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  1. The Grand #GamerGate Thread

    #828752014-09-24 20:31:03 *DarkChaplain said:

    Alright, guys and gals. You know I am a Gamer, and some probably know that the whole drama that is currently going rampant in the Games Industry, Game Journalism and various online collectives is really pissing me off.

    This thread may be the most difficult one I ever posted on CL. Both for me to write, and for you to be able to follow. I will try to keep it short and relevant if I can, but no promises there. There will also be errors or things that may later be (dis)proven or go much deeper than they initially appear. The #GamerGate topic is a massive one, that has been growing, evolving for the past 6 weeks, and is still doing so on a daily basis. More and more news and incidents as well as commentary pop up by the hour.
    As such, I apologize if this thread becomes hard to follow.

    For a reasonably well-put together overview of the #GamerGate campaign, check this link. Typing this thread will take a while, and I'll use the E.T. method again, and post it in parts.


    What is #GamerGate

    #GamerGate is a current online movement that, at its core, demands more transparency, disclosure and truthfulness from Gaming Journalism. It condemns bias rooted in personal relations to people they are reporting on, and openly questions the journalists' integrity, due to various cases of collusion and favor-trading taking place.

    On the other side of the fence, Game Journalists and "social justice warriors" (short "SJW"s) have been deflecting the accusations and rejecting evidence by constructing a narrative of their own: "Gamers are dead", "Gamers aren't your audience", "Gamers are misogynistic pigs", "Gamers are racist" and so on. They have been colluding on writing articles as to that effect, with the biggest strike having happened on August 28.


  2. #828762014-09-24 20:31:39DarkChaplain said:

    "Gamers Are Dead!"


    In other words, Game Journalism has turned on its target audience, put them all into a basket of hate and vitriol, and expected them to drop their campaign, still in their infancy back then. In fact, the #GamerGate tag did not appear til after journalists escalated it with this massive wall of talking down on their audience.

    It is safe to say that with this organized attempt to destabilize Gamer Culture, game journalism legitimized the demands for transparency, disclosure and truthfulness.

    Gamers, meanwhile, have reacted by organizing on various online communities, including reddit and 4chan, as well as The Escapist forums - the only site to have kept their doors open for discussion on the topic, whereas all other mainstream Game sites have banned the topic entirely. Now, even reddit and 4chan have been censoring the topic, (shadow)banning users bringing it up, and generally taken a no-tolerance policy on it.
    I'll get to this part later in greater detail, but for now, be aware that discussion of #GamerGate is actively being suppressed by the media.

    A healthy discussion on the whole dilemma has been not only actively discouraged, but also shut down by the ones in charge of popular places to discuss them. People in favor of #GamerGate have been subject to harrassment from the anti-#GamerGate side, up to the point of people losing their jobs, being sent syringes filled with unspecified fluids, and being doxxed, including their families, and receiving threatening calls.
    Again, more on that later.

  3. #828772014-09-24 20:32:04 *DarkChaplain said:

    Opening the #GamerGate

    #GamerGate, as a movement, has come a long way over the weeks since it was first organized. By now, various public figures have voiced their support for the movement, and the discussion still goes strong on Twitter, with the #GamerGate hashtag having broken the 1 million tweets mark already.

    Here's a comparison between #GamerGate and #Destiny hashtag uses - Destiny peaked around the game's launch, then dropped off below #GG again. Please note that Destiny is the next game by the HALO developers, has a 500 million US dollar budget, and massive marketing all over the world.


    Various other sub-movements and trends have been set, including #NotYourShield, in which minorities, women and the likes told gaming journalists and SJWs off about using them to justify their extremist agendas, and #GreatWomenInVideoGames, which took to the field to reject the notion that Games are a completely male-dominated field, by pointing out various examples of well-written or designed female characters. Even I have taken to the field to list a whole bunch of great female characters throughout gaming.

    The Anti-#GamerGate side meanwhile has been trying to discredit #NotYourShield activists by denying their legitimacy - all those females and "people of color" posting about it MUST be sockpuppet accounts by white CIS males, after all. Well, no. But it shows just magnificently how the Anti-GG side has been attempting to dodge the arguments by attacking the people bringing them forth.

    Sorry, this media content cannot be displayed.

