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  1. Android/iOS App Thread

    #806912014-07-22 02:42:19 *PureBoredom said:

    Hello, PB here. I hope you're all having a good time.

    The idea is simple: Post any sort of app you'd like to recommend, whether it be for some game or communication or whatever else you think is cool. A small description and your own personal thoughts are appreciated for any recommendation!

    Discussions for the app can also be held under said post whether it be your own thoughts on the app or if you'd like to throw out your ID on the app for playing together.

  2. #806922014-07-22 02:42:44 *PureBoredom said:

    http://www.gunghoonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/puzzle_game_1.jpg An extremely popular and super addictive freemium game with over 30 million downloads in Japan and ranked as one of the top grossing apps, Puzzle & Dragons combines the key elements of a puzzle game, a dungeon-crawling RPG, and monster collecting adventure!

    Players will command a team of monsters as they explore countless dungeons, collect treasure and battle a variety of powerful foes along the way. Slide colorful orbs across the screen until 3 or more are adjacent to attack foes. Strategize team building and make full use of the opponents’ elemental weaknesses to deal massive amounts of damage. If players manage to survive through the epic boss fights, the spoils of victory await!

    With over a thousand monsters to collect, players can build the perfect team to conquer any dungeon. Swap ID codes with friends and recruit each other’s monsters by taking advantage of the “helper” team member slot. Players can also use the friend search feature to seek out more powerful allies.

    This game is available for both the android and iOS and I particularly enjoy this game. I find collecting and strengthening my party pretty fun. It's also a good time killer and is pretty simple to play. I also recommend trying it out now since there is a Batman Arkham Collab going about, which will allow you to snatch up some limited time only Batman characters!

    Here are a few screens I've taken from a while backSorry, this media content cannot be displayed.

    If you do download this game and play, You can add my code 387,192,288 . I usually run an Attacker team with my lead as Asuka

  3. #806932014-07-22 02:46:04 *Teil said:

    Love Live! School Idol Festival


    Love Live! School Idol Festival is a social rhythm game for mobile devices (both for iOS and Android) produced by KLabGames and bushiroad. In the game, the player creates units based on collectible virtual cards and performs Live concerts with a designated unit. All the songs used in the game are sung by members of the Love Live! idol group μ's.

    Essentially, this game is a rhythm came but with slightly more applications and fundamentals. The game is based off the anime Love Live! School Idol Project. As stated above, cards are collected in order to form various compatible teams to do song completion. One team consists of 9 cards. Within actual gameplay, each of these 9 cards is a button. The rhythm game follows standard touch-phone format. (See Below) Rhythm The objective of the came is to collect cards, level up, unlock new songs and stories, and aim for the highscores in the leaderboards. Currently, the game is available on iOS and android devices.

  4. #806942014-07-22 02:48:34 *xiaden said:


    MOTHER FUCKING HELL YES Because you want to be the laziest you could ever be. This gosh darn piece of art lets you control ANYTHING* on your computer with your phone.

    ANYTHING*. Requires the android app, and a server installed on your computer. Enjoy. WINK WINKBE LAZY | DOWNLOAD NOW

    • Not meant to play games or act as a controller for games.
  5. #806952014-07-22 02:50:46MrTingles said:



    The first of two Touhou-based bullet hell/danmaku shooters for Android devices. Good fun and great music. Oddly enough, you don't play as Cirno in any of them, as far as I know.

  6. #807212014-07-22 11:31:17PureBoredom said:

    I played this last night and it was a lot if fun! Bullet hells as difficult enoigh as it was until I realized I was on easy node ;_;

  7. #810822014-07-30 16:28:30kamihate said:

    I'm playing this now, I have to say it's a good way to become frustrated, but it's funny. Like @johan_5179 said: "So frustrating, but so beautiful". It's the kind of game that makes you want more and more, and break your own record.

  8. #806962014-07-22 02:57:03kamihate said:

    I recommend an Android game called Widget RPG. It's simply, minimalist, but I think it's pretty nice. You just touch the widget button in the homescreen and the adventure begins. The gamw was improved a lot since the release date. What I can say is, in my opinion, the concept is very cool, and the way to raise your character are interesting, 'cause it's the samething you do, but the adventure changes each taps. I'm playing this for 3 weeks, and now I'm in level 100, with a lot of cool items. Here some Screens:



  9. #806982014-07-22 03:23:03 *gawd_daym said:

    Infinite flight is for both android and apple.


