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  1. Naruto's Reaching a Climax, Soon.

    #833042014-10-06 18:04:45 *Dark-B said:

    Yes, here it is, closure. A series that's been running for over 15 years is coming to an end. Some will finally raise their pitchforks up high, while some will get on board the nostalgia train. Personally, I am too lazy to do either, so I'll just write that I have had my fair enjoyment and disappointment throughout the years with this series. I personally don't find the ending itself to be affecting me as much as the fact that this series was published(and still is) for a long time, and after a lot of speculations and fan theories and hate, it's only a month away from finally giving a real ending once and for all.

    What's interesting is, Bleach is also nearing an end, which makes you wonder about the "Big 3" now, seeing as that only leaves us with one of them that pretty much doesn't look like it's gonna end any time soon: One Piece. But, Bleach is getting a new anime adaption so it's gonna be sticking around for a while as well, nonetheless.

    So, while I am highly relieved that It's ending, there is also a tiny side of me that is gonna be woeful and reminiscing some arcs that I actually enjoyed in Naruto, specifically the Chunin Exam Arc.

    EDIT: I actually forgot to write this, glad I remembered. While the main series is over, the odds they do another series in the Naruto universe aren't slim tbh. I mean, look at DBZ for example, if it's gonna be bring in money they probably are gonna try to milk it until it's dry. Shippuden still sucks though

  2. #833322014-10-06 23:36:14Kuro-tan said:

    hmmm....maybe, just maybe...

    Maybe 79% of the fans won't be such dimwits afterwards...

    Sure they'll be whining and bitching but that's normal for everyone when your beloved show ends right???

  3. #833382014-10-07 08:17:21Xyopq said:

    Speaking as someone that has been following the manga for at least 5 years, I'm glad to see it end. There's just soo much faff going on before anything actually happens. The final/final/final/final battle has just started and it was all talking while the 2 characters stared at each other next to a waterfall (how romantic)

  4. #833672014-10-07 19:28:31momo said:

    I stopped reading some 2-3 years ago (beginning of 5h ninja war, iirc, somewhere around the Pain fight), so it will be hell grinding through so I can end on time with the climax

  5. #833732014-10-07 20:11:33Rebel said:

    I remeber them old days watching natuto making hand signs as fast as possible shouting jutsu afterwards... Haha or making a circle witth my fingers blowing through them ptentending to breath fire haha. And that is what changed about naruto the uniqueness and unpredictable match ups between many unknown characters , that disappeared and made the fans upset, now everything is just about naruto. the show got to serious and tried to make to indepth plots which most were bad and very questionable. But i hate starting an anime then droping it so I've been sticking with even through the horribleness it's become, i can't wait for the end, i'll be both happy and sad, Gaara you will be missed ;-; (no homo tho)

  6. #833942014-10-08 11:16:46Zyxx23 said:

    Well it's about damn time it ended =_= seriously, the last few chapters felt like they didn't want it to end. They've been dragging it too long.

  7. #843642014-11-07 15:22:57TrueIzaya said:

    I'm sad that it's over. But theirs a new spin off series in spring 2015 that'll focus on their kids. And the last movie is next month :(

  8. #843852014-11-08 18:35:48Teil said:

    I stopped following this series a while ago but it's still funny to see so many people freak out about who everyone ended up with. Delicious

  9. #843952014-11-08 20:16:03Ecstasy said:

    But fans of Naruto/Sakura were out of luck. Here's heartbroken NaruSaku shipper captain-kat-celestial:

    I’m so upset right now, I just deleted everything Narusaku related in my computer, I tore up all my narusaku drawings that were hanging on my wall for years now, I threw away all my naruto manga & DVD collection into the garbage, I ripped apart all my posters…I literally wanted to burn everything instead but I live in apartments so I obviously can’t start a fire. I’m not bashing or anything I just feel like all of this was pointless…completely pointless. I wasted so much money…so much time… I can never get back…

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  10. #843902014-11-08 19:08:11DictatorHilton said:

    im super thrilled. i've been team sasusaku since day one and kimimono answered my prayers. btw, why did neji die that was so uncalled for

  11. #843942014-11-08 19:54:21Warlock said:

    The ending left a bit to be desired I felt. However, at least Naruto actually ended, unlike Bleach, and One Piece.