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  4. #828782014-09-24 20:32:11 *DarkChaplain said:

    "Gamers are gross"

    The narrative of Games and Gamers being inherently sexist, is not a new one. Some of you may remember the "Tropes vs Women" Kickstarter by Anita Sarkeesian, which may be considered the moment when all of this became a mainstream concern via the sheer amount of publicity it got from the press.
    In Sarkeesian's videos, as well as the opinion pieces by sites such as Kotaku and Polygon, Gamers have been painted as vile creatures, basement dwellers and perverts, just waiting for girls to molest. Gaming Culture has been described as a Boy's Club, regardless of how many female Gamers are going around (and now vocally supporting #GamerGate and co, just to get shat on by the feminists opposed to the movement).

    Gaming Journalism and feminists have taken quite a weird position on this, however, on one hand citing studies that would have it that 50% of all Gamers are female (studies easily questions and refuted by looking at their incredibly broad definition of "Gamer"), while also claiming that men are driving women away from the industry and harrassing them at every turn.


    Female Gamers are more welcome today than they have ever been. They are represented in the industry, in the media, at events and so on. Whether they be cosplayers or simple nerds, women are part of Gaming Culture, and no male Gamer in his right mind would refuse to date a female Gamer - why would they? It would provide a massive opportunity to share opinions and discuss things, a shared hobby is a great social connector.

    But the narrative has been strung up, and Gamers, male, female, white, black, yellow, green, straight, gay, xenosexual, they're standing up against unfair treatment and agenda-driven scandalism by the dedicated Games Media.

  5. #828792014-09-24 20:32:18 *DarkChaplain said:

    The "Quinnspiracy"

    Now that I've talked about the current #GamerGate and the accusations of sexism and misogyny, it is time to look at the root of it all. What was the spark that lit the fuse of the #GamerGate powder keg?

    The answer is simple: Zoe Quinn.

    Zoe Quinn is a female developer. In the wake of Robin Williams' suicide, she released her game "Depression Quest" on Steam. It is a free piece of software that is supposed to help people visualize the situation (some) people suffering from depression are in, and how the condition changes their look at everyday occurances.

    She did receive criticisms for it, ranging from exploiting the death of a celebrity to catapult her donationware to the front, over people claiming it was not a game, due to being more of a Visual Novel.

    Things did not explode until Zoe Quinn's ex boyfriend, Eron Gjoni, came out with a big blog post about how Zoe cheated on him, repeatedly. That's bad enough PR as it is, especially for an indie developer. However, the important bits were these:

    The 5 (known) people Zoe hopped into bed with were Gaming Journalists and people involved in the media, some of which either had before or went on to promote Depression Quest in one way or another.

    This incident was jokingly refered to as http://i.imgur.com/aLqWuI7.jpg

    Other details came to light related to this, including journalists funding developers' projects via Patreon (Zoe Quinn herself earns $3,177 a month via Patreon alone!) and various other, "too friendly" relationships between developers and press.

    There's more to it, however. Allegations were made as to Zoe stinging a few online hornets' nests on purpose, to provoke word of mouth about herself and her projects. For a more complete rundown, again this link

    Zoe then proceeded to scream about harrassment, hacking, doxxing and the likes. Some of them actually happened, others have been proven false and manufactured. We have evidence about Zoe Quinn abusing her moderator powers on the Steam Forum section for Depression Quest, to ban any bit of criticism or talk about the issue, and even negative reviews.

    We even have a case of her issuing a DMCA copyright claim via Youtube to take down criticisms. John "TotalBiscuit" Bain has addressed this in a Twitlonger post, which earned him days if not weeks of harrassment from Zoe's affiliates and SJWs, for a rather mild view on the matter: Twitlonger Post.

    Of course, people jumped into the breach to defend the oppressed Zoe, who was suddenly exposed to a wide array of critics. She has undeniably participated in unethical practices, and that was always going to explode at least a little. The way other developers, including Phil Fish (who has personal ties to Zoe as well), and Game Journalists handled the situation, however, increased the scale of people's scrutiny.



    Chart of "What was perceived and what actually happened

    The response TB got is summarized here, with a lot of the ugliest examples not being featured, however. One feminist Blogger connected to Zoe Quinn and the forces-that-be, even published this article, making wild claims about the sexist bigot TotalBiscuit apparently is for daring to imply Zoe might have traded sex for favors.

    The accusations of Zoe trading in sex for favors went even more over the top as Zoe used her personal relations with various people in the media to suppress discussion on various sites, including reddit:


    Furthermore, it came to light that Zoe Quinn and her friend Maya Kramer, who she apparently also had a sexual relationship with, sabotaged a Game Jam that was geared towards offering women a job to work in the games industry, by involving them in the creation process of original games.

