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Parent: The English Thread

  1. #836002014-10-15 15:35:54Kirn said:

    haven't found any articles on exactly that topic, except for a monologue made by George Carlin. But some of you you just cant help but notice.

    There are a lot of words in English with many meanings. And some of those double (or more) meanings words have some meanings that are perfectly fine, and some that are rude or dirty.

    Like the word 'ass'. It is a rude way to say 'butt', but it's also a perfectly fine word for donkey.
    Also, as an extremely easy example, 'pussy'. Which is a great word, because I like cats.

    However, the example I still laugh about is...


    As you know, 'snatch', when used as a verb, is a synonym to 'grab'. However, if used as a noun, it can be a slang name for a vagina.
    Now, if you saw the movie, you know that they swear like motherfuckers there, so one of translators translated the name of the movie in Russian in a quite vulgar way, to represent that very dirty meaning (and hey, we had just a word for that, lucky us!). So, since that time, when I see this word, first of all I think of the most vulgar way to think it, even if it's a verb...

    Funny thing is... I heard all those words and more in children cartoons - Disney, Pixar and others.

    Makes one wonder, did they just not think about double meanings, figuring that kids wouldn't know those anyways, or if they wanted to prepare children for the adult world, full of dirty language nuances.