, metalcore, indie rock ), I love draw too..

  5. #914052015-08-21 17:46:34Ghelzonianses said:

    Hi! I'm Ghel.

    I'm 24 and live in the US. I liked to think of myself as one of those "cool" anime fans back when I was in High School and kept my inner weeb in the closet. I kinda regret it since I really never connected with the fandom during its peak. Now I feel like I've outgrown the fandom =_=;;

    Anyways, I still love the Anime culture and what-not so I joined this community. Seems like fun. Hope you all treat me kindly o/

  6. #915112015-08-24 16:08:01baby_girl666 said:

    um hello im new crazy and fun ill talk to anyone im a very friendly but mean twisted person i love death metal and hard rock so yea hit me up

  7. #915342015-08-25 13:53:15 *Chahzou said:

    Hey everyone,

    I'm Chahzou and I like music ... I really like music, and anime. c:

    Also, I'm a fan of Gintama, it kinda made me realize that some things aren't that important...

    I'll probably spend most of the time in the chat because I want to meet people.

    And here's one of my favourite anime scenes:

    [Spoiler: Angel Beats]

  8. #915572015-08-26 12:50:19SpaceKitten said:

    Hello, people of Colorless! My name is Felix, I come from Denmark, and am 23 years. I have a bachelor in Digital Design and Communications, and intend to get a bachelor in Latin as well.

    As for interests, I'd say gaming, languages, and just random talk. I consider myself pretty open and friendly, so feel free to engage in some form of communication with me.

    Hope to have a nice time here. Ciao ~

  9. #916212015-08-27 13:27:23AolDunedein said:

    Hello there, I'm Aol. I'm a college student, nearing 20 years old. Like you all i love games and anime and Japanese culture in general. Also, i love discussing politics, art and other weird stuff. I hope we can have a good time, people ;)