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  1. The Colorless Art Book Project

    #829592014-09-25 22:43:34 *MrTingles said:

    Welcome to the first ever Colorless Art Book Project!

    I know it's been a while since I posted stuff for this, but real life has been a bit busy, so it is what it is.

    At any rate, this will be a rather long-term project, lasting until next year, so hopefully we can create a lot of awesome artwork for it!

    There will be several categories in this book:

    • Server-kun and Server-tan Section: Within this section, you may dress them up in various outfits from the following categories: folklore, mythology, history, national/traditional dress (for example, a kimono, a hanbok, or something of the sort), job cosplay, and fantasy/sci-fi cosplay.

    • Staff/user Artwork: In this, you may draw versions of yourselves or your fellow users on CL- for instance, drawing a picture of @Kip and myself as the "No Fun Police", @Kirn wielding his trusty shovel, or @DarkChaplain and @Warlock being nerds.

    • Sketches and Doodles: Having a "bad art day" or don't have much confidence in your artwork? It's fine, just sketch and doodle some stuff and submit it here. MS Paint and silly art are included.

    • Short Comics Section: In this, you may draw comics from 1-5 pages in length featuring the server avatars, users, or staff. 4-koma comics are also welcome! (and the previous entries will be included, as well.)

    Now for the part everybody "loves".


    • You must create your own art. Collaborations are acceptable, and encouraged. If you have created a picture of Server-kun, Server-tan, or another user in the past and you wish to include it, that's alright as well.

    • Ask people before you draw them. If somebody doesn't want to be included in the artbook, don't be a jerk and draw them despite their protests.

    • Except for the sketch/doodle section, try your best. No half-assery.

    • No copyrighted material. However, if you have a question about this, ask me.

    • Digital and traditional artwork is acceptable. Just try to make sure the image is as clear as possible.

    • No NSFW images. That means no nudity or ecchi-type pictures, at least for now.

    • If you have any questions, ask me. It's better to ask early than to ask late.

    • Read the rules and categories.

    The due date is Monday, May 25, 2015.

    Send submissions to me via PM, and feel free to post ideas in this thread~

    You can now also send submissions to me at roselia.rothwell@gmail.com !

    Good luck, and have fun!

  2. #829672014-09-26 03:19:03 *Lieutenant said:

    Yes now I have more reason to draw them!

    Okay question: does this apply only to CL users or outsiders can join this artbook project too (do they have to be a user to join?)? -----because advertising ha!

  3. #829862014-09-26 15:33:30MrTingles said:

    Hm, if they make an account just for the project, that'd be ideal, but I suppose they could join in from the outside.

  4. #831082014-10-01 17:36:55 *Kuro-tan said:

    Question: Can we do crossovers??? Because the rules state that we can't have copyrighted material so I just need some clarification on the whole "crossover" thing.

  5. #831102014-10-01 17:46:22Kuro-tan said:

    @SirTingles In terms of Server-tan/Server-kun and/or the users cosplaying as certain characters. and in terms of using elements from copyrighted material so long as we credit the original work. Those things.

  6. #846652014-11-18 22:52:28Zephyr said:

    ummm any sketch is alright right? IDK if it's good enough... but umm maybe not so half assed ^^; I want to join though :3

  7. #859882015-01-03 19:56:26bibble-koto said:

    Cool :) but I don't get the whole server-kun/server-tan thing, I've seen what it is and what people have done but do they have to be drawn exactly like that?

  8. #859892015-01-03 20:00:46 *Kip said:

    @bibble-koto Server-tan/kun must be drawn with their canon hair (blonde), -Tan with her curls and -Kun with short hair. facial tattoos (the 101 stuff) are optional but a nice touch, and remember to give -Kun his glasses.

    These are the trademarks for the characters. Other than that, you're free to give them whatever clothing you want or place them in whatever AU you feel.

  9. #870532015-02-04 00:29:50MrTingles said:

    After several weeks of no internet during my move, I'm finally back online, and ready to start hyping this thing up more.

    I look forward to more folks submitting artwork! DO IT FOR YOUR WEBSITE!

  10. #879652015-03-14 00:35:34Rebel said:

    @Sirtingles I've got a idea... what if you made a pic of the Cl logo... and got everyone on here to sign it... To be placed in the back on the art book...

  11. #899382015-05-26 04:38:42MrTingles said:

    I wish I could say I had more, but I don't. Should I extend or just cancel the project? It's not enough to be an artbook as it is, sadly.

  12. #899492015-05-26 14:32:25MrTingles said:

    I'm looking over some more stuff, and discussing it with one of our biggest contributors, so hopefully, this might indeed be a thing.