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  1. Fed Up (Documentary)

    #823022014-09-11 15:21:43Kirn said:

    Okay, I had a two documentaries about artistic people, so it is surely a time for me to present once again some relevant issue you people wouldn't be interested in. And I have a movie on a pretty common thing, it seems. I already made threads on movies "Food inc." and "A Place at the Table", so now I present you with a new one talking about food.

    This movie pretty much explains why human meat is so sweet. Wait, no... Let me start again.

    This movie tells a pretty simple truth - people are screwed because they eat bad food. But that's not the main point. The main point is that even food you may consider to be okay is actually very much not so. As always with good-old capitalism, food companies are putting millions of dollars into making you eat more unhealthy food making more millions of dollars for them. And with all their little jokes like 'diet' or 'fat-free'. And it's an issue not only for US, but for all the other countries in the world mostly because of US food companies branching out to those places. Or because non-US companies follow the example of successful US empires.
    Movie provides interesting timeline too. It's always nice to see where and how exactly things started, and how they were or weren't obstructed. As usual, there are some families with obese children and talks about how they trying to deal/cope with the problem. Little spoiler - there is no happy ending for any of those kids. None. They are done. Well, I am not the one who watches these things for human interest anyways. As I said, I liked the timeline, and it is interesting to see all the food companies developments and responses to people trying to fight them. Also there's a nice analogy made between them and tobacco companies.
    Do you want to watch this? I'd say, this is interesting to see. The concept of eating healthy is simple and well-known to all, but this movie is about how hard it is to do it now, so it has a value in that. This is a good thing to watch for raising awareness and realizing how badly you are doing even if you think you aren't. So yeah, I'd recommend it, so go watch it.

  2. #823742014-09-13 16:35:42Rinneko said:

    This movie pretty much explains why human meat is so sweet.

    Oho? I hope we have not been as genetically engineered as the crops mentioned in this documentary! Or are we already considered genetically engineered, since our decisions play a part in who we reproduce with?

    I managed to get around to watching Fed Up today. As with most documentaries, it made me realise that there were actually a good number of people who really strongly about the issue of genetic engineering. I was interested in the convicted opinions of the various people featured in this documentary, and how intensely they fought for genetically engineered items to be labelled accordingly.

    While the majority of genetically engineered crops do not pose a danger to humans, the documentary did cite instances such as the Monarch butterfly having a poisonous reaction to a certain bioengineered corn.

    I suppose most people do not realise that a great portion of their food is potentially genetically engineered and are oblivious to what they are truly ingesting, and the potential danger that might lie therein. Not directly mentioned in the documentary but vaguely related is that natural bananas will soon be extinct, as a result of selective breeding. It was something I had previously heard, and thus googled.

    Fed Up was quite the informative documentary. However, it wasn't too dry and remained interesting throughout.

  3. #823792014-09-13 19:25:43Kirn said:

    Well, genetically engineered or altered would mean direct and concious tampering with DNA code to bring up some particular qualities in something/someone. We do that for plants, making them grow better and stuff, but we don't yet change humans to give them some properties they don't have, so we are not genetically engineered yet.

    But yes, we control more and more of the environment we are in, and that's not always a good thing. Especially when big money is involved.