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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #921192015-09-21 09:55:14xieanneP said:

    Hi guys! I'm xieannep from Manila. I love manga and anime. Recently loving Japanese & Chinese light novels as well. Hope to get along with all of you :)

  2. #921572015-09-23 13:24:01Tetra-Etri said:

    Hallo! Nice to meet you guys, let's get along~ You can call me Tetra, I'm 20 years old female from Finland. And as you can guess I'm new here ^^

  3. #926222015-10-15 02:41:24Insomnia said:

    {✧• Hey guys! I'm Insomnia, I'm one of them 90's kids from Canada. I'm new here so hope to get along with everyone : ^) •✧}

  4. #926682015-10-16 14:37:45Lexy said:

    Hello, I'm Lexy and I'm new here.I'm 16 and i like anime and games.My hobbys are drawing ,painting and listening to music. I am from Romania.Nice to meet you guys hope we can talk.

  5. #926772015-10-16 21:38:28Insomnia said:

    Heyy Lexy c: Welcome to CL! What kind of music do you listen to, also piece of advice that was given to me ( i'm new too ) Head in to the chat every now and then

  6. #927502015-10-19 05:10:19khrysopos said:

    hey, everyone! khrysopos here, but you can call me hal. it's been a while since i've joined a forum, but i'll do my best to branch out and make friends.

    a short 'about me': loves writing both prose and poetry. currently trying to get back into RPing (so it'll be a treat to get to know others who RP as well). in university as an english major, but is more of an aspiring classicist. cries a lot over anime and manga.

  7. #927982015-10-20 15:01:52icehalllow said:

    Hi I am Ice and I'm 15.I'm come from bkk Thailand.I like manga and anime.I'm not good about english much so sometime I can't understand.nice to meet you all.

  8. #930602015-10-26 12:34:54 *vinsentoh said:


    okok ill introduce myself

    im new here ofc

    my name sounds bad so just call me vinsentoh or smth

    im 69 yrs old and uh

    i like bands like mcr and fob (nice)

    i also like anime to an extent but im not a weeb

    oh and i hate sushi

    that is all

  9. #930642015-10-26 16:39:09Luciase said:

    Welcome to the site Vinsentoh if you have any questions feel free to ask =D join the chat whenever you want everyone here is real nice!

  10. #930652015-10-26 18:58:21the_rectifier said:

    Elloooo I guess this is Colorless? Kinda weird I've never heard of this before at all. What does one do here..? Anyways Im the rectifier, I suppose I'm glad to be here ヽ(;▽;)ノ What's u~p?

    Also Im starting a club soon so anyone who wants to check it out, talk to me.