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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #1132842018-02-07 20:00:46Ka1r05 said:

    Heyo, name's Kai. First name Kai, last name Kai. Kai Kai. ...Actually let's just stick to Kai. It's a lot less silly. I'm new to the site, like totally new. I hope we can all get along!

  2. #1135482018-03-23 08:08:47 *Milk said:

    Hey guys I’m Milk, was an ultra oldfag that used the site back in 2010 and came back about three years ago and disappeared again and ’m back again :’)

    Going to be open about this - I actually first came on CL pretending to be a guy in high school because I was really unsure of my gender identity back then and CL was a safe place where I could be myself freely. 8 years later I’m done with school, working full time and I’ve decided to transition for real.

    I really want to express my thanks to you guys for being here because if it weren’t for this site I wouldn’t have started questioning myself that early. Now I’m back and I’ll do my best to make the board more active again! Yah!! :D

  3. #1135592018-03-23 14:56:11 *DarkChaplain said:

    If you're an "ultra oldfag", what am I? An Elder God?

    Also, my condolences. It seems like this site existing was more of a mistake than I was already aware of.

  4. #1137112018-04-13 16:01:25 *IceBearZ said:

    Icebear says hi to all. Icebear wishes to get along with all of you. Icebear maybe be cold but Icebear loves to make new friends. Icebear hopes you a pleasant day. :)

  5. #1137742018-04-21 09:00:37meia15 said:

    Hello all! I'm unsure still if I'll stay or go, but I still wanted to pop in and say hi! I used to come onto this site a long time ago back when it was first made. I finished Durarara!!x2 finally the other month and got reminded of this community. The site looks so different from the little I remembered of it, and I doubted this was actually it at first! Had to look up my username LOL. Very happy to see it's still kicking!

    In regards to myself, I'm into FFXIV, Splat2n, Stardew Valley, Pokemon, and more! Gonna take a look around the site and see what's up! Nice to meet you all!

  6. #1144112018-08-02 17:15:15 *Harry_P said:

    Preferred name and pronouns: Harry P., male

    Age: 20s

    **Country/Region: **USA (West SIDE)

    Fandoms/Interests: (Music/Videogames/Anime/Newly found interest in RPing & writing fanfics/Cooking/Kickboxing/Dog Person) Durarara, Marvel heroes, Harry Potter, Naruto, One Piece, Monogatari series, Baccano!, Ano Hana, Code Geass, Full Metal Alchemist, Fate series, Welcome to the NHK, Samurai Champloo, Nichijou, Steins;Gate

    Links:, Short description: Just a kid in a man's body trying to find his identity. I'm a good listener -- talk to me!

  7. #1144132018-08-02 18:16:26shafnat said:

    Hello, that's one systematic introduction lol. anyhow, welcome, i'm not that active myself though i'm checking everyday, so don't worry if it's dead sometimes and enjoy your stay! @Harry_P

  8. #1146052018-09-09 10:38:12Pure_Water said:
    Seems I posted my introduction in unright thread. I apologize and wish for your understanding - I'm novice after all.

    Hi-hi! Pure_Water a.k.a. 100% Pure Water greets! I found a link to that site on VK page - don't remember, where. I'm Russian, my English is not very well (it's about B1) - if you're better than me, i'm sorry m(. .)m
    So, basic information:
    + gender - female
    + age, weight, height - it's rude to ask about this, baaaka!
    + hobbies - anime, books, fanfics, internet-surfing
    *** things I like:
    + poems
    + origami
    + honest people
    + cool characters
    + vocaloid
    + smart (okey, don't stupid) humans ((okey, just not-gorillas))
    *** things I dislike:
    + self-hatred
    + conservative worldview
    + any discrimination
    + low-quality NC
    *** interesting about account:
    + my nickname and avatar based on Aoba Kuronuma
    + i don't like Aoba
    + i'm here for chat only

    ***I hope we'll get along!***

    русская версия поста предоставляется по запросу - не хочу тратить время на то, что никто не прочитает
  9. #1152612018-11-19 00:05:37LilaNexus said:

    Ummm... I'm new to this site. I'm Nexus, Lila Nexus and I'm 18. Few things I like are anime, writing, and mainly art. I'm generally a nice person till you get on my bedside.

  10. #1152872018-11-27 01:30:48Big_Caka said:

    sup homies? its ya boi big caka comin in hawt. namean? na im just playin. stay lit ait bet fam dead ass LMFAO turn up squad meme

  11. #1156192019-02-02 17:27:50ecooli said:

    Hello there! You can call me ecooli.

    I used to join the community back when Durarara first season finished airing. I was a bit lonely and wander aimlessly around, until I remember this website. I am so glad that it's still up after all of those years, and I hope that I can spend some of my time here.

  12. #1162972019-04-23 00:48:33MightyMiello said:

    Hello everyone,

    I'm Miello. Used to be on this site years ago as AisuPrincess,,, but forgot the password and email for that account. LOL Plus I thought starting a new acc would just be fine.

    I don't really know what else to say but I am happy to be kind of back!~~