    Infinite flight simulator is flight simulator. Easy after 1-2 hours of playing it. Its the only game I even play on my galaxy S4. What a waste.

  10. #807052014-07-22 04:19:14gawd_daym said:

    Exclusive to android is Showbox


    Showbox is a movie and TV show app. It's just about like netflix, but with more movies and TV shows. You can watch movies in low quality, medium quality, or high quality

    This app also releases movies very quickly in low and semi low quality. The high quality usually comes out when a DVD version of the movie is released. You can also download episodes of shows and movies.

    You can also use this on PC with Blue Stacks emulator. That goes for every other android app as well.

  11. #807222014-07-22 12:29:59 *Lieutenant said:


    Duolingo is a free language-learning and crowdsourced text translation platform. The service is designed so that, as users progress through the lessons, they simultaneously help to translate websites and other documents. As of July 2014, Duolingo offers Latin American Spanish, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, and Dutch courses for English speakers, as well as American English for Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Hungarian, Romanian, Japanese, Hindi, Indonesian, and Korean speakers. It is available on the Web, iOS and Android platforms.


    So I recently came across this application when I saw my sister happily learning it on her phone (she's going to study in Germany so she used this app to study the language), and as of now, she sent an essay in German language. I'd want to try it myself because it looks fun, and to my surprise, it is fun! You can learn various languages given in this app, helpful I'd say. I haven't gone much further for now but I'd want to continue it one of these days. For now I'm trying to learn Italian (yeah effect from playing AC/Ezio's trilogy too much).


    Here is the link to the website.

  12. #808532014-07-25 01:34:46xiaden said:

    I actually really liked this app when I started using it. (just to get a second opinion on it.) It's one of the best language learning resources I've seen, and it actually helps make things stick for me.

  13. #810352014-07-29 23:58:11 *gawd_daym said:



    Animania is anime app to watch anime. You get to see the popular anime based on likes, or you can search for the anime that you want to watch.

    Download here

    Only subs. Only for android srry.

  14. #810842014-07-30 19:08:17gawd_daym said:

    Exigo Software

    This company focuses on apps for music. Free music. The one I use on the website is an app called TinyTunes. You just simply search a song and stream it. You can also download any song of your choice. Fun stuff.

  15. #812982014-08-05 02:07:51 *Johtoh said:



    From team Cytus, a world acclaimed music rhythm game. Rayark brings you Deemo, a hybrid of music rhythm game and the story of urban fantasy, with hand-drawn art, story-telling gallery and real instrumental feedback of piano key sound. Deemo is a mystic character lives in solitude, a castle, all by itself. A little girl falls from the sky, not knowing who she is, where she comes from. To help the little girl back to her world, Deemo comes to realize a tree keeps growing tall on top of the piano whenever it plays. What would Deemo do when it gets comfortable with the companionship it never had before? What if the little girl couldn't deal with the truth when her seemingly lost memories regained?! "Never left without saying goodbye".

    Features: Unlock more tracks when the game progresses

    33 songs in various music genres and 99 variations, many of which from famous composers

    Simple and intuitive gameplay

    Real piano instrumental feedback

    Search for clues in the loft & library.

    Twitter and Facebook score sharing function

    *The Free version has limited story progress, unlock the Full version to enjoy the full experience of Deemo.


    It is a great game that will make you tear up.

    I have acquired this game yesterday and all the songs are composed beautifully, the art is amazing, and the story is so kawaiiiiii~~. There also point you earn after each song that helps build a meter (Monitors tree height). So if/when you finish the main story, you can continue to build the meter as a goal to have the biggest wood of them all!


    The only problem i have with the game is that the controls are a bit difficult. Unlike other rhythm games (Osu, Love Live!) it is hard to see the line your suppose to tap the bars on (Mainly because your big thumbs are in the way).

    The full story is currently free for iOS users due to the free app of the week thingy. So go give it a try! http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-z-8LhAmqcg4/UoWEtMgZ2OI/AAAAAAADG2w/lPOuwv3cexs/s1600/Deemo-02.png

  16. #813002014-08-05 02:46:11Teil said:

    Everyone should go dl this game and play it forever. It is absolutely beautiful in some many ways~

  17. #813372014-08-06 02:45:09TeruShinozaki said:

    I don't know if anyone else has the same problem with this, but there's something off about the time between you press a key, and the time it takes for the piano audio feedback to come in. It's much more evident in the hard levels. It's a few milliseconds late, but it throws you off real bad. I might have enjoyed this a lot but the weird audio lag in the piano makes it hard for me to. It's easy to say you can tell yourself to just hit the buttons when they hit the line directly and not pay attention to the audio but that completely misses the point of a rhythm game.

