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New User Introduction Thread

  1. #569532013-06-01 22:04:13 *DarkChaplain said:

    You know something is wrong when the only people posting on the New User Intro thread are returning old users nobody seems to (want to) remember at this point....

  2. #569552013-06-01 22:37:34DarkChaplain said:

    Yeah, and then they ask questions that could have been answered by threads on the frontpage or the FAQ.... I'd totally be up for an experiment locking newly signed up users out of chat until they've been here a week or posted enough on the forums, but that's just crazy DC talkin'.

  3. #569632013-06-02 01:01:08 *Cloud-VK said:

    That's how the dueling network is, I think it be effective... But then we might have problems with poorly made threads... :/ ... bigger problems that is.

  4. #569752013-06-02 09:17:22Sol said:

    Old? Damn, it must've been awhile now.

    I Also see the many changes here since then, But here's my introduction:

    Hey! Most people here call me Sol. It's the alias i go by in the internet. it's also a nickname given to me as a child. i'm 18, Can say that i am an old member but i may not be able to help you out with the website NOW since there has been some major edits.

    Nonetheless, Please enjoy yourselves, Newcomers! As for one things for sure: We greet you with open hands !

  5. #569762013-06-02 09:21:23Dec said:

    Hi I'm new, pleasure to meet you all. I'm so glad that I could find an anime site just like the dollars :-)

  6. #570172013-06-02 23:59:35LeafBlend said:

    Hi everyone! This seems like a fun place to hang out in so I thought it would be interesting to sign up for it. Ack! This is only an introduction but I'm already fretting on what to put on here. I think too much about these things. Anyways, I'm looking forward to having fun with everyone here!

  7. #570562013-06-03 16:41:28LittleAki said:

    Hello~ I'm LittleAki but you can call me Aki or Kira~ I'm shy but one you get me talking WOO BOY. I like anime and manga, but my mother burned everything I worked so hard to collect. I live in Indiana and want to leave the country as soon as humanly possible~ I MAKE AWESOME WAFFLES

  8. #571112013-06-04 00:55:26tanaka_tarou06 said:

    hey you can call me tarou, i'm from the philippines, 17. i like anime and manga and video games. i'm an old member but i've been gone way too long so let's be friends? :))

  9. #571422013-06-04 02:31:11Whimsi said:

    Hey! I'm Whimsi ( or Whims ) but my username for colorless has always been Tobii. I might change it in a bit, but I go by Whimsi on the internet o/

    It's been 3 years since I made a colorless account and I hope to be more active on the new site.

  10. #571652013-06-04 03:08:47kaykiii said:

    Hey guys Im kaykiii My body is ready~

    ..Oh and if it counts for anynthing i was once a member here but that was waaaay long ago and so i forgot my password so im here with this new account.

  11. #572162013-06-04 07:46:44xXtransparentXx said:

    Hi there! I'm Onika! It is very nice to meet all of you. I used to go on this site awhile ago the last time was 2011._. Well anyways I hope to get along with everyone. ^-^ I love cute things though I'm not cute myself I often get told I look like a boy heh heh but that's okay anyways please take care of me!

  12. #572352013-06-04 08:51:00 *M_E_W said:

    Might as well.

    Hey there CL. I'm M_E_W. Been here a long time, but mostly only ever lurked before I just kinda....fell off. It all looks familiar to me and I remember a bunch of names, but it feels like I'm new all over again. Hopefully I'll stick around this time.

  13. #572682013-06-04 11:41:09bearnstein said:

    Hey, I don't know how to introduce myself, since I haven't really done this before. I'm bearnstein, and my real name's Lukas, you can call me whatever you like, really. I'm here to discuss my favorite things and... find friends. I think. I'm rather introverted, but I hope I'm friendly. I'm a rather artistic person, I play bass (although rather sloppily) on my free time, I do a lot of drafting but not enough actual drawing, listen to a lot of different genres of music. So, I hope we'll get along.