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  1. #84502012-01-24 13:15:00chirio said:

    TWGOK is a better read, I think.. and there is an existing thread for anime recommendations.. thecolorless.net/posts/show/7054

  2. #86352012-01-25 11:31:08Pirateness said:

    Same here, I'm searching for some good anime, what would you recommend? Something shounen I guess, much like Durarara, that would be perfect! Thanks in advance :3

  3. #87062012-01-25 20:20:22gyl said:

    Must watch Pandora Hearts Fate/Stay Night Angel Beats Infinite Stratos Steins;Gate Baka Test To aru Majutsu no Index To aru Kagaku no Railgun

  4. #87332012-01-26 00:33:39Matt said:

    baccano, mawaru penguindrum, princess tutu, birdy the mighty, tengen toppa gurren lagann, and darker than black are all really really good

  5. #87652012-01-26 03:37:46loploplopl said:

    UN-GO Gintama Angel Beats [C] Kampfer Elfen Lied (adult) Sekirei (adult) Bakemonogatari Death Note

    I really enjoyed these

  6. #89742012-01-27 06:09:49chirio said:

    Chirio recommends:

    CubexCursedxCurious Guilty Crown "the all-time favorite" Code Geass G.I.T.S. Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari Katanagatari Bakuman Arakawa Under the Bridge "for laughs" Baka Test "for more laughs" Nichijou Seitokai Yakuindomo XXXholic and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles "for CLAMP fans" Death Note Mahou Shoujo Madoka Majica Darker than Black Kara no Kyoukai: the Garden of Sinners "typemoon fans" Fate/Stay Night "more typemoon" Carnival Phantasm "Ultimate Typemoon Comedy" "classic" Gundam Seed and GS Destiny Working! and Working!! "for the hell of it"

    need to remember more.. ^^