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  1. The Sims2: Completely Free Boogaloo

    #808072014-07-24 05:21:39 *TalTal said:

    The Sims: a fun life simulation game series, right? Too bad it's obnoxiously expensive. With Sims4's release right around the corner (the vanilla priced at $60) it's a good time to look back fondly on the past titles.

    And what do you know! Origin is giving out the Sims 2 + all expansion packs for Free! All you need is an Origin account (free to make) and a PC rather than a Mac.
    https://38.media.tumblr.com/ecb1afc6c574bb36662364c518946451/tumblr_n96g3lN9VC1td97dco1_500.png To get it, just go into the Redeem Product Code zone in Origin and type in I-LOVE-THE-SIMS. It's completely legal, but ends August.

    A little miffed that I spent so much of my money on the game when it first came out, but eh, that's business.

  2. #808182014-07-24 06:50:46TalTal said:

    damn, I knew there was another thread that could encompass this topic, but search wasn't bringing anything up at the time.

  3. #808272014-07-24 12:36:51DarkChaplain said:

    But to be fair, when did you buy those? And even if this promo hadn't happened, EA was offering the Ultimate Collection for owners of the original retail edition anyway, since support for the old versions ended.