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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #1121612017-10-06 15:20:37 *AceKurosuki said:

    Hello, I am Ace Kurosuki, but just Ace is fine. I am Irish, Native American, and German. I am 15 year of age, and love Anime. I am also a YouTuber named Ace Kurosuki. I was born with Autism so I can't understand things well, but I'll be sure that i'm not a bother.

  2. #1121672017-10-07 02:42:49shafnat said:

    wah but you introduce yourself like you're just as normal (bet i have things that i don't understand more than you) and welcome to cl!

  3. #1122432017-10-17 16:14:48KuroiSaja said:

    Hi I'm me. At least for now. I used japanese system in the nickname so Saja is the first name. Nice to meet you everyone \(^o^)/

  4. #1122852017-10-25 10:26:46--100-- said:

    Конбамва ребята! Я Хана Нироу я тут только зарегестрировалась и мне очень интересно это! Я заинтересовалось этим после просмотра аниме Дюрарара) Люблю аниме и музыку Надеюсь мы подружился!!!

  5. #1122902017-10-27 05:56:33Renii said:

    Hi there, I'm me, high school sophomore and from the Ph. I like to draw, have a passion on history, and a bibliophile. I don't really do this kind of thing (the online chats stuff) so yeah xD. It's nice to meet you all

  6. #1124272017-11-22 17:43:20 *miako said:

    hello everybody! I am new here! sorry for late introduction. My parents named me Miako. Miako Ampo to be complete! In my country it means echo, echo of heart. I m 19! I love manga/anime since i was young and innocent! I play soccer, basketball, swimming, and i love fighting, and reading because of manga! I live in an island called madagascar! I don't like lonliness but i have no choice, i don't have real friends for the time being! so i don't understand the power of friendship in fairytail. I hope someone can explain it to me during my presence here XD thank you! i have never done this chating stuff before so i am counting on you for the next!

  7. #1124802017-11-25 20:30:38 *MacV said:

    Well... Heyoo~ I am Mac! Idk if my friends still remember me back in drrr chat but yeah.. xD some of you guys might be here so.. :3 anyways, I recently joined this website and don't know much about it.. But let me do a brief introduction... I am 18 years old. I am in a band and my position is a drummer. I also like writing music and know how to play the guitar and sometimes sing. I do martial arts and play basketball. So yeah.. I hope I can make friends here.. :D feel free to talk to me anytime and I'll try to answer you guys.. :D

  8. #1126082017-12-04 20:36:18Veggie said:

    Ladies, gentlemen, and apache attack helicopters! Greetings! I am Veggie! Who's Veggie? I'm Veggie! So I came across this site, and I thought, "Hey, this looks interesting! Let's give it a shot!", so here I am..

    So, who am I? Why, a great question, that is! I, am a 19-year-old(my god I'm already 19 what is this O_o) nihilisitc nerd with no life! My interests include anime(almost exclusively action and/or shounen stuff, because I'm shounen trash- also including a certain anime I'm sure a lot of people in these parts know about), gaming(mostly on the fantasy side of things), Roleplay in MMORPGs(World of Warcraft in particular, though I don't do it as much as I'd like), memes, overindulging in my own creativity, and art!

    Pleased to make your acquaintances!

  9. #1126322017-12-06 14:41:57EvoRulz said:

    @Veggie Welcome to CL family mate! wow that was some introduction i'm impressed O-0

    i'm 18 myself, haha we seem to have similar interests mainly because of the nature of this site, cept the mmo's/roleplay i dont really do

    all you need is games and animu and memes amirite w come join us in chat when u can, its often dead but getting cooler lately!

  10. #1127882017-12-19 19:30:47Kuroshina said:

    Eyo, I'm Kuro. I am 23 springs old. I have a short presentation about me on my profile, hope to talk to you soon in chat!

    Hugs and kisses ~

  11. #1129342018-01-02 16:41:08fonlika237 said:

    I just joined today, and maybe some Dollars will notice me >~< Anyway I'm Fon Lika, people usually call me Fon but just call me anything~ I'm not used to using forums and threads, but I'll try. Also I'm a huge fujoshi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Back to story, I would love to talk about anything. Nice to meet you all and hoping for a fun time together XD

  12. #1131352018-01-22 15:20:57Wiseyo78 said:

    Greetings all ^^, you can call me wisey. I am brand new to the site and can't wait to find out more about it, and its residents.