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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #1042692016-06-30 05:36:45ObvsIronman said:

    Hello hello I'm Obvs. I posted this already but I got confused so I deleted it but here I am again oops. I have a big interest in art, music, anime, video games, and food. I sleep a lot. I look forward to making some friends.

  2. #1044452016-07-03 19:28:10Benoramir said:

    Hey everyone I'm Benoramir. Hope to find some interesting people and make new friends! I like anime, games, japanese culture. On another side of the spectrum; guitar, dirt biking, skateboarding and too many to list. Yeah we'll hit me up if any of you have the same interests :D

  3. #1044962016-07-04 18:03:55zavala said:

    hi i'm zavala , a new user . I was introduced to this site by a friend of mine , she told me to go here because we had just finished watching all of durarara on hulu and netflix , this site is sorta like the dollars site, i think its actually pretty cool . i really like anime and games like yandere simulator and undertale and i also am a huge fan destiny . the animes i like vary from like tokyo ghoul to noragami , yeah i know pretty weird . i don't really fit in with the real world , i'm not really a social butterfly like how everyone else is in my family , so i spend most my time here on the enternet , i am the odd ball of my family because i cant really go up to somebody and start a conversation , but on the internet its like im another me and i don't really have any freinds in real life besides the one who told me about this site . so please respond and if so nice to meet you .

  4. #1045062016-07-04 21:14:17Kinnear said:

    Welcome to The Colorless! Should come check out chat sometime. And make sure to read the rules and yadda yadda you know the drill I'm sure.

    While I haven't played any Yandere Simulator myself, I see a lot of people play it on YouTube. xP I'm a pretty big fan of Undertale as well. I got a Sans plushie commissioned for my girlfriend's birthday in January. If you like I can probably find some pictures of it somewhere, it was pretty awesome work. xD

  5. #1045112016-07-04 22:11:20Kloven said:

    yeah hey hi hello im kloven. hurry up and add me u filthy little degenerate. welcome to the site btw #yoloswag

  6. #1045472016-07-05 10:51:18blackpen said:

    Helloooooo!! I'm blackpen, i live in the place where pixies and faires exist. That's all, i'm new here so i hope we get along... brrr

  7. #1048032016-07-09 21:12:58nanoyaro said:

    maybe i must join here to introduce myself. so ... i am nanoyaro and you can call me nano for short and nice to meet you all! i am new here and do not know what am i doing here ....

  8. #1049102016-07-11 20:18:56ChloeKat said:

    Hi guys,I just joined.Nice to meet you all,you can call me Kat for short but I don't mind nicknames.Hope to catch u in chat

  9. #1049962016-07-14 04:12:38 *stayingtrue37 said:

    Hello. My name is-well my username is-stayingtrue37, though I don't mind being called by Aurora. I'm new here so please take good care of me!

    I guess it would be a good idea to tell you guys about myself. Well, I'm just a random girl soon turning 16 in a month or two. I tend to read a lot and love sweets. Then again I love anything, as longs it's not too bitter or sour.

    May we get along and become good friends, okay?

  10. #1051732016-07-17 23:41:38SturlusonCelty said:

    Hello. I am mainly here because drrrchat is gone. But I hope to make friends with people on here and form an RP group if that is possible. I also have a DRRR RP group on Second Life if you would like to RP with me on there as well. Happy to meet you all.

  11. #1052072016-07-18 22:45:27MasamuneTakano said:

    Yo, Takano here, just joined in today. I lived in the Philippines and my real name is Arthur James Dizon. I do not what else can I add on my introduction. Forgive me if my grammar fails from time to time, my brain is messy

  12. #1054282016-07-25 18:44:15foveah said:

    Hi I'm foveah ^^ I'm 18, American and I'm new here! Anime, video games, music, conventions, and reading are pretty much what I do with my life lol.

  13. #1061562016-08-14 15:03:14chalice said:

    -glares at lowkey- we'll settle this later. But welcome to CL you nugget! :D (also tell me about NYC, that's a demand not a request).

  14. #1063852016-08-22 21:35:27lnhackcurtis said:

    Hello! Just FYI, I'm not good at this whole introduction thing. But I guess I'll give a bit of info.

    My name is lnhackcurtis, but you can call me by my first name, Leah, and I live in Nebraska (USA)! I love anime and reallyyy need to start reading more manga :3 But I'm really excited to meet a ton of new people. :D