    The Fine Young Capitalists had this to say about it: http://i.imgur.com/QphfXAd.png

    "She fucking doxxed me, ruined a production for women, refused to contact us and is currently taking money for a game jam with no start date, no location and no judges"

    Zoe Quinn was massively involved in Maker Studios (recently acquired by Disney, and owner of the Polaris Network on Youtube, one of the biggest presences on the site, with people such as PewDiePie under contract) Game Jam project, which went to ruin very quickly.

    Jared Rosen typed up a lengthy look at the reasons here: How The Most Expensive Game Jam In History Crashed And Burned In A Single Day Jared, meanwhile, feared for his job at Polaris's game review writer for exposing all of this.

    Zoe went on to open up her own "Rebel Jam", without much of a plan laid out, but an open pocket. Money donated wandered into her own Paypal account.

    Not only did she sabotage a Game Jam, was involved in ruining the most expensive Game Jam to date, but also started her own (or not, as it is still on hold after almost half a year, with no progress made), of which all money goes into her private pocket.

    The Fine Young Capitalists, meanwhile, only reaped silence from the press. Despite approaching various outlets about Zoe's actions and how their project was treated, nobody reported on them whatsoever.
    By now, they are very good to go, with a successful IndieGoGo Campaign, running for another 57 hours.

    Their success may be in large parts attributed to 4chan taking initiative to disprove Zoe's and the media's sexism claims. They even went on to design a mascot of their own:

    Vivian James


    The name is, of course, a play on "Video Games". A lot of effort went into designing the character, and it has since become a mascot for the whole #GamerGate movement.

    Zoe Quinn, meanwhile, has fallen off the stage in recent weeks, but has tried time and again to get back into the spotlight after the movement has set its sights on the corruption in Games Media. Her personal life is absolutely irrelevant, and no matter how much SJWs do to present GamerGate as a pro-harrassment movement, it is not.

    As for Zoe's connection with Maya Kramer... That is a whole other can of worms, which I'll attempt to open further down. I apologize for this post being as disorganized as it is, but the topic really is a load of junk. Many things happened in a very short amount of time, and I had to cut out a lot of things regarding Zoe's actions against wizardchan, her nudes being spread online, and other accusations her ex boyfriend leveled at her. Speaking of Eron - he's getting sued now, by a "nameless game developer".

    #GamerGate has moved on from Zoe. The Media won't accept it.

    Breitbart published this article on the issue. Give it a read!

  6. #828802014-09-24 20:32:23 *DarkChaplain said:

    The GameJournoList Leak

    Now, all this controversy and the highly coordinated "Gamers are Dead" campaign obviously point towards collusion within the Games Media, even between competing sites and networks. A suspicion that was proven real not soon after, as Breatbart.com exposed:



    We now know that Game Journalists have been sitting in a shared Mailing List, exchanging ideas and plans, as well as informal commentary on things. We have email examples, screenshots, and a massive list of involved people - it covers various of the large Gaming Media portals as well as even some youtubers.

    One vocal member of the group is, as ever on these things, Ben Kuchera. The same guy who wrote very questionable pieces for Penny Arcade, and is now writing for Polygon, and has proven time and again to be making excuses about bad, consumer-unfriendly business practices by large game publishers, and been pressing various agendas. His current hot topic? Sexism in video games.

    Ben Kuchera also has been a Patreon supporter of Zoe Quinn since January 6, 2014. Money changes hands that way on a monthly basis, resulting in a clear conflict of interest. One that he himself doesn't care about, as he has stated on Twitter. Ben Kuchera also used the mailing list to pressure The Escapist to shut down the threads about #GamerGate, and is himself involved in a lot of shady reporting - by the way, Kuchera also refused to acknowledge the reporter's requests for comment.

    We have a lot of things happening around the GameJournoList Leak, but here some examples:

    Sorry, this media content cannot be displayed.

    Article here

    And if you'd like to check the Email Dump

    So we have a massive list of directly connected writers throughout Games Media. We also know that a lot of the sites are owned by various companies, but even between the different companies, collusion exists.

    All of this has most assuredly legitimized #GamerGate's cries for transparency, disclosure and better reporting. We have various vocal journalists, like Ben Kuchera, going around discrediting the movement on the grounds of misoginy and harrassment, while he himself has been handing out plenty of that, as well as racism.

    TotalBiscuit commented during a stream this week:

    "I'd say adapt or die, but you shouldn't have to adapt to being a transparent, decent human being. That should be the default position. And if anyone doesn't believe that, fuck 'em, frankly."

