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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #1163352019-05-05 09:30:23thecutemochi said:

    Hello! I'm thecutemochi. I came across this one because I thought the chat looked similar to the ones in Durarara!! anime and it does! I just recently watched the anime because of a friend. I'm 22 and finishing college! finally! Just a few more weeks before graduation. I'm a girl (if that isn't so obvious) and an otaku (again surpriseeee woop woop)

  2. #1165132019-07-14 17:24:29Ganko said:

    Hi everyone! I am Ganko. Recently I finally started watching Durarara!! and stumbled upon this site because of it. I mostly devote my time to anime and manga, but also try to develop my skill as an artist, so I guess I will be posting here what I draw from time to time. I have never participated in any forums, so this is kind of a completely new world for me. Hope we all get along!

  3. #1165902019-08-12 02:15:25yuuri_chan_ said:
    • hops in...

    Umm, I'm not really new but umm, Ive been gone for a long long long looong long long while now, and umm, well, I just got back so I want to say hi again and I've missed this group and all I can say is that I still love cookies and hopping using my tard- umm, box.

    just call me yuuri =w=

  4. #1165952019-08-12 12:56:18SinningKilljoy said:

    Hello I'm new! I'm SinningKilljoy and I'm a 20yo musician and student from Australia. Emo culture is my main love but always down for anything creative and cool convos with cool peeps.

  5. #1166612019-08-31 17:13:07Eiram said:

    Hello! I am a fourteen year old female freshmen. (alliterations y'all!) I live in Texas, and enjoy anime just like probably everyone else here. I also like puns. You have been warned.

  6. #1167142019-09-10 12:39:28 *Dfq said:

    Hello everyone I m new in this website I m from India and I love to watch anime I m 15 yrs old and I am a girl hyoroshikone gaishimasu ☺️

  7. #1167542019-09-13 00:42:23 *niuceke said:

    Hey fellas, nice to meet you. After reading this majorly depressing post from the admins who decided to stop working on CL in february, maybe we could try to bring a little live in here? I'm 23 years old, live in germany and am currently studying. Lately I've been approaching my teenage passion which is anime again. After I concentrated on my studying so hard, i kind of disadvantaged it... can somebody relate? Anyways, I'm happy to be here and to make friends!

  8. #1170682019-09-22 12:09:28Aleister said:

    Hello, I can see that this site is degrading slowly. Though I was invited by a friend and wanted to check it out so here I am. Names Aleister and I'll be visiting here often even in this hectic days I have. I can see this was one good community a while ago and I hope it will last long enough for me to make friends..



  9. #1171782019-10-16 10:06:48EvoRulz said:

    @Aleister @niuceke good to see some new users in this place ^_^ theres tons of reading material here even if users are absent these days, tag people and you might just get a reply, also make sure to check out the user guide!

  10. #1195552020-01-21 21:04:23 *raiden_is_dj said:

    Hello, I'm Raiden (but some call me DJ for a pepperoni secret), 21 yrld, I'm from the land of murder (Honduras). I like, retro bibo gam and retro animu, because:

    "Retro Always Wins"

    Y E E T

  11. #1200302020-03-15 20:01:20 *vanivamp said:

    hi i'm vani. i used to log on here under obvsironman, but deleted my account. i thought i'd just check the site out on a whim today, and i was surprised to see what the admins said. the first thing i did was check the chat, and it was like a ghost town, which was a stark difference compared to how lively it was when i had been on before. but hello everyone :') however few "everyone" may be.