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Parent: Shovel Knight

  1. #807952014-07-23 22:39:02Sobby said:

    I got Shovel Knight on my 3DS an its a great game! it definitely gives you that nostalgic feeling when playing,and you got to love that retro look. I fine that it ties in games that i played when i was a kid, like how you can bounce on your little shovel for an attack, that is alot like Duck Tales -Finding secrets in the wall reminds me of Castlevania -The boss battles are like the ones in Maga Man -The map is like a Super Mario Bros game. Of course it has its own trades in there too. I fine that the level design is AMASSING!, very clever little puzzles in each level of the game. How you die an lose an amount of gold depending on how much you have, makes you want to go back and get your spoils so you can go back to the town and get that other upgrade. they also have a level called "The Hall Of Champions" for all the people that helped the kick starter, they got there face on the wall in that level. all-in-all this i think is a great game and a must have for anyone^^