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  1. Legend of Grimrock I & II

    #835232014-10-12 18:41:29 *Cenica said:

    Created by the Almost Human Ltd. indie game studio Legend of Grimrock is an old idea done in the new style. It is a dungeon crawler with a first person point of view and modern graphics.
    The game has an interesting but loose story line which allows for a bit of imagination on your part.
    Players start off with a team consisting of four members. You're able to customize your group's: name, race, class, skills, and stats. You can also create your own character portraits if you wish to do so.
    Initially you are unarmed and without items or armor. You must find and equip/ pickup items as you proceed through the maze of Grimrock all the while carrying a torch, which you will have to replace lest you end up not being able to see much.
    Grimrock is full of monsters, secrets, and traps. There are riddles and clues to help you along or that hint at how to open hidden rooms. You're also tasked with learning spells and crafting potions. Yes, learning, the spell system requires you to input specific combinations of symbols in order to produce a spell so if you can't remember them be sure to keep the scrolls explaining them handy.
    You can change the positions of your team member in real time by clicking and dragging their portraits, which can and will benefit you in some situations. (For example if one of them is dying...)

    Overall, I think this game is really fun and I highly recommend it. (Even if my description doesn't give it justice.)

    This thread is for news and discussion about the game.

  2. #835242014-10-12 18:44:39 *Cenica said:

    Since I gave such a crappy description of the game, here, have a video of the gameplay by TotalBiscuit. It does a better job of showing the game than I do.

  3. #835252014-10-12 18:55:31 *Cenica said:

    Almost Human is releasing a sequel to the first game in three days!

    You can preorder the game on for $20.39. Your preorder is DRM free and will come with a steam key. Also if you don't have the first game you can get both, if you scroll down on the page, for a very reasonable price of $25.49. (The first game is $14.99 on it's own.)

  4. #835432014-10-13 21:05:24 *Ecstasy said:

    Love the first game. It's just so well done with all the details. I still haven't finished it, but I definitely will now when the second games comes out.

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  5. #835772014-10-15 04:22:07DarkChaplain said:

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun's got a "Wot I think" out

    Legend Of Grimrock 2 is bigger, deeper and more wonderful than I could ever have expected. I absolutely loved the original, its descending dungeons of tile-based first-person RPG not just reminiscent of Dungeon Master, but as good as it. Grimrock 2, I say without hesitation, is better.


    Everything in this sequel is bigger, more elaborate, more detailed, and absolutely better. Which, after such a lovely first game, is quite the thing. You will be able to sink days and days into this, and still come away with secrets undiscovered, doors unopened. And I think a real respect for a game that is not only itself phenomenally smart, but one that thinks you are too. It’s a joy, so splendidly crafted, so stuffed with original ideas and surprises. This isn’t nostalgia any more – it’s a massive step forward.

  6. #843702014-11-07 20:51:17 *Cenica said:

    Legend of Grimrock is on sale right now in the humble bundle store. Only $3.74!
    If you haven't played the first game and aren't sure whether or not you'd like it now's a good time to grab it.