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  1. The One Billion Dollar Question

    #814562014-08-09 16:35:52 *DarkChaplain said:

    This is completely out-of-character, I know. Still, I was just thinking about this one specific question:

    What would I do with a tankerload of cash?

    To quantify tankerload, let's say One Billion Dollars.
    The question is on one hand very easy to answer, but on the other, you'll find that a lot of things come with strings attached.

    I'd like you to carefully consider your replies!
    Consider what good you'd do, consider what effects it might have on your environment and the world as a whole, and what actually satisfies your dreams.

    Would you support charity, build up a business, or spend everything on self-aggrandizement and gloryhogging?
    Would would you support, what create, how'd you put your newfound wealth to use? How'd you treat the money once you got a family going? Would the money go to your children once you drop dead, or would you have different plans for it?

    As I said, please consider carefully. I will remove trollish / joke replies! This is supposed to be a somewhat serious discussion, even though that kind of wealth is a pure fantasy to all of us.

    However, keep things as realistically achieveable as possible.
    Keep in mind that scientific progress is not simply bought like in a video game, but takes time to develop. So I'd wager that your hover boards won't be ready by tomorrow just yet.
    Consider the downsides, the effects on your lives, and how governments, taxes and the likes could hinder your efforts. Consider the possibility of making mistakes and going bankrupt as well, if you'd like.

    Happy fantasizing~

  2. #814592014-08-09 18:28:549mm said:

    I'm probably gonna build houses in my favorite cities, work on my art and just hang out. The cities are probably gonna be new York city, LA, Seoul, Tokyo, Barcelona, Paris and London. Maybe adopt a child and raise her well.

  3. #814602014-08-09 18:43:19NoTuPo said:

    Well a nice house and a car is something i would want. Then keep the rest and buy random stuff , maybe give a bit to charity. Also help my parents to pay their debts.

  4. #814612014-08-09 18:47:06DarkChaplain said:

    Guys, its a BILLION. I don't know about the US, but building a house here in germany could be done with what, 250k euros? Comfortably? Cars are peanuts as well.

    You could pay off any debt your family ever had with that much money, without putting too much of a dent into your bank account.

    Feel free to think bigger~

  5. #814632014-08-09 19:10:00 *Cenica said:

    With a billion dollars I think one of the first things I would do is have the family farm fixed up. My great grandpa built this place and it's become pretty sad to look at. Barns becoming crooked or missing tin. Also have electricity and water run to each one. And have fencing put up on the back 16 acres since my mom wanted to start raising beef cattle.
    I would pay off whatever is left on my mom's car, and pay to have the dent in missing side mirror she lost fixed... Also would do some detail work on the truck she gave me.
    I wouldn't bother buying any of the other family members cars because I know they'd just end up selling for less than they're worth if they got into a tight spot.
    After that I think I'd go back to school without worrying about grants or scholarships. Would have my own apartment. Not a house at first because I'm not sure where I'd want to settle down.
    I'd also travel a lot since that's something I've always wanted to do; travel to foreign places. And of course I'd visit DC.
    Mainly though with that kind of money I think my main worry would be getting myself established making my own cash so I didn't become dependent on the money I already had. I mean once it ran out it's gone so getting a good source of income and a nice job that's not too stressful would probably be my focus after all of the family stuff.

  6. #814642014-08-09 19:13:18 *DarkChaplain said:

    I'd like to start publishing books, and maybe games. A small, independent company, no stock market bullshit.
    I'd want to offer authors better working conditions if I could, and since I'd already be rich as fuck, I'd take less of the profits from the authors. The current royalties are ridiculous, and often below 10% unless you're already a mega author. I don't think this is right, and so I'd like to push for more with my company.
    Often authors can't really write what they want to write, because nobody's willing to publish them. They also lack the marketing arm when publishing themselves, which makes selfpublishing quite prohibitive for actual novels unless you sign up with Amazon's Kindle market, and Amazon eats at least half of any sale. I don't like this.