    I don't see anything in the settings about turning off the piano key sounds and just play along the original track, or any calibration settings either.

    There's not much variety to the music styles and notecharts, and adding to what Johtoh mentioned about not seeing the bar, it's also not evident when you miss a note or break your combo, because they don't really tell you in a really noticeable way. But all of that aside, it's a very beautiful game and it's nice to see rhythm games take a different approach to their aesthetic.

  18. #813392014-08-06 04:27:59 *gawd_daym said:

    @TeruShinozaki there is an option called "calibration" in the settings. What you have to do is press the plus and minus button until the line matches with the time the piano noise plays.

    Edit: ios does not have calibration.

  19. #813582014-08-06 19:30:32Momimochi said:

    Game's still easier than Cytus (made by the same people), though. Then again, they probably unlocked more songs now for the ftp, given I stopped playing this 'round June lol.

  20. #813222014-08-05 17:13:08Rinneko said:


    If any of you have been watching the Haikyuu!! anime/keeping up with the manga, here's a simple game if you're interested. It isn't anything complicated, but it's alright if you just want to play around with your favourite characters.

    You start off with Hinata. You have to make Hinata jump (by tapping) over obstacles (usually characters like Oikawa) while collecting points via floating coins and the like.

    I don't have the link to the app, but you can easily find it by searching 'ハイキュー', which is Haikyuu in Japanese in the iOS App Store. I'm unclear if this is available in the Google Play Store, though.

  21. #844832014-11-11 04:13:45 *Lieutenant said:


    Ingress is an augmented reality massively multiplayer online role playing GPS-dependent game created by Niantic Labs, a startup within Google, originally for Android devices and since July 14, 2014 for Apple's iOS. The game has a complex science fiction back story with a continuous open narrative.

    The game makers' framing device for the game is as follows: Earth has been seeded with “Exotic Matter,” or XM, associated with the Shapers, a mysterious phenomenon or alien race which is neither described nor seen (and which thus functions as a MacGuffin). The in-universe motivation for the Enlightened faction is their belief that the Shapers are working toward a powerful enlightenment which will uplift all mankind. The Resistance believes that it is protecting humanity from Shaper ingression. The factions have, however, been occasionally observed to ignore the back-story and to co-operate for the sake of real-life gameplay and game balance, for example by establishing neutral zones and rules of engagement.

    -Via Wikipedia-

    This game requires you to move, to travel, a perfect application for those who likes travelling and/or has to do so in their daily lives, basically there are two factions, the Enlightened and the Resistance, you get to choose which you would you serve when you first open it, you'll enter a world where you have to gather Exotic Matters and hacking portals, mostly on obvious landmark you can find in your places.


    Sounds simple? Ingress usually would require some basic training to do, which they provide in it, so that you can get used to it more. Maximum level in this game is 12 if I recall correctly, it takes you to conquer a lot of portals to level up, which means a lot of travelling, and in exchange you have to sustain your portals (or others with the same faction), which means more travelling for Exotic Matter.


    In additional, you collect items as you hack and you can learn more about it when you play it for real.

    Once you started playing this, you'll be surprise by how many people actually playing it around you, as if there are groups of secret agents everywhere.

    (I started playing this a long time ago but only now I figure I should post this here so there you go)

    Ingress is not a game. -coughs-

  22. #844852014-11-11 04:40:56 *Lieutenant said:

    I kind of get what you mean though, there are always that certain places where you can or can't find people that plays this, since I live in the city so these people and landmarks are everywhere (usually the /capital/ city is one high chance of finding players).

    Well anyway since no one plays this in your town, time to spread words.

  23. #844872014-11-11 06:34:52Kip said:

    Brave Frontier


    Venture forth into "Grand Gaia", the world of the gods, and unleash your summoner powers to save it from corruption and darkness in this immersive and addictive RPG saga!

    Brave Frontier is a nostalgic, turn-based RPG for iOS Devices, Android, and Kindle Fire. Despite it being for handheld, I find myself spending hours playing it a day and getting interested in the community and lore of the game. I originally did not think I would be so invested in an app, but here I am, encouraging everybody to play it.

