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  1. Youtube Series'

    #818242014-08-26 14:06:00 *Jake said:

    We all have Youtube series' we have all watched. Ranging from The Yogcasts, Shadow of Israphel, or you can have things like Seananners playing Prop Hunt or you have just great Youtubers playing a consistency of a game.

    So if you have any you would like to share (like Yogscast) to people so they can watch, post a link and what they do down below.

    Shadow of Israphel by The Yogcast

    This is a old series on The Yogscast, they played this on Minecraft patch 1.2_02. The map was built by FyreUk.

  2. #818252014-08-26 14:27:58DarkChaplain said:

    Why is it that every few months, when you bother logging into CL again, you make another dumb, uninspired Youtube-related thread (often even trying to promote yourself), that has, in one way or another, been done before somewhere on the forum? Why?

    Also, the Yogscast is a bunch of very special people without talent or humor who are now fleecing developers with unethical practices, while failing hard in interviews about the matter, and don't seem to be able to figure out what they'd like to be as a company.

  3. #818272014-08-26 14:49:50Jake said:

    @DarkChaplain where has this been made? If you could show me i will accept that, this is for people to find something to watch in their spare time on youtube.

  4. #818282014-08-26 16:58:56 *Kuro-tan said:

    @DarkChaplain seems like that's the case to me... and I agree with your opinion on Yogscast. The only let's players I find entertaining in my opinion are the Game Grumps, but that's because I find the guys running them funny as hell!!! However, their older stuff is much better than their newer stuff because it's not the same without JonTron :(