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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #1090632017-02-07 15:10:07B0R3D2D347H said:

    Hi, I'm Bored2death. Just joined a few minutes ago. I'm new to these kinds of websites and drrrr brought me here. I'm a pansexual (17), I love cats, anime, games etc.

  2. #1092712017-02-23 22:39:13Inia said:

    To reply to a comment thread, click the date between the post # and username, then write your comment. It just helps people keep track of conversations much more easily.

  3. #1096052017-03-19 12:46:18Dori_ma said:
    Hello. I'm Dori. Feeling a little nostalgic, so I decided to swing by. I joined this forum back in 2010, but I haven't been on since then. Love cosplay and anime. Nice to meet everyone!
  4. #1099772017-04-09 17:33:14 *D-Volt said:

    Sup. I'm D-Volt. I joined this place back in 2011, but never really contributed anything. Just reintroducing myself here so no one can say they don't know who I am if I ever post anything here.

    Oh, and the only real thing of any interest about me I guess is that I make mashups in my spare time. If you want to have a listen you can find them on my SoundCloud page at: (Edit: Link's broken if you click it. You'll have to manually copy and paste the URL into your address bar if you really care that much) www.soundcloud.com/d-volt-88

    But yeah, if you see me it'll more than likely be in the chat once every 2 years or so. See ya then!

  5. #1101232017-04-18 13:47:16If-Youwant said:

    Ohey! This probably my second introduction, IF-Youwant is a returnee, call IF-Youwant whatever you want. Thanks for having me, cheers!

  6. #1101912017-04-22 09:35:19Kirby_Pink_Ball said:

    Heeeyyyy~~ I'm not particularly new here, joined about... idk when, but this is my first post, so yeah... You can call me Kirby, or Emma (my other name) Real name is secret though~ ;) Age is... well, legal. Don't ask~ because i won't answer~

  7. #1101942017-04-22 21:32:45 *poke_dorks said:

    Hello! My name's Clem, and I've been binge-watching DRRR again in a fit of nostalgia haha I'm a 19-year-old college student who's a closeted anime/video game fan, hope we can get along!

  8. #1101952017-04-23 01:12:58Kinnear said:

    Hey, welcome to CL! We have a fair few people here in their late teens and 20s, so I'm sure you'll have no trouble fitting in. xP Drop by chat sometime.

  9. #1105682017-05-16 02:58:35 *BrokenCog said:

    Howdy All! My previous chat group sorta upped and left without me but I guess that's how it is. Mingers aside, I figured I join another place to maybe fill the void. How dee do!

  10. #1105842017-05-17 11:55:54IrawaWeirHolo said:

    Greetings fellow unblemished, I'm IWH, one of the few unlucky that was threatened and forced into joining by Evo(LOL). I hope to be settled here soon enough cuz my old room disappeared. Anyway spread love. Peace out.

  11. #1107132017-05-23 13:46:21Eseru said:

    Hello ^^ good day to everyone, I'm Eseru and I'm from the Philippines. I just joined a couple of minutes ago, heard from someone at the Drrr site about this community so i decided to join ^^ hope we all get along fine ~

  12. #1108782017-05-30 02:38:34EvoRulz said:

    @Eseru oh sweet! :D thanks for taking up the offer! by the way if you click the date and time above a post you can make a sub post like so~ keeps things lookin neat :3 but dont worry this is the #1 thread that people learn the trick on haha ^_^

  13. #1109232017-05-31 06:24:53Tokumei_Yujin said:

    Hey yo, everyone! I just remembered this community existed! Heard about it awhile back, but anyways.. I'm Tokumei, and I loooove, loove anime, manga, video games, you name it! I just enjoy Japan and nerd culture as a whole. I'm really glad this is here so I can chat with people who also share some, or all, of these interests. Welp, enough rambling, I suppose. Glad to be here!