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  1. The Linking Game [forum game]

    #806432014-07-21 22:27:23 *kamihate said:

    Here I am again everyone, now to invite you to a game.

    This time I propose works in this way:

    The game question is: "What that user reminds you?"( a music, picture, quote, anything) So you will see the users above you, choose anyone and post a reply, showing what you "link" to this user. like this:


    @userA - @kamihate "freak"


    Then, userB aswers:

    @userB @userA "Be or not to be"

    And there it goes...


    Again, You can choose any user above you in the thread, no matter if isn't the diret above, just follow the rules and enjoy.


    1. Don't link the same user 3 times straight, and don't link yourself
    2. NSFW content need to be targeted
    3. Try to not use only inner jokes(between you and the user), so everyone can understand and enjoy
    4. Add your own rule here
    5. Let's have fun together

    I hope you had understood. So I'll begin, feel free to post anything.. (nothing personally offensive please, we don't want blood and pain in this thread)

    I will start.

    [P.S.: The propose of this thread is fun, and know each other, so feel free to ask]

  2. #806692014-07-22 00:27:46kamihate said:

    Lexi, if you want to reply to a answer in the topic, you click in the date, this make a permanent link to the post, so you can reply like this, try it.

  3. #806752014-07-22 00:43:19Dark-B said:

    @Lexi13 Just a tip, but you should really know the difference between a _ and - when typing someone's name. OR, you can click the "quick @reply" function to ease up the pain of typing...?