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Parent: What Movies Should Everyone See at Least Once?

  1. #815252014-08-12 07:14:58 *Kirn said:

    So, this happened. And what is the better way to remember an actor that by watching his best works? So, here's a movie you may be interested in.

    An incredibly successful radio DJ says in his talk show something that makes some guy go and commit a murder. That throws his career and his life into a total disarray, and at the lowest end of it... he suddenly meets a person that was hurt the most by what he did. So he suddenly decides to find redemption by making a life of that person better. But it's that same person - who is a complete mental case btw - who helps him to get on with his own life in turn.
    This is a comedy drama, and if anyone would ask me what is the most thoughtful movie with Robin Williams, I would be torn between "What Dreams May Come" and this one. But my favourite is this one, because it's more down to earth, so to say. It's more human and understandable, even though it's extremely weird. Oh, and it really should be weird, because that's Terry Gilliam's movie - that's the guy who did those weird-ass cartoons for Monty Python shows, and if you saw his other movies, you know he is seriously crazy himself.

    So yes, this movie is weird, strange, awkward and there's a naked man in NY Central Park there. You have to watch it.