    There's also this video on the topic:

    He points out that he was trying to arrange a larger round table discussion with various Game Journalists - all of which pulled out after the list's leak. He is still trying to organize said Round Table, but it has become very difficult due to the media closing ranks and shutting down dissenters.
    People have lost their jobs, both in the press for reporting Pro-GamerGate, as well as outside of it - people on the Anti-GG side have actually made calls and reports about Pro-GG people to have them fired. Fired for having a different view on things - that's quite a thing coming from the social justice quarter, isn't it?

  7. #828812014-09-24 20:32:30 *DarkChaplain said:

    Down the Rabbit Hole

    Here's a now-outdated chart of involved people we are/were aware of, and how they connect:


    The thing has grown even bigger by now, for obvious reasons, but this is the last one I am aware of.

    One of the groups on this picture I want to point towards is Silverstring Media.

    And specifically on Maya Kramer:


    (I absolutely hate linking this guy, but his mirror of the video is the only still up)

    In other words, Silverstring is connected to the press, the SJW groups, and has been working on reshaping public opinion via contacts and "friendships" for a few years. Anita Sarkeesian is a strong supporter of the company, and Silverstring has enough influence to affect people's careers as game devs and game journalists.

    We also have Leigh Alexander as a vocal anti-GG personality, who wrote one of the big "Gamers are Dead" articles back in august.

    Leigh Alexander is a radical feminist. Her views are over the top, and shaped by her own experiences of rejection during her youth (she wasn't skinny for example, but wanted to be a cheerleader like those popular girls, and blamed, at least during teenage years, her 25% of "black DNA" for it. No joke.), and still carries her biases around today.

    Some statements from her include "I am a megaphone" and notes as to how easily she can end an indie dev's career just for arguing with her about one of her radical views.

    The FAQ on her site should tell you a lot about what kind of person she is:

    What’s it like being a woman in the game industry?
    Like playing Metal Gear Solid 3. You feel a sense of pleasure and mastery so long as you don’t generate noise or movement above a certain acceptable baseline. Call enough attention to yourself and suddenly you’re fighting an unpleasant combat game in which you experience crushing anxiety and virtual pain. I’d like to see that change for us.

    Which is still mild, but let's look further:

    Why do you sometimes mock ‘nerds’ and ‘gamers’ so virulently? Isn’t that the same kind of bullying you rail against?
    A lot of ‘proud nerds’ are people who used the fact they were picked on for their interests as children to maintain, as adults and and fathers (they are most often privileged men, now) a ‘secret clubhouse’ that lets them victimize and oppress other participants — despite the fact games are now a multi-billion dollar industry, increasingly stigma-free, and desperately in need of the creative and professional participation of multitudes of new voices.

    Self-identified nerds are often so obsessed with their identity as cultural outcasts that they are willfully blind to their privilege, and for the sake of relatively-absurd fandoms — space marines, dragons, zombies, endless war simulations — take their myopic and insular attitudes to “art” and “culture” with tunnel-visioned, inflexible, embarrassing seriousness that often leads to homogeneity, racism, sexism and bullying.

    Nerds escaped high school. Some of them made millions making video games. Digital literacy doesn’t make you special anymore, it makes you baseline employable. Fantasy is on mainstream cable.

    Meanwhile, actual systemic oppression is punishing people not just where they wish to participate in games, but in every day of the rest of their lives. For many people, profound and violating inequalities show no sign of ease, and their “fellow outcasts” collude to reject them from the clubhouse when they try to join in .

    My adult life in games and internet culture frequently involves brutal gendered language. Over video games. So if you want someone who feels sorry for you because your family grew up with a Super Nintendo, don’t ask me.

    The fact you got a Game Boy for Christmas and liked it so much you stopped doing anything else doesn’t entitle you to a revolution. Your fandom is not your identity. Your fandom is not a race.

    If you think it is, then you’re in our way, and the work I do specifically exists to dispossess you of your sense of relevance.

    Hmm, that’s a lot of stuff, there. And not all of it applies to me. And I’m not sure if I agree with you. Can we discuss?
    No. Be quiet and listen for once.

    What an open-minded person Leigh Alexander is, eh? She has a history of making racist tweets and remarks about the "hood people" and how she wants to violently assault them for looking at her the wrong way. She has doxxed people disagreeing with her before. She has thrown tantrums over tantrums about #GamerGate. Heck, a couple of years ago she attended the Giant Bomb Cast, drunk out of her mind.

    This is an unpleasant person with an agenda she is pushing at every point.

    She's not the only one. Remember Mighty No.9? Remember how they put a backer up as their community manager due to her having a relationship with one of the people on the team? Remember how she's been pushing her fem agenda from the start and then even got a designer spot on the side?

