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PC Gaming Nights/ Days

  1. #853432014-12-10 16:33:42Cenica said:

    Oh God! This is today! Cenica digs in the CL closet, finds, and dusts off the thread.

    Alrighty guys so here's a late rough schedule that is subject to change as things pop up and they always do.

    Pretend You're Xyzzy at 9:00 PM GMT

    BoardGame Online at 10:00 GMT

    CastleCrashers at 11: 00 PM GMT

    CounterStrike: GO at 1:00 AM GMT

    100% Orange Juice at 2:00 AM GMT

  2. #853452014-12-10 23:16:40 *Cenica said:

    This week in gamenight:

    We played the ultimate lvl Pretend You're Xyzzy!?

    I missed that box intentionally!

    (Enlarge the pic in a new window if you need to see it better.)

    We tried to find @pureboredom

    (@Kip won that Pretend You're Xyzzy game.)

    We played BGO!

    Thanks to all the colorless members who participated and contributed to what I think was a good time! ^__^ I hope to see everyone back again on the next game day in two weeks.

  3. #855022014-12-18 20:43:22 *Cenica said:

    Some Christmas Deals on Game Night Games:

    My advice is to wait for things to show up in 12 hour or daily deals as those prices are usually cheaper than the normal sale prices. If they don't show up in those deals you can always buy them on the last day of the sale. (Which ends January 2nd at 10PM PST.)

    • 100% Orange Juice is $2.79.
    • Awesomenauts is currently $.99
    • BattleBlock Theater is currently $3.74 and you can get it in a bundle with Castle crashers for 7.49$. You may want to wait a bit on that one though as it usually gets a bit cheaper in sales.
    • Castle Crashers is also $3.74 on it's own.
    • Counter Strike: Global Offensive is sitting at $10.04. ( Personally won't buy it at that price.)
    • SpeedRunners is currently $4.99 on steam.
  4. #855162014-12-20 02:35:51Luciase said:

    Well i think this game might be relevant towards what your looking for check out Town of Salem a match consist of 15-17 people, and everyone each round starts off the same. Also its free and i think they put it up on steam a couple of days ago.

  5. #855172014-12-20 03:02:12Cenica said:

    @Guriko Yeah. I'm planning on playing that this coming Wednesday I just haven't gotten around to adding it to the games list and making a schedule.

  6. #855492014-12-21 22:13:59 *Cenica said:

    The Games I'm planning to host on this Weds are as follows:

    Boardgame Online
    Town of Salem

    Trying something new.A free game. Just sign up and confirm your email address.

    Cards Against Humanity
    Castle Crashers

  7. #855632014-12-22 13:36:37Jacek said:

    I didn't see this suggested and I remembered that I had mentioned this off-hand in chat once before, but it would be great to have a game night playing Planetside 2, a sci-fi space FPS much in the same vein as BF3/4. Depending on how many people would play, you could all agree on which faction to play and divide people into squads. It's F2P and on steam, so there's that.

  8. #855942014-12-24 08:23:35 *Cenica said:


    Board Game Online 9:00 P.M. at GMT
    Town of Salem 10:10 P.M. at GMT
    Cards Against Humanity 12:00 P.M. at GMT
    Castle Crashers at 1:00 A.M. GMT next day.

  9. #860572015-01-06 19:09:23 *Cenica said:

    Same schedule as last time. Figured might as well since last time didn't really happen.
    Board Game Online 9:00 P.M. at GMT
    Town of Salem 10:10 P.M. at GMT
    Cards Against Humanity 12:00 P.M. at GMT
    Castle Crashers at 1:00 A.M. GMT next day.

  10. #1030432016-05-28 15:37:19Inia said:

    I keep wanting to play that with peeps. But clearly you guys were on way before I was ready to wake up. o_o