    With a smaller, more intimate publishing company, I'd like to raise authors with potential for greatness to the top, and thus support what I love.
    Obviously, I wouldn't expect much in terms of profits, especially not starting out. To me, it would be less about growing profits, but sustainability. I'd like to put profits towards more output, while living comfortably myself, and offering good wages/royalties to the authors.
    Of course I wouldn't publish everybody, but I'd like to try looking for new talent via frequent submission windows for themed anthologies and the likes, as well as e-short stories via digital distribution.

    Aside from that, yes, I'd like to build a nice, large house. I might also build another for family, to support them and say thanks. I'd end up putting money towards things I believe in and support, whether it be products, people or movements.

    In other words, I'd probably end up broke because of how willingly I'd spend my wealth on supporting others. Then again, the interest generated by the money on my account should keep me going for a long while.

  7. #814652014-08-09 19:18:02Jacek said:

    To be quite honest, I'd mostly just sit on it. I'll pretend this scenario happened right now, present day.

    Right this second, I would simply upgrade PC-kun. After that, I would sit on it for awhile, and research smart investing, start investing smartly, and then simply sit on it. Since we're thinking into the future, I will in the semi-near future need to buy a car. It would more than likely be a modest car, something basic but reliable.

    After finishing uni (which again would be another chip off that pile), I'd be looking to settle in a nice area and buy a house. Plane ticket, house payment, both chips. Once I get settled, however, I would want to start thinking large scale and getting a design firm/game studio built and marketed properly. Which would still be a chip, but a larger chip than anything else.

    I would like to hope that smart investing with that money would get me enough income to do that without any risk (despite still having a very comfortable amount of money). I would also like to hope that it would, at this point, be earning me a noticeable amount of money.

    After that there really isn't much to work on. The money that I have would be used to invest to earn more, build my business, and live a stable life in a small, modest area of whatever country I settled in. I would buy things as needed, but for the most part, sit on it and invest it. Help family if they need it.

    After I die it'll all go to my children who will hopefully do something similar. Or maybe spend even more to have a larger life style. I really have no interest in living some extravagant life.

  8. #814662014-08-09 19:44:56 *TeruShinozaki said:

    Put that shit in a savings account and time deposits and investments. You get a steady, solid return for the rest of your life without even having to actually spend the billion dollars to begin with. God, just thinking about a couple years worth of interest on a billion dollars makes my skin tingle. Yeah, it's a billion, but there's no reason it can't be MORE!! (A billion dollars isn't cool. You know what's cool? A trillion dollars. Points for people who sang along to that.) My reasons? Absolutely none. I'm just a stingy money hoarder like that. It comes with being Asian. As for what I'd actually do with the money, well I'm going to be completely honest― not a whole lot. You can live a modest life off the yearly interest of a million dollars. Imagine a billion. I'm not going to pretend to be a decent human being, so I'm just going to outright say I'd want to purchase a quaint little residence with a nice, dark basement and sit on my fat ass, never work, play videogames and be a total NEET forever. Because fuck life. I'd be a bit nice and buy my parents the house and cars they've always wanted, but other than that, there seems to not be a lot of big spending I would see myself doing with that money. When I die, the billion might even remain more or less untouched, so what anyone decides to do with it would be none of my concern anymore.

  9. #814682014-08-09 20:04:38 *Kirn said:

    Quite honestly, having that much money would made me extremely uncomfortable. First thing I would know is that I can get killed for it in a second if any fucker would ever find out I have it.

    So, first thing to do would be to call up me uncle, who is a financial genius and knowledgeable about how to work with money. Using him I would make money disappear out of sight - some of it would be in stock, some of it would be in a lot of different banks. I would try to make it so not all accounts are tied to me. I would run into a risk of technically giving some of the accounts with the money to someone else, but that would be to beat the risk of all the money being taken by attacking me personally in any way. So that's an okay trade off.

    When, and only when, I would feel comfortable enough... I would improve my comfort. I will buy me the best PC money can buy, I will buy me a good clean apartment where I will want it, and I will redecorate the whole fucking thing so everything is convenient for me. And looks good. Then I will spend money for some small quality things I want but I can never get enough money fore - better food, new razor, some medical care, stuff like that. Other than that... most likely, I will never have a lot of money on me ever again - everything will stay in accounts, some of those would be growing, some would be dwindling. In the end I would probably not need anything ever again, and soon enough I would stop knowing how much money I would have. I'd imagine at least half would get stolen eventually or lost in some other way, but I wouldn't really care. But yeah, I won't do anything useful with it beyond providing for my own comfort.

