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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #1110112017-06-05 22:36:32 *__fly_on_the_wall said:

    Well, I think I need to introduce myself...

    I'm a fly, in the wall, that tries to see and listen to everything (I just realized that this intro is just creepy).

    To be honest, there's not much to know about me, I'm a curious guy, that tries to grab knowledge about anything that piques my interest. Feel free to contact me if you enjoy programming and stuff.

  2. #1114912017-07-20 04:22:16PYLAAM said:

    Hello everyone! Not really sure what to say but I'm pylaam and im from virginia, usa. I love reading books and daydreaming. It's nice to meet all of you ⁿ_ⁿ

  3. #1115222017-07-24 04:57:45Almondjoy said:

    It's Almond!!

    Hey so according to my name I'm just hard on the outside and a basket case inside, but I'm actually none of that. The names Almond b'cuz I didn't use to be sturdy but now I am-of course i'm still breakable. Who isn't (excluding fiction and myth)? Anyways, I don't actually read manga or watch enough anime to become a die hard fangirl, I know the basics. I just wanna be inn this chat because people like you hold a passion and I wanna try it out ^ ^

  4. #1116412017-08-02 02:49:24MakiMaki said:

    Hello my name is Maki...all I'm gonna say is that my name is Maki. =] (Kinda mysterious right?) anyways my name is Maki :3

  5. #1116432017-08-02 04:21:37shafnat said:

    Wow theres a lot of new member coming in and out. just want to tell you, if you found out the chat is dead, it's just dead for a while, you can come back later and see the dead chat again. there is 1/3 chance you'll see the chat is alive but well, you can have fun scrolling down the forum and bump any thread you find you'll fit in. Welcome!

  6. #1116772017-08-06 23:43:16Akane-chan_-w- said:

    Hi! This site is a lot like the old one I use to use ^w^. I'm Akane-chan~ I love anime and manga, don't mind gory stuff. Books are okay too. I live in the US and I hope we can be friends!

  7. #1117492017-08-18 08:14:57AirSoft said:

    Привет, я тоже новенькая. Живу в России, в небольшом городке. Я увлекаюсь тем же ,чем и многие из вас. Хотелось бы найти здесь много новых друзей))

  8. #1117872017-08-24 20:38:18 *cyanners said:

    Hello! You can call me cyanners.
    I'm from Texas/America YEEHAW
    My big interests are: Anime, CSGO, League and MarioKart if anyone wants to game than hit me up.
    I heard about this forum a couple months ago and finally got around to looking at some posts, making an account. This forum looks pretty nice so I think i'll hang out for awhile.

  9. #1120522017-09-23 01:45:47Siddeto22 said:

    Hey there buddies!, i'm Sid, a weirdly-strange design student from somewhere in The Legendary Asia.

    I enjoys making artworks such as Illustration, Character Design and make things much more prettier.

    My drawing style maybe influenced by Japanese Cartoon Style (altough i only watch and read Anime and Manga that i think is different and has a very great quality on every single aspects about them) but what can i say? they're extremely fascinating, don'tcha think?

    I'm a Gamer too, and mainly obsessed with well-crafted Japanese Video Games like Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy series, Pokemon series, Megaman series, Castlevania series and many more.

    I'd be more than happy to make friends here! (I actually have an old friend here, the one friend that i've annoy so much back in the days, i'm curious wether he'll notice my presence or not, but i'm sure he will tee-hee)