    In Brave Frontier, you play the role of a Summoner who is able to capture and summon rare creatures and beings to fight with. You can physically capture these units in your quests, or head on down to the Honor Summon and Rare Summon gates for a chance to get better units. Some units can only be captured by using Rare Summon, but these units are usually very good (They can evolve into 6 Star units, which are the strongest!).


    The story focuses on an unnamed summoner, summoned by God of the Gate, Lucius, who pleads to him to save Grand Gaia from destruction. After arriving in Grand Gaia, the player first met Lucius's adviser and Goddess, Tilith; who guides the player throughout Grand Gaia in order to restore the balance in the world and protect everyone against the Fallen Gods. Along the way, the player encounter certain people, who helps him in its quest to save the world. In his first quest, he encountered two summoners from Elgaia: Karl, an axe-wielding male summoner who is supportive to the player and Seria, a sharp-tongued swordswoman who is very harsh at both the player and Tilith yet has a caring personality. Both of them are searching from Graham, in orders from the Akras Summoners' Hall to bring him to justice. However both of them also help the player on stopping the Four Fallen Gods from causing havoc to Grand Gaia.

    Alongside the two, the player also encounters Lugina, a summoner and leader of the 23rd Demon Slayers Division "Sky Guardians" who is very boastful of his abilities and his mission and Paris, an Imperial Guard serving as bodyguard to the imperial family of the Randall Empire who is very calm and supports the player during their mission in Cordelica. On the Player's way to Palmyna, he encountered "Elder Grah" Gradhens, one of the Summoner Elders who manages the Defense Bureau who is old and wise; seeing the player as the only savior of Grand Gaia and the one who can defeat the Fallen Gods.


    I was extremely impressed by Brave Frontier, and it's not often that I find myself attached to Apps anymore, especially after downloading, reviewing, and deleting so many since the moment I bought an iPod Touch way back when. Brave Frontier has remained on my iPhone for almost a year now. The game was released on Global in November 2013 and I have been playing since December 2013 and it is just as enjoyable for me as it was a year ago.

    There's actually a 1 Year Anniversary event going on right now throughout November for Brave Frontier Global! Rewards will be given to players every day as long as they log in (some of these rewards are Gems and Honor Points, which can be used to summon rare units or purchase unit/item space!)

    I also feel like I should mention that Deemo and The Girl, Hatsune Miku, and Megurine Luka are all obtainable units in Brave Frontier!

    Within the game's release, several promotional units are released exclusively in both Japanese and Global versions of the game, including crossover units from magazines such as Famitsu and other smartphone games such as Emperors SaGa, Deemo, Puzzle Trooper, Rise of Mana and Secret of Mana. The developers also collaberated with Crypton Future Media to bring Vocaloid mascot Hatsune Miku in the game as an obtainable playable unit during the month of October from 9 to 23 to concide with the Hatsune Miku Expo 2014 event in both Los Angeles and New York. Players had a 5, 10, or 25 percent chance of obtaining her from her respective dungeon levels 1, 2 and 3. Megurine Luka is also available at the event, but only obtainable through a code.



    Gamezebo gave a game a generally positive review, stating that "It's got its heart in the right place aspiring to be like the Final Fantasy or Xenoblade series, but it’s still caught up in the platform paradigms we know all too well. In other words, it’s fine for its time, just not timeless." The global version of the game became the most downloaded game in both Android and iOS platform with a total of 10 Million Downloads as of August 2014.

    All quotes are from Wikipedia
    Images of units and start menu are screen captured and edited by me
    Image of Tilith is from Brave Frontier Global Wikia

    I encourage all of you to download Brave Frontier, and once you do, add me the hell on that.

  24. #845492014-11-14 22:07:33Kip said:

    @Johtoh i WAS gonna make a thread/Guide for Brave Frontier but the FUCKING GAME KEEPS UPDATING AND CHANGING AND I'D HAVE TO RETAKE ALL MY PICTURES and lord knows i don't have time to keep rewriting all my shit.

  25. #981972016-01-27 07:45:40 *Lieutenant said:



    Memrise is an online learning tool with courses created by its community. Its courses are mainly used to teach languages but are also used for other academic and nonacademic subjects (such as trivia, video game trivia, and pop cultural). Memrise uses flashcards augmented with mnemonics—partly gathered through crowdsourcing—and the spacing effect to boost the speed and ease of learning.

    via Wikipedia

    So yeah, this is the current app I use in learning languages, after my post about Duolingo, which seems that they also touch on other subjects. Available on apps and PC (which is almost a something that is a must nowadays), the thing I like when learning a language on this app is that it recaps what you have learned and there are also ranking system and such, pushing me to actually wrote stuff and buy my own book just for this.