    Also, here's a thing. I actually thought about what would I want to do with A LOT of money... And I found out that billion is not nearly enough for any kind of a serious planning.

  10. #814692014-08-09 20:33:52hellstorm901 said:

    I would give the vast bulk of it to NASA, the European Space Agency or any private business conducting research into space, even if it's only a penny in comparison to their budgets I wouldn't really care because that's something I truly do back and believe in.

    Anything left I would use to buy an actual desktop computer that can play games properly. Everything else is irrelevant as my standard of living is pretty low so I already have more than enough money without needing to be a billionaire.

    A couple other things I would do which would barely take up any money at all (people might even do it for free but I'd still pay them) would be to hire someone to follow around George Galloway with a sign reading "I'm an egotistical twat who pretended to be a cat" and to pay people to troll BDS and its affiliates.

  11. #814702014-08-09 21:16:10 *Xyopq said:

    I'd build a number of buildings, fill it with all the latest tech, then invite a load of tech start-up companies to move there - hopefully working towards a small silicon valley type shindig. Of course, a big part of this would be a games development endeavour. One studio for AA titles and ten or so indie teams. There would be a farm nearby that grows the most amazing coffee, and an Amazon warehouse so we're never too far from getting stuff we need.

    I'd build a number of houses in various countries and hand them out to fellow geeks I thought deserved them, on the condition that they looked after mine in that country while I'm away. Colorless meetups would be organised with free booze (or soft drinks for minors of course), as well as free coaches to the parties free of charge.

    But first, all the sensible stuff like paying off things, new house, thanking parents etc.

    Ooo, and I'd buy one thing from their list for each person that replies in this thread!!

  12. #814712014-08-09 23:17:19 *Rinneko said:

    If I received a billion dollars, I would seriously wonder where it came from. But that's not the point of this discussion.

    I would split the money, and give 250k to my parents. With it, they could do the house renovations and air-conditioner installments that they've been chatting about for a while. The remainder they could use to further their hobbies, and interests that they have been putting off for a long while.

    Another 250k I would give to my sister. She could use it for her further education, as well as to support herself during those educational periods. Similarly, I would save 250k for my own further education.

    I would save the last 250k in the way that Teru did. It would return a good amount of money, and I could play by ear with those savings.

    Edit: My mistake, calculation errors. For the next million, I would give it to my parents for retirement. The other 998 million would probably fuse with my savings, as I don't really have something I want to do with it.

    I've only spent such a small portion of the money... I need to think about it more, and maybe come back with another edit.

  13. #814722014-08-10 00:06:23MrTingles said:

    I reckon I'd save a large amount of it, donate some to charity, put some aside for paying off the car, and possibly build a house, if I could find the right location.

  14. #814742014-08-10 00:17:19MrTingles said:

    True enough, I suppose, but I'd need to find that place first. I'm actually still looking for a place to settle down once the wife's out of the military.

  15. #814752014-08-10 00:23:46Kip said:

    i'd put half of the money, at least, into multiple saving accounts. i would like to save it to give to my family once i pass away.

    the rest, i don't really have much i want in life, seriously. a better tablet would be nice, and a house. i'd give some to charities that help restore towns after storms and foundations that give food to people in need. and then i would just sit on whatever else i had left of my half for spending and use it in emergencies (obviously i'd put it in a bank so it could collect interest and hopefully, with so much money in the account, the interest would be enouigh for me to basically live off of). i'd probably have spur of the moment stuff and also buy gifts for myself and others.

    oh, and i would hire a hit man to "take down" a certain person who i really dislike. if we're being 100% honest here.

  16. #814812014-08-10 06:07:41--Jack-- said:

    Off the top of my head I'd do a few things.

    • Firstly, I'd save a minimum of 10 million in approx 40 US banks (perhaps in some foreign accounts too) Word of the wise, the FDIC is only able to refund up to 250K USD if there is an issue with a bank losing your money in the US.

