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  1. The Colorless Short Story Anthology: Vol.5: Download and Feedback Thread

    #834722014-10-10 18:04:59 *DarkChaplain said:

    This thread is a follow up to:

    For the full project details, please refer to those threads.

    As promised, here's the Fourth Writing Project Anthology for you.

    Once again you'll have the choice between Mobi, Epub and PDF formats, so feel free to choose your favorite way to read these stories.
    Like with the third project, the PDF format is very clean and improved, so PC readers shouldn't be at a disadvantage anymore. Of course, the other two formats should still be better for reading in dedicated eReaders, and on phones.

    Pick your format:

    • .EPUB
      • Most common eReader format, Calibre might be good for reading on PC)
    • .MOBI
      • My favorite, works natively on Kindle, iPad and co have apps for it. Use the MobiReader for use on PC
    • .PDF
      • Most likely the simplest due to the easy availability of the Adobe Reader, but inferior to proper eReader software. This time it is well-polished, though.

    The following users participated in this project:

    A big THANKS to all of 'em. This would not have worked out without your participation!
    (Even though I'm still grumpy about having to run after a few of you)

    The word range is mostly around 4000, so while the number of stories is higher than last time, the total length of the book stays roughly consistent.
    For notes on why the editing took this long, read the Editorial.

    I will leave you all to the stories now. Please provide feedback on this thread, but do so with respect and without flaming. Unacceptable behavior may get you excluded from this thread!

    I hope everyone's gonna enjoy the result of our combined work!

  2. #834742014-10-10 18:09:13Kirn said:

    Ah, this is good. No idea when I will have the time to read the whole thing, but I will obviously be leaving my feedback some time soon.

  3. #834752014-10-10 18:09:47Kip said:

    woohoo! good job everybody~

    i'm gonna give my official review/feedback in another post, i just wanted to say congrats first and i hope everybody reading enjoys the stories that people worked real hard on! uwu

  4. #834772014-10-10 18:34:55 *Ecstasy said:

    Started reading lurki's story, 6 sentences in and there we go:

    fiery red hair reaching to her butt

    ten outta ten would read again.

  5. #834882014-10-11 12:41:16 *Rinneko said:

    The long awaited release. Good job to all the participants, and thanks goes to DC for compiling! I can't wait to read the fruits of all your efforts. :")

  6. #834922014-10-11 18:59:09 *Teil said:

    Great job to everyone who participated and an extended thank you to DC for working so hard to complete the final product! It was a fun experience and I look forward to reading all the stories!