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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #1163352019-05-05 09:30:23thecutemochi said:

    Hello! I'm thecutemochi. I came across this one because I thought the chat looked similar to the ones in Durarara!! anime and it does! I just recently watched the anime because of a friend. I'm 22 and finishing college! finally! Just a few more weeks before graduation. I'm a girl (if that isn't so obvious) and an otaku (again surpriseeee woop woop)

  2. #1165132019-07-14 17:24:29Ganko said:

    Hi everyone! I am Ganko. Recently I finally started watching Durarara!! and stumbled upon this site because of it. I mostly devote my time to anime and manga, but also try to develop my skill as an artist, so I guess I will be posting here what I draw from time to time. I have never participated in any forums, so this is kind of a completely new world for me. Hope we all get along!

  3. #1165902019-08-12 02:15:25yuuri_chan_ said:
    • hops in...

    Umm, I'm not really new but umm, Ive been gone for a long long long looong long long while now, and umm, well, I just got back so I want to say hi again and I've missed this group and all I can say is that I still love cookies and hopping using my tard- umm, box.

    just call me yuuri =w=

  4. #1165952019-08-12 12:56:18SinningKilljoy said:

    Hello I'm new! I'm SinningKilljoy and I'm a 20yo musician and student from Australia. Emo culture is my main love but always down for anything creative and cool convos with cool peeps.