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  1. PC Gaming Nights/ Days

    #828332014-09-24 03:18:11 *Cenica said:

    Heyo! Welcome to the gaming nights/ days thread; a place for those looking to play games with other members of CL and have a good time.

    These events will be held every two weeks on Friday nights going by EST.
    Anyone can join in at anytime.
    You don't have to be here for every game night in order to join.
    If you do not feel like or do not have the game we are playing that night feel free to ask people if they'd like to play a different game with you instead. We just ask that you make those plans ahead of time so we can plan accordingly.

    Free Online Games:

    Board Game Online
    Pretend You're Xyzzy
    League of Legends

    Multiplayer Steam Games:

    100% Orange Juice
    Battleblock Theatre
    Castle Crashers
    Counter Strike: GO
    Dota2 (free)
    Dungeonland (free)
    Left 4 Dead 2
    Spiral Knights (free)
    Super MNC (free)
    Team Fortress 2 (free)
    Wizard Wars (free)

    If you would like to recommend a game feel free to do so. Though when doing so please consider how many people can play and whether rooms can be created for our group. Nothing less than 4 people please.

    The plan is to hold the first gaming night on October 3 and begin around 6 o'clock EST.

  2. #828342014-09-24 03:32:39Teil said:

    I'm totally down for this. I just hope my work schedule doesn't interfere. On the days that I'm free of work you can all be sure that you'll see me in the lobby of whatever game was picked for the week. Gamu

  3. #828352014-09-24 03:36:44 *Cenica said:

    Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. I didn't want to make the game night too late for people but I usually work Fri and Sat evenings. So I think I'm just going to help set things up, organize things, and other people will have to actually create the rooms. I can join in when I get off work but I'll have to count on other people to get things started while I'm gone. Not like that should be too difficult though.

  4. #828362014-09-24 03:53:57 *Cenica said:

    If anyone needs both a copy of Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater shoot me a PM. I can help solve that problem.

  5. #828402014-09-24 10:46:33 *Lieutenant said:

    What about SpeedRunners? Well I never play that one yet but it kind of looks fun.

    Also, kind of missed doing this sort of thing, not sure if I'll join but I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun.

  6. #828432014-09-24 12:08:11Slyter said:
    I approve of this message. Speedrunners will breed friendly cursing competition and we'd all bond over that :'D
  7. #828612014-09-24 17:57:40 *Cenica said:

    @OneDollar I realize you haven't really been active but you're the one with control of the steam group and I'd like an announcement with a link to this thread on there. It might bring people back that haven't been as active lately

  8. #828632014-09-24 18:08:35hellstorm901 said:

    I'm tempted to suggest Left 4 Dead 2 just because it's 4 player coop and that's usually the number of people who ever turn up to said gaming events.

    On top of that Steam gave it away free some time ago so I imagine many people have it sitting in the corner of their library.

  9. #828662014-09-24 18:36:21Jacek said:

    I support this idea and would actually play with people. Just be aware I will more than likely set off any and all car alarms.

  10. #828892014-09-24 21:50:19 *Cenica said:

    Probably be better if people PM their timezones to me. I'll use them to schedule a couple of different times for game to be held since people are in different timezones.

  11. #828742014-09-24 19:57:27 *Cenica said:

    I'm fine with having a league of legends group. Most of those playing would know what they were doing and those who were new could learn from them.
    Not everyone has to be playing the same game. Point is to have fun with people from CL. So if there's people that don't want to play lol they can make a group to play something else.

  12. #828912014-09-24 22:08:52DarkChaplain said:

    You really don't believe that you level 30 people are gonna wreck the absolute newcomers it'd bring in? That your map awareness, item knowledge and skill with particular characters would make you the better players right from the start?
    If you want to try league nights again, go ahead, but I don't believe it is the right thing for this here game night project.

  13. #829002014-09-25 03:23:529mm said:

    you can always balance out the team. and i am not gonna go balls deep and try to crush people in the first place. fun first, salt second right?

  14. #828862014-09-24 20:51:50DarkChaplain said:

    Well, Hearthstone and Blood Bowl are about two player matches, but at least Blood Bowl has a proper, in-depth league system. Setting up a CL league is simple, and it may be fun to see a group of, say, 8 people, try to race for the top spots in the league.
    Hearthstone supposedly gets a specator mode soon, and I think it'd be simple enough to organize a bit of a tournament structure for CL people as well, via the forum. Its as simple as listing who is going to play against who and marking scores.

    The others are 4+ players, with Dungeonland being a bit of an exception, as it is 3 players vs 1 player, who represents the dungeon master. Its asynchronous multiplayer, which might be really fun with CL people, as it gives them opportunity to trashtalk each other a little :'D

  15. #828882014-09-24 21:05:45 *Cenica said:

    Well since game nights are about playing as a group I'm going to leave hearthstone and blood bowl out. If people want to start a league for them I feel like that should be something separate from game nights and would probably fit better in either thread for those things.
    Edit: You could even possibly make it a once a year thing with badges for the winner. Which could be fun.