    This person, Dina, is actively blocking people from following the Mighty No.9 twitter account. Why? Because they are vocally pro-GamerGate. Regardless of whether or not they are backers. You can have put hundreds of dollars in MN9's pot, you may still get blocked.

    Fun fact: She has been a personal friend of Zoe Quinn for the past half a year, with meetups having happened even as recent as August.
    Here are various archived tweets: Tweet 1 - Tweet 2

    Sorry, this media content cannot be displayed.



    And this is not the only case of those people influencing various projects and studios. Heck, EA themselves hired Anita Sarkeesian to advise them on Mirror's Edge 2 - which she wanted to simplify heavily because pressing too many buttons may be difficult for them womenz.

    Oh, and Phil Fish? IndieCade & IGF? Well...


    Either way, this is a wildly fucked up, convoluted shitstorm we're in. Thankfully, #GamerGate people seem to have the better vision right now, so we see further than the opposition.

  8. #828822014-09-24 20:42:41 *DarkChaplain said:

    Developers Re: #GamerGate

    Most developers have remained quiet on this whole issue for the past weeks - and rightfully so. With as many journalists and media people involved as we already know, it might make or break their careers to speak up in favor of GamerGate. It puts real pressure on them, which the small devs don't have time or nerves for.

    However, some came out over the last few weeks, giving interviews with sites such as nichegamer.net:

    Real #GameDev’s Sound off Regarding the #GamerGate Controversy

    We even saw an anonymous Xbox One developer come out to say a few things

    Do you think a serious lack of ethics is rampant in the gaming media? Have you experienced any of it firsthand, i.e. sleazy interactions with journalists, blackmailing, etc?
    Yes, the gaming media is plagued by corruption, colluding, and blatant lack of ethics. That is becoming increasingly obvious as the people behind #GamerGate uncover more and more dirt on publications, journalists and even some devs.

    Today we even had a high-ranking director of Electronic Arts come out to comment

    We have all had to deal with trolls, a-holes, hacker kids, and gamers/fans/haters of all stripes for years. The one redeeming quality of all them (to me) was that they were always gamers – and that was an enthusiasm and love that we all shared. That passion made people do crazy things. As easy as it could have been, I never lost respect for the audience. The people we make games for – even some of the bad ones. That’s our business, and I HOPE its why we all still do this. Love for the art AND for the fans. Two sides of the same coin.

    This group of gamers for #GamerGate are angry. PISSED. I don’t think this incident with Ms. Quinn and the media are the direct cause of this exclusively, but rather a spark that blew up some smoldering issues that have been building for years. This level of anger and commitment by these gamers is intense, and its growing. Something is wrong here, this is abnormal.

    My opinion:

    Its not about Social Justice warriors, that has always been a strong influence in gaming. Sometimes its annoying, sure, but it can also be a positive force as well, a much-needed conscience, and a reminder to us all to consider what we create says and means to people of all ages and backgrounds.

    Its not really about ethics. Games Media and Games Development have always been intertwined like Siamese twins. We depend on each other greatly, and this relationship (when properly balanced) benefits games and gamers as a whole.

    I think the real problem here is alienation. Not of values. That’s misguided. Its not liberal/conservative values, politics, or world-view. Its fear of being meaningless. Its about our loss of connection between ordinary gamers and the games industry. We are losing our connection with people. I think our industry has been drifting further and further away from our fans, as our business get larger, and our global reach gets broader. This lack of a relationship, of mutual feedback, of a personal connection between ourselves and the audience (I believe) is really the true culprit of most deep seated anger here. There is no connection with us, no trust, not even understanding. Yet gamers depend more and more on us for their primary entertainment (important!) and we absolutely depend on them as customers. Yet, our relationship – is increasingly one-sided. They being the unit sale, the % converted on the acquisition funnel, or the revenue target – not the person, the player, the gamer who is (or was) exactly like all of us. We NEED them, and they KNOW we need them. They NEED us too – but have we forgotten that? Do we sometimes feel, we don’t really need them?

    This alienation and dependency brings about epic rage – think banks, cellular providers, airlines, cable companies and the hate those relationships generate with customers who NEED that service but get treated like beasts… that’s our future (some would say our present). And in this environment, a back-handed slap to a mass group of gamers who are mass-labeled “misogynists” “rapists” “gamers are dead” “Games ashamed” are just fighting words yelled by a distant, contemptuous, un-connected gaming entity that is part of the establishment elite – and this same recipe (the exact same spark) of every single race/political/protest riot the world over from the beginning of time. And like every protest, there are those who support the activists and those who support law & order, and the establishment. But the root cause of the event is usually NOT what they are yelling and fighting about, but something much deeper, and harder to explain.

