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  1. The Colorless Art Book Planning Thread!

    #813472014-08-06 14:35:01 *MrTingles said:


    I know, I know, this was supposed to come out in June, but stuff happened in real life, and it couldn't be helped much. I apologize for that.

    However, it's here now, and it begins now!

    Yes, my dears, the time has finally come for the official Colorless Artbook Project...planning thread .

    The main difference between this and my other projects will be this: The size. My hope is to get this into a solid-sized artbook chock-full of CL-related content.

    First, I'd like to know if you guys would like to participate in this event, and some possible ideas for sections of the book. I have a few ideas, but the more the merrier, I always say!

    Please leave your ideas in the subsequent posts, my dears. I'm looking forward to reading and looking over these ideas!

  2. #813482014-08-06 14:40:31MrTingles said:

    I shall begin by sharing a few of my ideas here:

    1. A section towards the end for 4-koma and other comics.

    2. A Server-tan and Server-kun cosplay section. Not just anime, mind you, but all sorts of things, like occupations and figures from folklore.

    3. An MS Paint section, where you can just draw something silly and still contribute.

    These are only a few ideas that I have, so I'm really hoping for more! Good luck, folks!

  3. #813512014-08-06 16:12:56TeruShinozaki said:

    An idea I have would be to include art of users as well, so the artbook doesn't appear to be so server-centric. As nice as our mascots are, the real characters on this site are its users. Perhaps we can throw in art of each other, of your friends on here, perhaps even a user you admire. Maybe the users can also get in on the cosplay too! Maybe draw them in the costume of a character they resemble physically or personality-wise, or just dress them up for no reason! (ex: Kip and Tingles in their No Fun Police get-up) Granted, they should probably give you permission to depict them in such a manner, though. If, for example, someone drew DC in a maid outfit, I don't think he'll like it very much.

  4. #813792014-08-07 01:40:16 *Cloud-VK said:

    A small idea from me. I think it be cool to include some of the art from CL's deviant art page into this.

    And maybe some of the old archive art. There's some cool stuff in the archives CL related.

    Like this...


    (Link from my profile) seriously this stuff is too good to leave behind xD

  5. #814032014-08-07 11:36:33 *Cloud-VK said:

    You'd have to discuss it with the original artists.

    Good bit of it, was posted by people who are still around ^^

    So that shouldn't be a problem.

  6. #815022014-08-11 15:32:19Lieutenant said:

    Not sure if this will help but what about invitations? Like, invite some artists to join in (guest artists) to make some arts of CL (can start with both the mascots), also, kind of recommended artists from outside the site, wherever you can find them, because advertising.

  7. #815882014-08-14 20:31:52MrTrain said:

    Maybe we can have a collaboration picure at the end or inside cover or something.
    All the artists doodle something

  8. #816572014-08-18 14:05:56Kuro-tan said:

    @MrTrain Perfect Idea!!!!

    Also, as users, we should draw our real selves as chibis or something... We should draw fanart too to attract a larger audience...

  9. #816642014-08-18 15:33:11MrTingles said:

    Unfortunately, fanart is not really an option here, since we do plan on possibly selling this in the future. However, concept cosplay might work- as in pirate cosplay, ninja cosplay, scientist cosplay, etc. We have to try and avoid copyrighted stuff.

  10. #816872014-08-19 17:46:09 *Momimochi said:

    Tingles, cosplay in itself is a completely different thing. You can sell pictures of people in cosplays from copyrighted works of fiction and it won't even scratch the surface of breaking the law-- unless if you're selling without the consent of the cosplayers.

    Same applies to fanarts, actually, unless if the author has specifically stated at one point that you can't (ie. Homestuck).

  11. #818732014-08-28 14:14:56MrTingles said:

    Hey folks, I want your ideas in by next Friday so I can get this started.

    While I do have a number of ideas, I want the users to submit more as well so that this can feel more like yours.

  12. #818742014-08-28 14:40:36 *Kirn said:

    I can always provide a lot of Kirn pictures by many different authors. ) Still can't draw to save my life.

    Oh, btw, while I am here anyways:

    A Server-tan and Server-kun cosplay section. Not just anime, mind you, but all sorts of things, like occupations and figures from folklore.

    Having them in some sort of national and/or occupational costumes would, in me opinion, work much better than anime cosplay of them. So that's a good thought.

  13. #819492014-08-31 01:20:14Rebel said:

    Wow awesome I'm down for this... I'm still working on the CL people drawing, just busy and procrastinating to finish it... maybe I should get serious and finish it for this project...

  14. #819792014-09-01 14:28:18Kirn said:

    Actually, now that I looked at my collection... you may want to poke some artists for some CL-related stuff they did back in the day. For example, Akri was the resident artist of Haven, and his mural-like drawing of Haven users was pretty much the start of CL art. And I think Akri made 3 or 4 follow-up pictures... or maybe more, those were just the ones I know about.
    Similarly, we had Shirosuke trying to do a collage of 30 CL users, one per day. Unfortunately, she didn't make it, but she did 6 great user representations that all go together. I still have that on me PC in me CL folder where I keep dirt on all of you. But anyways, in me opinion, those two should be in the art book of CL, so you may want to poke them if not about drawing something new than at least about providing some good olde art.
    Also, I think, Pihuana did quite a few cute-looking CL arts, one of them even had me looking kawaii as fuck. She represented the frantic state of olde main chat really well in those. Don't think she's been here recently, but that's another good pick if you want to add some olde art there.