    The rest can go in any order, but relatively these come to mind based on importance to me personally:

    • Nice home in a relatively good area. Very fancy interior. And not new modern minimalist fancy, I mean Victorian mahogany doors, a study, a foyer, and a gate around the property. Think of the Mansion in The Shining

    • Some not-very-reasonable security measures: a storm door/hinges/symmetrical deadbolts made of titanium (custom made because no one likes machining titanium), several hidden chambers throughout the architecture of the home, as well as a moderately-sized emergency vault below the mock cellar.

    Down to business:

    • Buy some stock in Tesla & Marijuana

    • Probably write some children's books that actually teach some real values and good ideas. Its easy to get published if you do it yourself the first time...also if you don't suck as a writer

    • Make a room into my perfect studio: Top quality mic, sound-proofing on the walls and ceiling, A couple computers for different things- One for Gaming/recording/processing files, another for using the internet/gaming with friends/streaming(this one would be the same quality as the other, but I'd keep outside connections off of the first), and a 3rd, well-sized and optimized PC for dedicated servers (probably Minecraft :'D) which I would of course involve CL with.

    • I would of course keep my YT channel, and probably make [better] content all the time since a job would be unneeded. And I'd also donate to more indiegames/kickstarter games that look good, as well as promote them.

    • I'd hire some animators to make some anime movies with me as the head writer/idea source Cloud Scar Hunter: the movie? You bet your ass.

    If I can think of more things I'll sub-post under this

  17. #814852014-08-10 10:01:34johan_5179 said:

    I remember DC asking this question in chat once, I said I would buy out a major publisher of academic works, like Oxford University Press and force them to give better deals to the authors and better their printing and distribution methods to make books more affordable for kids. But this is one billion dollars we're talking about, which means I can do a LOT more. One billion dollars of outright spending power is something not even people with billions of dollars in fortune have, so in terms of power this makes you pretty much the most powerful non-government man on earth. Now, as to what I'll do.

    Buy a house. Buy a safe, keep a few million in there. Invest some in a tax-haven to ensure I can live off the interest, and then keep some aside for investing. No debts here, thankfully. Also, nobody knows I even have any money, because being murdered for it is a reasonable expectation.

    Donate to obscure educational facilities chosen for excellence in academics, support research that needs support, help authors. Self-publish whatever crap I write, under pseudonyms of course. Indulge myself a bit, nothing ostentatious though.

    Follow Jack's example and make stuff that needs to be made, like a less-pretentious Evangelion which executes the vision of the earlier episodes more properly, and support Indie directors. My sad country needs better TV shows more urgently though, work for that maybe.

  18. #821802014-09-08 13:08:07 *Lieutenant said:

    Bump. I realized I haven't post my answer yet in this thread, so if I were to get that billion dollars, the first and foremost thing I would do is to open a few more of a new bank accounts and separates all those money respectively. I'd pay off all my debts, i think that'd be more than 15k+ here, all are debts from studying. After that, I'd probably continue my degree and won't have to worry about having more debts, I won't be even applying for it, knowing I have that amount of money. I'd buy a new house and a car just for myself, doesn't have to be fancy but just enough to my expectations. Well this one might sounds selfish, but I'd finish all my 'work-in-progress' cosplay, because money is usually the problem in this, well not making a new one, just finishing up current ones, make it better etc.

    Other than this, I'd just split some money with my parents because that's a goddamn lot of money and I don't want to be stingy with them.

    Also, having this billion dollars should give me more motivation to travel around the world, well of course not all country, to some place I'd plan it in my head. In the mean time, I'd get a new drawing tablet because I'm really struggling with the current one I have now (I actually have two but I'm using one and leaving the other because it already has problems, it's only a matter of time before this one breaks too, both are old tablet).

    The rest will just be a pocket money.

  19. #821822014-09-08 14:03:21DarkChaplain said:

    Moral of the Thread:

    Nobody in their right mind needs this kind of money in their lives. You can't spend all of it in a sensible fashion, and it comes with massive risks attached a lot of times.

    I propose we tax all those rich motherfuckers til they learn to live a modest rich life again, and put the money towards improving our society, schools, infrastructure, energy production and so on.