    Usually being oppressed, insulted, or just generally being abused and invisible.

    And in this outburst of anger, some of the media turned and fired into the gamer protesters, which then became a riot.

    Both sides now dehumanize the other, making it easier to escalate. I wish I knew how to diffuse it.

    Your friend,

    Others have had their twitter potshots already, and we know that developers like Zoe Quinn and Phil Fish hate #GamerGate already.

    I'll try to add further links as I find them

  9. #828842014-09-24 20:43:51 *DarkChaplain said:

    Still Very Much Alive

    GamerGate is still very much alive and kicking. We are hurting the offending sites by contacting advertisers to bring this to their attention, in the hopes of them withdrawing ad support from said sites. It has been working rather well so far. Those sites also suffer from massive drops in viewership. Gamasutra was hit magnificently since the "Gamers are Dead" articles.

    Gamers are also coming together to organize themselves better, including by writing up manifestos for the movement, to avoid things to fizzle out similar to the Occupy movement, which in the end went fully astray.

    Gamers are closing fronts and stick together against a common enemy: Corruption in the media. And they're winning.

    A couple of days ago, this video popped up via social media, and I think it is fair to - for now - close with it: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2v_Anr5cbs

    We are Gamers
    We are alive.

    We believe that games are an art form that should be allowed to flourish and evolve naturally and freely and should thus be protected from the dogmatic rhetoric of a clique of totalitarian ideologues who seek only to reign over an intellectually monolithic empire.

    We believe that the free flow of ideas and information is necessary for an informed, free democratic society to function and condemn all attempts to use disinformation, censorship and bullying to disrupt free discussion.

    We believe that a Fifth Estate worthy of that name needs to be ethical, transparent, free from conflicts of interests and independent from undue outside influence to merit the trust of the public, the real and only source of its legitimacy.

    We denounce the mercantilization of debased social justice and thus believe it is our responsibility to inform sponsors and partners of the moral corruption they implicitly endorse through their advertisements.

    We resist the careerist writers who sacrifice social harmony, human ethics and intellectual honesty on the altar of Controversy, in their quest for clicks in attempt to please their corporate owners’ cupidity.

    We refuse to forego our legitimate right to think for ourselves, and resist those who want us to serve as a passive, obedient, subservient audience whose only function is to listen and believe the propaganda of culture war profiteers and patented gurus who prey on the gullible.

    We reject harassment, threats, abuse; and the use of those terms to mislabel questions, dissent and criticism which are all essential parts of any rational, logical, respectful social discussion.

    We reject the Industry of Outrage and its shame-based economic model which parades calculated victimhood and fabricated martyrs to distract from its own sins while panhandling for the sympathy of the morally manipulated masses.

    We reject the ideological megaphones who perpetually parrot their prejudiced hate which they attempt to masquerade as progressive political preferences to disguise their own self-centered ethically bankrupt behavior.

    We reject the meticulous and deliberate manufacturing of self-fulfilling prophecies by self-aggrandizing and recognition-starved academics who have neither knowledge nor care for games, developers and gamers.

    We believe that misogyny does exist, is toxic, and that trivializing its true gravity by throwing the term around as a ready-made decoy to stonewall any constructive dialogue is intellectually dishonest and immoral.

    We believe that we are humans first; and that the use of our gender, sexual orientation, religious or ethnic identities as mere commodities, to be traded on the open market, in return for ideological brownie points objectifies, exploits and ultimately dehumanizes us all.

    We are of all genders, skin colors, sexual orientations, cultures, creeds, ages, education levels and social classes
    To you, those things should divide us
    Yet here we stand, united.

    Because we are not divided by those identities we didn't choose
    We are united by the one identity we did choose.

    We are Gamers We are alive

  10. #829642014-09-26 00:54:28hellstorm901 said:

    One of the increasingly annoying thing's I've noted is how these people seem to be just dragging literally any person into this war against Gamers.

    Seriously looking at the mainstream medias attempts to cover it just makes me want to blow my brains out at the realisation that all these years of gamers building up a more positive public reputation for themselves past the whole "Unemployed Male Nerd without a girlfriend who is sexist to women" thing has been completely undone in such a short time by journalists who I would dare say have never played a video game in their life and more than likely pulled the short straw on what article they were getting to write that day while everyone else ran off to write about Miley Cyrus and Iraq.

    How to attack a woman who works in video gaming

    It's really the footnote at the bottom that draws the most attention.

