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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #564922013-05-28 10:02:17real said:

    Hello ,Im new here ,Im really enjoying my stay here cause of its superb healthy extreme nice / kind community :D

  2. #568362013-05-31 20:27:00Kid said:

    never knew this was a thread, Im kid im not dakota nor is my name dakota its just a name that i added so i could have kid in my name

  3. #568452013-05-31 22:56:04Littlefootroserocker said:

    Hi, I'm Rosemary! I'm 17 and from Chicago. I went on chat a lot long time ago, but life got in the way. My favorite anime is hell girl, and ummmm, there are a lot more.... Right now I'm really into ball jointed dolls, but they are too expensive. Nice to meet all of you!!!!

  4. #568502013-06-01 00:08:40Shidei said:

    Shidei here. I used to be pretty involved in the old Colorless, but that was years ago. I've no idea what this place is like now. I'm visiting again for a short amount of time, although this place doesn't seem to be terribly active.

    //cough nya

  5. #568532013-06-01 00:54:15 *Cenica said:

    @Shidei T_T You're saying your only going to be here for a short while?

    And the site is pretty active I guess. I don't know how it used to be but now it's a bit more intimate (not sexually mind you...) being that the same people are usually on and you get to chat with them more, becoming better friends. I find it kind of funny when people say it's not that active because of this.

  6. #568582013-06-01 01:01:42Shidei said:

    @Cenica Probably; all the people I used to talk with are gone. :c Although I suppose I may find new friends. cough lurk in the chat cough

    Hmm, it does seem that the chat is quite active. I was only paying attention to the threads, where the most recent posts are from a few hours ago. But yeah, the chat does have a lot of talking. c: I'll just lurk there for a while.

  7. #568822013-06-01 06:20:23Lemon0Zero said:

    Hey guys, I used to be a member of the old CL too. I think I was NestureKurimu back there... Dunno, I forgot. xD I have lots of usernames, but what you see there is what I use the most. I use it almost everywhere.

    Anyway, Just call me Lemon, Zero, or Rings. I'm mostly known as Rings in the DOLLARS. I'm from the Philippines but I occasionally head to New York for vacation. Pleased to meet your acquaintances! I like reading, people watching, traveling, and gaming. Also anime!

    Hope we all meet up in the future!