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Naruto's Reaching a Climax, Soon.

  1. #844172014-11-09 00:41:43Momimochi said:

    NaruSaku stopped happening after Hinata appeared though.
    11 years of hardcore shipping on my part must have reached Kishimoto.

    On another note, why has no one on this thread mentioned how Sasuke and Sakura's child is obvious in vitro fertilization that was planted into Sakura later. Yes, I am implying that Sakura's the surrogate mother. Because do you guys even look at the pictures. Salad is obviously Karin's child. Sasuke being away all the time is obvious NTR.
    The NTR is real.

    Seriously, though, I think Kishimoto named her Salad as a tribute to Uchiha bros. Because, you know, Sasuke's favorite food: Tomatoes.
    Itachi's favorite food: Lettuce.

  2. #844342014-11-09 11:40:23 *Noodle said:

    What we learned from Naruto:

    Never stop chasing after your abusive crush. Because someday he might make you pregnant and leave you all alone again, which is super awesome.

  3. #878702015-03-09 02:26:08cj3366 said:

    @Jay_Jay yeah i agree but they maybe should have put that part over more than one chapter i mean it feels kind of like they were in a rush but i suppose if you're going for a full one chapter wrap up it's a damn good ending....i'd also have liked more character details just a bit ya know but that's it

  4. #879002015-03-10 05:29:28cj3366 said:

    @Jay_Jay yeah such a little naruto they say he's most likely getting his own series:3 i can't wait to ship naruto's son and sasuke's daughter ya know at first i was like they're milking this dry but i'm warming up to the idea big time boruto shippuden(xD imagine that)