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  1. Easter Eggs

    #834592014-10-10 05:33:37 *squareof3 said:
    Okay so on with the thing. I thought it would be cool for the gamers on CL to post some of their favorite Easter Eggs from games, books, movies, and or T.V shows. I know what you must be thinking "But Square how are we supposed to do this? What are the rules? It will be chaos with people posting NSFW stuff and fighting and blah blah blah." Don't worry baby birds Mama Square will feed you.

    -Rule Number 1: You must post an image of the easter egg, tell us where its from, and why you like it so much.
    -Rule Number 2: Look through thread to see if someone has already posted your Easter Egg.
    -Rule Number 3: Use "May Contain spoilers from _____" So as not to spoil things for another user.
    -Rule Number 4: Do not post NSFW Easter Eggs or images

    Ex: Of an "okay" Post
    Contains Spoilers from Mirror's Edge

    This is from Mirror's Edge you find this later on in the game. I like it because I could never figure out what it meant, I understand that it could be a reference to the November Riots talked about in the first game or it could be a reference to the group that led them.

    Ex: Of a "GREAT" Post
    Contains spoilers from Bioshock 2

    In Bioshock 2, there's a frozen dead cat in an ice filled room. If you use the flame Plasmid to melt all the ice and find it, mousing over it reveals it's name is "Schroedinger". Who doesn't like a paradox, and quantum mechanics references in their games?
  2. #834672014-10-10 14:31:55Zach said: I saw my brother playing This game called ALAN WAKE, and I scanned this QR code I saw. I got this picture