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Parent: How much do you know about the CL members

  1. #825032014-09-16 20:53:26SlantDuffy said:

    Farris is a 17 year old male. Eats lots of rice. Not too fond of sweets. Drives a maroon toyota camry but prefers to ride his metallic orange street bicycle whenever he can. Likes coffee with artificial sweeteners and cream. Dresses fashionably. Likes wearing low collared shirts with fitted jeans with moccasins. Has 20/15 vision. Doesn't play sports but exercises occasionally. Can't eat spicy food, like, at all. Ever. Shoe size is 9. Eats meat medium rare. An aspiring artist. Hates cigarettes. Dislikes guns. Enjoys reading.

  2. #825082014-09-16 21:43:06 *Farris said:

    18, just decent amounts of rice. I love sweets. I don't have a driver's license and I ride a mama bike. I prefer tea. I wear sweatpants and t-shirts in almost every situation. I do not play sports! (whoah how did you know???), I rather have periods where I exercise. I think my taste for spicy food is about regular. I like meat well done. An aspiring artist? kewl. I don't have any opinion on cigarettes. Some guns are cool. I seldom read, but I do enjoy it.

    Are you stalking me? I'm amazed you knew so much about me! ^_^

    EDIT 09.12.2017: o__o