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  1. Welcome Our New Mods!

    #822172014-09-09 15:20:41DarkChaplain said:

    Our Staff members have cast their votes.
    Two new Moderators have been chosen!

    Please welcome @Lieutenant and @Taro_Tanako to the ranks of Moderators!
    Their lives of fun and happiness are over at last, for now the dreadful task of moderating the CL community begins for them.

    Abandon hope, all ye who enter staff!

    Both their applications stood out from the rest, giving staff the impression that they'd be good picks for the jobs. We believe that these two will bring some new balance to the moderator team, and offer fresh ideas and new perspectives on arising problems. We have faith that they will end up valuable additions to the team, and hope they won't receive too many headaches over the coming months.
    Modding ain't easy, but these two will hopefully be up to the task!

    Additionally, we will also be adding a new Ranger to the team: @evii-chii might not have gotten into the moderating team this time, but we believe she will be a fine ranger.

    All three picks will hopefully result in a stronger moderating front during european daytime, making sure the site is covered more evenly.

    Role-changes will be applied over the course of the day, next time @Warlock opens up the Database.

    This concludes CL's latest Staff Shenanigans.
    Leave your congratulations below!

  2. #822202014-09-09 15:26:11Kirn said:

    Taro? Didn't think he was active. Probably, mostly was on threads I don't visit.

    Well, in any case, this is sooner than I expected. Don't forget to give them the damn badges.

  3. #822262014-09-09 16:11:01 *--Jack-- said:

    Congrats guys! welcome to staff.

    Now gear up. Keep your arms and legs in staff while its in motion, and set all electronics to airplane mode.

  4. #822352014-09-09 17:29:10olivaisfire1997 said:

    Congratulations on the newest mods... eN0QZ36.gif

    Just kidding, seriously congrats everyone, couldn't have chosen better myself. Can't wait to see what you guys'll bring to CL.

  5. #822442014-09-09 21:51:27MrTrain said:

    Congratulations y'all ! It's like it was only yesterday that you were ordinary users C;

    Probably cause you were...