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  1. Browser Add-ons

    #843322014-11-06 20:11:56 *--Jack-- said:

    This Thread - is a place to talk about some of your favorite add-ons, new ones you've found, and perhaps some you may be looking for. Have a neat tool thanks to an add-on? Have an add-on that helps stop annoying things, like Adblock? Post them!

    When posting please try to do the following:

    • Give the official name of the add-on.

    • Give a link to it.

    • Be sure to say at least one or more Browsers the add-on is available for. (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc)

    • Give a quick description of what the add-on does or changes.

    • Add a pic or logo because 1.) it will make it easier to look for, and 2.) it just looks nice.

    • If the add-on might have several steps to use it, feel free to make a little mini-tutorial too.

    Important Note: Add-ons that are made specifically for users to pirate music, videos, files, or other things in ways that are evading public rules are not allowed. Posts containing them will be removed.

  2. #843342014-11-06 21:25:30Kip said:


    The Full Page Screen Capture for Google Chrome is a nice little browser extension that i like to use sometimes :> very nifty for saving things on a page instead of having to bookmark it and then scroll all the way down to find what place i want, or if i want to save stuff from CL for the SS thread.

    The simplest way to take a full page screen capture of your current browser window. Click on the extension in your browser bar, wait for the image version of the web page to be generated, and then it will open up in a new tab that you can save-as or just drag to your desktop. No bloat, just a simple way to turn a full web page into an image.


    It pops up here after you download the extension from the Google Chrome webstore! (sorry it's not an "addon" but it's still really useful)

  3. #843412014-11-07 01:10:32Frey said:

    RSS Feed Reader


    A nice little add-on to check your favorite blogger post, news and many others without going to the site. It also shows a small notification near the icon if the site uses RSS so you can add it to your list and if you have unread RSS.


    "+" sign if the site uses an RSS and the "20" means you have 20 unread feeds.

    I use it to check my anime and other stuff...


    an add-on for lazy people like me.


    Sadly CL has doesn't use RSS so I can't add it there, but that's okay.

    For more detailed info about RSS, you can check this site.

  4. #843542014-11-07 08:03:53 *--Jack-- said:

    For Twitter users...

    Auto-Refresh Twitter


    It does what you think it would, it gets rid of the "[#] new Tweets" message and actively adds new tweets to your feed. Firefox Add-on page

    I know for a fact it's available for FireFox... not sure about other browsers.

    CONS: It will send you back to the top of the page if you get a new tweet in your feed, occasionally making you scroll back down to find a tweet you were reading.

    PROS: If you leave your twitter tab open or idle and forget about it, you wont have a complete new page to load. Another pro is the auto-refresh affects your notifications too, and they alter the tab's title, so you can actively see if you have notifications.

  5. #843632014-11-07 14:08:30 *Rinneko said:


    This extension is only available for Google Chrome as of now, and it can be installed here.

    Momentum replaces your new tab page with a personal dashboard. The background will be beautiful scenery, varying from day to day. A new inspirational quote will await you at the bottom of the page as well. The page will display the time, weather, and greet you whenever you open it. You can also type in your focus for the day and your to-do list as a reminder.

    These are the steps you will go through when you first download the free extension:




    Whilst browsing, the Momentum new tab page is a pretty refreshing sight to view every now and then. The to-do list and focus of the day are good reminders as well, if you're looking for convenient ones.

  6. #848102014-11-26 20:15:38--Jack-- said:

    Thumbnail Zoom Plus


    This addon [For Firefox] expands thumbnails to their full images, if they're available, when you hover over them. Send the bigger image away with a click, or if you move your cursor off of the source image.

    Conveniently this works on CL too!

    I hovered my cursor over where the link is in chat (Screencap did not pick up the cursor, hence the circle)


    Hovering over user thumbnails works too!


    And ofcourse its designed to work on most websites, so



    • It saves time where you'd normally have to open tabs to view some images

    • It works on CL and in Chat


    • A picture might get in your way for a second when you don't want it to (but all it takes is a click to stop it).
  7. #848202014-11-27 05:52:55Rinneko said:

    Hover Zoom

    I read Jack's post on the Thumbnail Zoom Plus for Firefox, and really liked the idea so I decided to search for similar extensions on the Chrome Web Store. It turns out there is Hover Zoom, and it also works on both the CL forum and chat.

    You can get it here.

  8. #854472014-12-17 00:16:18--Jack-- said:

    Clean Links - [FireFox]


    Firefox Addon Page

    Short Version: This gets rid of the google redirect error where google links don't open.

    You can also tell it's enabled and working because the links you click will become highlighted yellow for a short moment as it redirects you.

    Full Description below:

    Converts obfuscated/nested links to genuine clean linksThis add-on can be used to convert "obfuscated" and/or nested links to genuine/normal plain clean links,


    www. Google.com/url=https://www. yoursite.com

    --> Becomes -->

    www. yoursite.com

    It also allows to remove affiliate/tracking tags from URLs by the use of configurable patterns, being the most common used ones defined by default (ie, UTM, AFF, REF, etc)

    The Add-On has two working modes:

    DOM Traversing: When a website is loaded its DOM is scanned and any suitable link is cleaned. On this mode when some links are cleared the toolbar button will change and you'll be able to mouse-over it to open its popup where you can see the number of fixed links on the current website.

    Delegation: This is a less intrusive mode by just listening to click events. Note that unlike for DOM traversing real-time highlighting and counters will not work then, even though the performance should be much better.

  9. #868632015-01-29 07:29:12Kip said:


    Here’s a thing that is helpful and free! It’s a plugin that uses a dyslexic-friendly font and color coding to make reading easier for everyone, but especially for those of us with dyslexia, ADHD, or other learning disabilities.

    Above text reads: “Make reading easier and faster with BeeLine Reader! BeeLine uses a color gradient to guide your eyes from the end of one line to the beginning of the next. This seemingly simple tweak makes reading substantially easier and faster because it allows you to transition between lines quickly and effortlessly. Thousands of people have taken our online diagnostic test, and over 90% of them saw a benefit from BeeLine. Many people are able to read 20% or 30% faster with BeeLine, even on their first try.

    Our Chrome extension works great on news articles, wikipedia pages, and other text-heavy websites. You can choose between several different color schemes, and more features will be coming soon.”

    Download BeeLine Reader from the Chrome store!

  10. #868642015-01-29 08:08:07Dark-B said:

    Quick Note

    Quick Note is a good extension that I've been using lately because im too lazy to open notepad, and so far i like it. and best part, if you want to paste something specific just highlight it and rightclick to "add selection to note", it'll be added. I mean, it's great for online note taking and saves up a bit of time, even if by little. It also runs offline.

  11. #925362015-10-10 02:18:12Chahzou said:

    Fire Gestures [Firefox]

    I'm using an add-on called Fire Gestures. It basically let's you do various commands with mouse gestures while holding down a button. (I'm using the right mouse button) It saves a ton of time!

    Only thing I hate is that it sometimes crashes the whole browser when you use it on Flash applications. But since Flash is not as common anymore I don't think it's a big problem.

    Download here...

    Some things you can do:

    Switch tabs, Reload a page, Immediately scroll to the bottom or top of a page, Open new tabs or close the current one, Adjust text size, etc...

    It works by using the directions you're moving your mouse. There are four directions Up Down Left Right which you can combine as you like. Circles also get converted and it doesn't matter how big or small the gestures are.

    Hope you like it. :)