  16. #829182014-09-25 12:16:21Kirn said:

    Browsed through most of the links here. Looks like most are steam games. Which one would require to buy to play. To play a game with people from CL... who can't play the same game for more than five minutes...

    So yeah, idea itself is not bad, but you really should just stay in a frame of a single game, and preferably not the one to buy. And free games... I already saw you have a LoL link there, well, I haven't tried it myself, but even LoL takes dedication and time, as MMO games do. Which is, again, not for CL. The most success we ever had was with Spiral Knights, which you also have on your list, but CL guild there didn't last for more than two weeks. So there you go.

    Quite honestly, I would recommend to just stick to CL sessions of Board Game Online. I think, I played it with some CL people some time ago, or I played something similar, and it was easy and reasonable amount of fun without any pre-requirements - perfect for CL in that way. And when it will get old - pick next similar game or something.

    @Lieutenant is you want to play something like that Runners game, there's an old flash Stickmen game called Exit Path - on armor games. It's simple, obviously, but quite challenging, and there's a multiplayer mode, and leveling system of sorts in place. One drawback of it is that you can't pick people to join games with.

  17. #829192014-09-25 12:23:11Lieutenant said:

    @Kirn ha I remember playing that quite a long time ago, just that I never play it by multiplayer, but can't pick people to join? That kind of sounds too bad though, like playing with strangers (if so I rather play alone..).

  18. #829442014-09-25 15:52:47Kirn said:

    Tried that after Spiral Knights. Didn't last a week. No, seriously, MMO games are no good for this.

  19. #829452014-09-25 16:14:47Slyter said:

    I agree, MMOs shouldn't be here. It should be something that is pick-up-and-play with equal progress for everyone at the start and easy to learn.

  20. #831562014-10-02 22:38:56Kip said:

    so if MOBAs and MMOs aren't favorites, then that leaves FPS, side scrollers, sports, and RTS, right?

  21. #829522014-09-25 18:16:34 *Cenica said:

    No MMO's. As people pointed out these are games I'd like everyone to be able to pick up, starting at an equal point each time.
    LoL isn't really an MMO in the same sense. It's much like dota2 with each play session being an individual match in which one must level up their characters from lvl 1.
    Also I'm not sticking to games like BGO each time. BGO can be fun, sure, but it will definitely get boring after a while.
    As I've said before not everyone has to be playing the same game. A lot of people do have steam accounts and do have the games that have been suggested. If not enough people have the game, I won't be scheduling that one.
    Which is why I'm asking for timezones. I want to have groups and games planned out ahead of time. Different games throughout the day so that people in different time zones all have a chance to play.
    This first weekend I'm planning to have all the games payed be free ones. One or two larger games and a few smaller ones, maybe a BGO revival, throughout the day.
    This is the test weekend. I'll see what works and what doesn't and adjust things from there.

  22. #830202014-09-27 19:27:34Cenica said:

    So far I'm thinking a game or two of CAH and BGO.
    Also maybe a game of LoL but I'd have to find enough people for that and someone else to run it.

  23. #830232014-09-27 22:15:10 *Yugure said:

    Since it's gonna be a test weekend, I think these games will be fine.

    Or is it that I missed playing 'em? Hehehe

  24. #830252014-09-28 00:15:46Teru said:

    We should play curve fever. It's a browser game and it's really fun. I'll talk more about it on monday, because I'm without my computer and I don't know how to use cellphones that well.

  25. #830442014-09-29 09:56:53Farris said:

    Is this west or North east? anyways, if you need an extra player (Not level 30) I can probably join. Easiest way to reach my is by Skype.

  26. #831032014-10-01 16:15:50 *Cenica said:

    So I won't be off of work until 8 o'clock at the earliest, (which is 12AM GMT I believe), and 9 (1 AM GMT) is the earliest I'll personally be able to set anything up. If somebody would like to host some BGO or CAH games before then please let me know and feel free to do so.

    Pretend You're Xyzzy (CAH) at 1 AM GMT

    100% Orange Juice at 2 AM GMT

    Open Spot

    Board Game Online at 4 AM GMT


    LoL Match (Time Undecided)

    Open Spot

  27. #831382014-10-02 17:55:399mm said:

    I'll participate. I'll take the last open spot. I'll be studying for art history all friday~sunday, but I will be at my desk, so just buzz me in. I'll play whenever.

  28. #831572014-10-02 22:45:16Kip said:

    @Cenica i'm willing to fill a LoL spot as long as we all play pretty casually lol last time i played with CL tho it was very fun. i wouldn't mind playing again as a group.

    i can be available to play USUALLY on weekdays anywhere between 8:00PM-10:00PM EST but i'll let everybody know if work gets in the way.

    I can also do CAH with no foreseeable problems if you need members for that, just let me know on Skype when there's a group if i'm not on CL. :0

  29. #831432014-10-02 18:18:43sprink said:

    @Cenica I would totally be up for it if I wasn't working 3rd, hopefully this will still be going on when I have a normal work schedule again :D