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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #1064562016-08-26 04:14:21 *saeki said:

    hello, saeki here~ (*´╰╯`๓)♬

    saeki loves reading light novels and fanfiction and manga and doujinshi. is currently learning nihonese and using that as an excuse to watch anime (๑>؂•̀๑)✌

    よろしくお願いします~ saeki hopes we can get along !!

  2. #1070732016-09-18 03:00:29Kro said:

    Hi hi! I am Kro, not realy new to the Dollars as a whole since been hanging around many different Dollars groups, buuuuuuuut I am new to this website so pleased to meet you :3 I am 17 and well, you don't really need to know the rest do you? ;) xD You could always ask me though

  3. #1071862016-09-23 00:41:15timberwolf15 said:
    hello, I'm timberwolf, but u can just call me wolfie, I like anime, and I am a huge gamer, I'm really great at English, but I'm going thru a really lonely time, so I'm hoping to make some friends. :3
  4. #1073302016-09-28 05:07:23Richy said:
    I am Richy. I just joined. I live in Idaho (USA). I don't have many friends to talk to. So and my full name is Richy J. Hobson
  5. #1075772016-10-14 00:40:12Spice said:

    Hi I'm spice but my real name is Courtney! I'm 20, live in Washington, and I love dogs! I also like lattes and I'm learning to brew them myself. Hope to get to know you all ✌️

  6. #1075962016-10-14 23:04:17 *Balder said:

    Hi! I'm Storm, student & Norwegian. (Short summary: nerd who like to thinks she is sporty.) I was active here a couple of years ago (as 'Storm')- but forgot my old password. So here is the new me, vola!

  7. #1079402016-11-08 20:02:35 *Mason953 said:

    Hi my name is mason953 I guess I can just say some things about me. I like animals mostly kittens. I like to watch anime and read manga. I like all spurts of anime and manga my favorite is Tokyo ghoul. Nice to meet you