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  1. inudge: Everyone can create music

    #815482014-08-13 04:42:02 *arnaK said:

    Inudge is a free-to-use music creating website which allows people to create their own loops of music with ease.

    The instruments available for use are: drums, rhode bass, avatar, frogster, saturn, organ, harp, and the tone matrix. You will find the volume controls and the pause/play button in the bottom right hand corner. To go into more depth with how you create your music, simply press the "more" button to the left of the instrument's name on the bottom.

    When you do that, you will find two gauges on the bottom left, a button that says "CLR," a plus and minus sign beside the main workspace, and the tempo controls beside the main volume gauge. The gauge furthest to the left allows you to control the volume of each individual instrument rather than the piece as a whole. This allows you to fine-tune whether or not you would like, for instance, your drums to be the most prominent noise or the harp. The next gauge allows you to pan which speaker the instrument will mainly come from. The CLR button will clear anything you have done under that particular instrument. The plus sign will add another bar into the loop, while the minus will take one away. The tempo will control how fast you want your entire loop to be playing at. Simply click, then drag up or down to speed or slow your song.

    I have been using this website for about five years now, and I find it extremely simple to use and fun. You don't have to be a professional to use it and it'll still sound great (probably lol). I highly recommend this for anyone who is at least a little interested in creating music. It serves you well when you're bored or feeling creative.

    So if any of you are interested in this at all, you can leave your loops in this thread :D I hope you have fun with it. Here is a loop I just created!