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  1. Hardcore EDM Thread!

    #830502014-09-29 13:07:14TeruShinozaki said:

    Hardcore is a sub-genre of electronic dance music originally European from the emergent raves in the 1990s initially designed at Rotterdam in Netherlands, derived from techno. Its sub-genres are usually distinct from the other electronic dance musics by a higher rapidity (160 to 200 BPM or more), the intensity of the kicks and the basses (in some sub-genres), the rhythm and the atmosphere of their theme (sometimes violent), the usage of saturation and experimentation close to industrial dance music. ― From Hardcore EDM Wikipedia article

    I'm only mainly exposed to J-core and happy hardcore, which is primarily what I'd be posting, but it would be good to discover other styles of it, which is why I made the thread really lol. I'll be dropping some links, and hopefully other people who share my love of hardcore contribute as well!

  2. #830512014-09-29 14:45:41Kuro-tan said:

    S3RL is a very popular Hardcore artist with a fairly large fanbase, including myself xD

    This song is very much related to my obsession with Nightcore right now... I mean, So much better than the original song >:P