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  1. #832452014-10-05 01:32:21 *DarkChaplain said:

    I wouldn't say I necessarily "like" these people, but I don't "dislike" them as much as the rest:

    People who read the guide on how to post and format things properly, and apply their newfound knowledge successfully instead of posting plaintext links on the forum.

  2. #832472014-10-05 02:50:37sonanoka said:

    I enjoy meeting people who are genuine. Not just when you first meet them, but after that as well. If you have a good buddy who is the same now as the day you first met them, that's kind of what I mean by that.

    I also like it when someone is nice to talk to or be around.

  3. #833032014-10-06 17:36:06Dark-B said:

    I like the shop workers who give me discounts or free stuff randomly, and also the people who decide to pay for some of my stuff(even though I don't know some of them). They're nice people.

  4. #837582014-10-20 05:45:27 *NidTheBard said:

    People who have a sense of humor, but also can debate something healthily and not just argue. I guess I also like those who are giving because I also wish to become a giving person.

    Oh, and those who share food! ^-^

  5. #837722014-10-20 20:43:59Rebel said:

    I like people who has integrity for others and who dances to there own beat, or doesn't try to fit nor stand out. Stands up for what is right, open minded to new things and experiences (not everything you sick fucks)... Oh also rebels heh...