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  1. Kind of Lost in Life

    #825612014-09-17 14:52:12 *JadeLim91 said:

    Hi, guys...

    I just wondered, has any of you ever felt lost in life?

    I actually felt lost all of the time. I'm still glad that I could still do my hobbies. But life could feel kind of aimless when I had dreams but never actually strife for it.

    I'm turning 23 next month. Yes, I'm already an adult and that's what makes me even more disappointed in myself. All I ever did was obey my parents and became what society would see as an "normal" individual. Haha. Impressive right? ...Actually, no.

    I studied hard and after graduated, I got myself a job. I worked hard only to be constantly compared with people I never even met before.

    Mom: "You know that auntie?"

    Me: "Yea... I think I met her before when she came to our house"

    Mom: "You know, her daughter's salary is two times higher than yours and could even afford to buy a car. I heard that her daughter is planning to buy a house in the near future"

    Me: "Wow... that's great"

    When the truth is I couldn't care less... =_="

    Other similar situations happen all the time. To the point that I got sick of it. And so... I'm really sorry for all these rants.

    I'd appreciate it if anyone would kindly leave a comment.

  2. #825642014-09-17 15:04:10 *MrTingles said:

    Hello JadeLim91, welcome to CL. We already have a thread for venting and such things, so please copy/paste this into this thread. Thanks, and good luck. Gonna lock this thread for now so you can post in the venting thread.

    Have a nice day!