    The following footnote was appended on 5 September 2014: An earlier footnote, appended on 1 September, made clear that Jenn Frank had purchased and is a supporter of Zoë Quinn’s work, although this is the first article she has written on the developer and that Frank has also briefly met Anita Sarkeesian. These facts had been included as a footnote by Jenn Frank when she filed her copy before publication but removed by editors because they did not fulfil the criteria for a “significant connection” in line with the Guardian’s editorial guidelines. However, the Guardian wishes to make clear that it was an editorial decision originally to remove the original disclosure, not one made by the author, and we are happy to have restored it in the interests of full disclosure.

    So basically the Guardian itself carried out a self fulfilling prophecy by attempting to hide a conflict of interest in a gaming journalistic piece until called out on it.

    Then we get to articles like these because in what I enjoy describing as the "Age of Conspiracy" where everything from international events to your paper getting delivered late must be an elaborate conspiracy with an ulterior agenda.

    Chat logs show how 4chan users created #GamerGate controversy

    To sum up the article claims to have irrefutable evidence 4Chan created the whole #GamerGate controversy to basically create a false flag to attack women and some shit like that, this all fringes upon a few users being screen capped by a resident James Bond wannabee who feels they've stumbled upon a grand plot the world must know about. Now that's all fair and good but lets just remember what 4Chan is exactly. It's a place where anybody and everybody can post silly and often horrifying things and have other people agree but in the grand scheme of the site itself not even account for 1% of the userbase. But that fact is lost of the article writer who appears to be making out that these users are the leaders of 4Chan and as such these people, who debatable might just be 10 year olds sitting at home on a school off day, must have their words taken at face value and speak for the whole of 4Chan.

    What makes this article even more ironic is that the same fucking site actually posted some comments on an article about the aftermath of the Boston Bombings discussing the dangers of speculation and online witch hunts, of course referring to online journalists and web users who tried to solve the mystery themselves which resulted in innocent people getting the stick.

    Still, using the hive mind to solve crimes and mysteries doesn't always have a happy ending. In the wake of the Boston bombings last year, amateur investigators on reddit accused several innocent people of being the perpetrators, and the site manager, Erik Martin, issued a public apology for "online witch hunts and dangerous speculation."

    And this isn't what the article writer here is doing is it not? Trying to be 007 pouncing on the tiny bit of "evidence" without checking it in order to condemn largely innocent, but yes annoying silly, people who more than likely aren't the masterminds of some 4Chan conspiracy but are just stupid kids.

    In my opinion a more worthwhile conspiracy theory might be trying to uncover how The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya's Endless Eight Arc was a plot to assassinate the series by pissing on Aya Hirano until she ran out of the industry or how Evangelion was really a plot to destroy Christianity.

    Thankfully there's redeeming articles such as one I saw over on Sky News which positively talked about the growing numbers of female video game players without indulging in Anti - Gamer bashing although I do feel they themselves might get the scrutiny of conflict of interest writing given their selective and usually positive article writing of certain video game titles such as Destiny and GTA V which just screams out the Royal Mail dropping of an envelope with a wag of cash inside for which the writer can rub all across their face as they write the review on the game in question. http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lvygb4twAd1qj30jvo1_500.gif -----------------------Sky News------------------------------Rockstar

  11. #829652014-09-26 01:18:50awkwardangels said:

    I figured I should comment, I've been sort of following (until college blew up in my face these laswt few weeks) this from the beginning. When the entire Zoe Quinn first came out, I mean. These past few days I have been following Gamergate on Twitter, though I haven't said anything because I'd likely be harassed. (I did Tweet at Phil Fish, before he deleted, a few times because he kept making fun of my favorite video game developer of all time, Kojima.)

    Let me put out there that I'm a feminist. What does this have to do with anything? Well, I find Zoe Quinn, all the gaming journalists for feminism, Anita Sarkeesian, etcetc. all to not be feminists. They are lying, hypocritical, backstabbing, harassing dumbass pieces of shit. They give feminism a bad name, every single one of them are not feminists. They're doing it for the publicity, feminism is a huge issue right now with well... everything. (Sites like Tumblr don't help at all, honestly.)

    All these anti-gamergate people, from what I've noticed on Twitter, seem to think that everyone involved with the gamergate scandal are 'feminists'. Thus they're good! That's not the case at all obviously, but of course they won't listen to what others have to say, they're a bunch of ignorant fools to tell you the truth. It's impossible to get this info to them, I've tried.

