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  1. Handy little skills to have and things to know

    #815982014-08-15 12:32:45BlackRabbit139 said:

    Ever found a really Good way to do something or maybe an Easier way. Maybe you found a reason for why certain things occur and have a solution to fix them or maybe you just have a reason but no solution and want an opinion. Either way, this thread is so users can share helpful little skills or things that they know which are of benefit or can be collaborated on for a solution. From the methods on how to catch someone when they're lying (without foreknowledge of what they're talking about), to the easiest way to put a doona cover on. Any helpful little skill or thing you know and would like to share.

  2. #815992014-08-15 13:19:44BlackRabbit139 said:

    To start i'll answer the two in my above description:
    1. Easiest way to put a doona cover on:

    2nd : How to catch a liar: Everyone lies, common knowledge, at some point we lie. In the first 10 minutes of meeting a stranger you tell an average of 3 lies, you might not even notice it. When people lie they have habits:

    1st they don't use contractions when speaking (verbally not typing or texting), this can be due to their over determination to deny, or convince.

    2nd, it is common for liars to use phrases such as: Believe you me, or to be totally honest, ect.

    3rd when lying some people distance themselves from their subject matter, so instead of naming someone, they may say that person or that place.

    Reference and further information on this:

  3. #816022014-08-15 17:32:30--Jack-- said:

    This is a little tech related but...

    Webpage hidden by a banner telling you to deactivate adblock? Use adblock to block the banner. Not a banner but a prompt window complaining about adblock, disable JavaScript for that page.

    ironic as this sounds, it works in most cases.

    Some sites seem to use JavaScript to detect adblock.

    Chrome users can disable it for specific websites by doing the following:

    • Go to settings

    • Click advanced settings

    • Click content settings

    • Under JavaScript, click manage exceptions

    • Add the URL under hostname pattern and set the behaviour to block.

    Firefox and Safari users can install add-ons to the same effect, such as noscript for Firefox and JavaScript Blocker for Safari

    This won't work on sites, like 4OD, that require JavaScript to be enabled


    For those reminding us all that ads are a source of income for websites, I will leave these here and this here

  4. #816052014-08-15 22:31:02DarkChaplain said:

    Thanks for typing this out, Jack. I never understood why people using adblock couldn't figure this out as well. Heck, the element hiding helper should give you a quick way to get it done, even.