    It's definitely easy to use, just always depends on your own internet if it's strong enough to use it or not. I haven't been touching apps for a while now, probably I should one of these days when I have the free time.

    I like all the graphics presented in this app, it's cute and simple )



  26. #982452016-01-28 12:53:17Rinneko said:


    Disney Tsum Tsum

    Tsum Tsum is a classic game where you connect tsums, cylindrical shaped Disney plushies, under a time limit. This allows you to gain coins.


    You can use the coins to buy boxes, which contain collectable tsums. These collectable tsums each have special powers to be used in the game. For example, Mickey, the default tsum, clears a bunch of tsums in the middle of the game page. These collectable tsum powers are activated by the number of tsums you connect during the game.


    You can also go into fever mode, where there is no limit on the number of combos you can make. Thus, this is an opportunity to gain a higher score.


    This is a game by the LINE corporation so there is an option to connect it to your LINE account. This will allow you to connect with your LINE contacts who are also playing Tsum Tsum, and send each other hearts, the equivalent of lives in this game. You can also then be ranked amongst your friends, and gain coins if you are one of the highest ranking within a week.

    You can download the iOS app here and the Google Play app here.

    It's a pretty simple game, but it can be addictive if you enjoy collecting adorable items.

  27. #1039682016-06-24 13:24:37 *Lieutenant said:


    Infinity Loop

    Simple, relaxing, endless game. People love it!

    ∞ Infinity Loop is the most trending game in 2016. It can be considered a puzzle game about creating intricate looping patterns or just the application of using a simple concept: "connecting multiple things" and make fun out of it.

    So, this is a simple, relaxing and endless game.

    Some people say this game is like the XXI century Tetris game but with a great zen mode. Even though it might resemble tetris, the goal is to clear your mind, remove the stress from your daily life without any pressure or tension to solve the levels.

    Enjoy the loop!

    So I just downloaded this game in my phone today (because I was bored to death and seriously need a new game) and I gotta say that this game is super amazing. All you have to do is connect all the lines to form a---as they say---an infinite loop.


    One of the most amazing thing about this game is that the level is endless. Also, the game isn't easy, it gives you quite a challenge, at first you'll be lost but you'll get used to the game when you understand the concept and it's always nice to challenge your head a bit.

    I also super love the interface, it's simple and smooth, it has ads though so you gotta bear with that a bit. But so far I never get bored with this game and you always want to finish a level, good thing it gives you an unlimited amount of time to settle it. You just tap the screen a lot to change the position of the lines, so the game is a lot of tapping.


    Seriously, I would totally recommend you to download and give this one a try. As for me, I should retreat and play this game in peace. I'm very picky of mobile app games because of space storage but this one appears first when I opened Google Play so I gave it a try after reading the reviews, like, why not.

  28. #1119322017-09-11 08:49:54Lieutenant said:

    Hold up motherfuckers.



    RPG game, huge in file size and all that, requires internet to play. You can follow the stories, unlock heroes and if you want/could, spend your real money there since it's one of those games.. yeah. But really, it's continuous-commitment type of game, always have something to offer and collect everyday you almost can't find a reason to be bored (unless if you're bloody rich to get everything or just not into it, I don't blame you)


    You get 3 different heroes as a team to play for quests, and yeah train them with money and bread (and berries on higher levels), eventually promoting them to ascend their higher levels, unlock their illustrations, stories, skills, skins, and even trying to develop their own soul-bound weapons. Aside from stories, there are also colosseum, dungeons, explorations and much more to do.

    You have a lot to learn from the game, which fortunately to game provides you with a tutorial, even though eventually you have to find out the mechanism of the game yourself.


    In game you will also be accompanied by unlocking goddesses, champions and you can add friends in there for exchanging and receiving daily items.

    *At times the game opens up events like halloween, v-day and stuffs like that and they also have that events sometimes that crossed-over with other series or games and anything else that you would know. Like that one time where there was RWBY event.

    Game is obviously overflowing with powerful players from SK and China but who can blame them. As long as you're playing to enjoy the typical story of defeating the main villain and be the hero to everyone and not competing instead, you're good to go.


    Oh another thing, they also have VA in there (on certain highlighted characters) so that's nice to listen to sometimes, you can skip the dialogues obviously and read to your pace.

    I can keep typing until tomorrow but there is too much to cover so the best way is to download this game and discover things for yourself.