    Why am I saying all this? Honestly, because I am a feminist. Because I'm incredibly mad at all these people faking being feminists, all these people supporting these awful lying assholes just because they are feminists. Because I'm someone who enjoys playing video games, and it's annoying seeing all these people being corrupt and lying. Because they think that every single gamer is a whiny 15-year-old kid, which by the way I've seen used as harassment against some of the people who support gamergate. Mostly by radical, SWJ type feminists but also a few tame feminists so.

    This is pretty long (longer than I had planned on wow), but I figured I should type something out from a feminist perspective since this is the huge thing with gaming journalists, gamergate, Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian, and the rest of these lying assholes. Seeing all these people, plus the SWJ and other 'feminists' supporting these people is just making me angrier.

    TL;LR: If your a feminist then PLEASE do not support all these goddamn lying assholes, is all I'm saying.

    (orz sorry if I went off topic a few times and if it's too hard to understand at times. I'm typing this while doing college stuff, but I have been around since the beginning on this mess and it's just getting messier and messier the more info that leaks. I'm going to try and keep up with all this as much as I can though!)

  12. #829662014-09-26 02:29:18 *DarkChaplain said:

    This is a piece by Christina Hoff Sommers, who has a whole lot of degrees on various social studies. She's not a gamer, but she's a feminist. And her views on the #GamerGate controversy are pretty solid, all in all. Down to earth and actually citing and understanding studies.

    What happened? Game Journalists did not like it. Polygon wrote two pieces on it that I am aware of:

    Conservative group issues video lambasting gaming's feminist critics

    The reactionaries are just plain wrong about gaming's future - oh, look, it is Ben Kuchera again!

    Polygon and others have tried VERY hard to discredit her for her views. They cannot tolerate different opinions, and will go to great lengths to talk them down.

  13. #829942014-09-27 00:20:55 *DarkChaplain said:

    So we've got a collection of threats that Pro-GamerGate people have been receiving, including doxxing, attacks via calling their bosses, hacking accounts, canceling contracts with their ISPs etc.


    There's also this article here, from Samantha Allen, who writes for Polygon. On her blog, she openly declares to be a misandrist.
    Misandry is the hatred of men.

    i’m a misandrist. that means i hate men. i’m not a cute misandrist. i don’t have a fridge magnet that says, “boys are stupid, throw rocks at them.” my loathing cannot be contained by a fridge magnet.

    i am not an equality feminist. i don’t believe that an asymmetrical world will be cured by polite obsequence to male-dominated systems. i am not a liberal humanist. i don’t believe that i need to stand up for men when they’ve been standing on top of everyone else.

    misandry is not a political program; it’s a stance. i don’t care whether hating men is a good or bad feminist strategy (and i care even less what men think about misandry). i don’t think i have a responsibility to change the world. i think i have a responsibility to survive.

    The post goes way off the deep end, but shows just excellently why the "feminist" side against GamerGate is despicable and untrustworthy. They're not looking forward to shaping the world for the better of all, but putting their own petty agendas in the fore.

    why do i have to answer the question “why do i hate men?” when men don’t even stop to ask why they have always hated women. i have to answer the question because men can’t tolerate for one second the sort of contempt they’ve had for women for thousands of years.

    And this part

    i hate men because men hate me and the burden to take the high road should not fall on my shoulders.

    Clearly illustrate how stuck-up this person is, and how she has been deluding herself for most of her life.

  14. #829952014-09-27 00:43:35DarkChaplain said:

    In other news, it would appear that the PR campaign has begun. A lot of dummy accounts have popped up over forums and twitter, trying to calm the #GamerGate campaign and call for some sort of truce or other. Don't fall for it.

    The moment the #GamerGate movement agrees to some sort of agreement, it loses. As long as it goes on, it puts pressure onto the other side to improve, but as soon as we agree to some sort of "neutral" compromise, the media will have free reign to just go ahead without really agreeing to any of our terms, or putting them in effect.

    We especially shouldn't give in to half-hearted offers while we are winning. Rock, Paper, Shotgun just introduced/expanded a Supporter Program. Looks like advertisers are pulling out, and they need to source their funding from their readership (something I agree with in theory).

  15. #830052014-09-27 04:44:31 *DarkChaplain said:

    Games Nosh has written up another article:
    #GamerGate is Making a Difference

    It seems like no matter what is thrown at GamerGate, the supporters are managing to turn it around for the better. I would venture to say that GamerGate has a two fold goal. They are not only fighting for greater transparency and fairer reporting in the gaming media. They are also fighting to show that gamers are a group that can make a positive change in the world.

    And a big piece on one of the driving forces behind the Anti-GamerGate side and, in a way, reason for the movement's existence and necessity: