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  1. Would you chase your dreams or are you going to wonder what could have been?

    #84632012-01-24 14:00:38eterno said:

    Might seem a simple and an obvious question but do you think (really think) that you're going to keep chasing after your dreams and not stuck in a dead-end job?

    Now then before you reply please think of how much would you put in line in order to achieve your dreams!

  2. #84652012-01-24 14:07:19Deftones said:

    They told me I'd be a star, they said I'd be famous. They didn't say I'd be shooting porno for $4 an hour. My dream, NO! My wish.. was to become an actor.

    I'll never have my dreams now.

    But for real, my dream is to entertain people with music. The venue doesn't matter, as long as there is someone to enjoy it. I don't need much to be happy.

  3. #84852012-01-24 17:45:08Elegy said:

    My dreams and future plans are realistic because my interests are leading me down a steady road. They're a bit flimsy in parts where I'm not exactly sure where my interests will lie in five to ten years, but I have a good idea of where I'm going.

    That being said, if I reach my goals and still have time for art, then I'll be happy.

  4. #85402012-01-24 22:46:21VivoDePyre said:

    People shouldn't chase dreams, they should chase goals. Dreams are things with no realistic possibilities, you don't try to achieve them. They just exist for the mind's folly. Something to think about when you get bored.

    A goal is something that you strive for by some means of planning or effort. Goals and aspirations have multiple routes, fall-backs, etc. You can make you goals your dreams, but probably don't get very far. (unless you have boring dreams)

  5. #85642012-01-25 00:00:58 *eterno said:

    @VivoDePyre I had that thought experiment before and I agreed with you. But then again, I had this question: Why don't I set a realistic goal that is really hard to obtain?

    Let's say that Little George wanted to be President of United States of America and bring World Peace. He got elected eventually which means he achieved his goal, right? But when he did, then what?

    What I'm saying is that sometimes people do get what they wished for but are they going to stop there even though there are still things that they want to achieve?

  6. #85882012-01-25 02:20:49AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I would chase my dream, but most likely, I will end up in a dead end job eventually. Can't say I didn't try though. I will give it my best shot, but when I think about it realisticly, I don't know if I can achieve it. Sometimes dead end jobs may not be what you aimed for but they can turn out to be just as good.

    As long as I am financially stable and relatively happy, then I don't care if I achieve my dream. The pleasure in knowing that I gave it all I had is enough for me.

  7. #85942012-01-25 03:19:32Inasda said:

    My dream is to be in the art entertainment buisness as a drafter or creator I have nothing here to keep me staying in Tennessee besides guns, I dont got much to lose now. though i have no idea how this will work, and going to apply for Full Sail University. I just need to last till 2013

    But if i dont make my dream, life has surprises, waiting out there

  8. #85962012-01-25 03:26:53loploplopl said:

    My (unrealistic) dream is to be so high up in a company that I can hire a person to do the work for me and still make money. My (realistic) dream is own a good bar, not one like with thugs and pool, more of one with a football game playing on the tv in the corner and being able to call all my costomers by their first names. My parents dreams for me is to become a police officer.

    I think that without dreams, a person becomes a lazy moocher with no friends.

    I am only 15 so I have all my life ahead of me to try my best to own that bar on the street corner with regular costomers.

  9. #86412012-01-25 12:59:07TokoyamiSenshi said:

    I just can't see it that way. There are things I want to do, and I won't stop trying to do them until I die. Because if I stop, I'll feel dead anyway.

    Call me an idiot, but I don't have the slightest intention of trading my dreams for an easy life.

  10. #86742012-01-25 17:15:10Pirateness said:

    So far, I've been chasing them, and I don't intend to stop anytime soon. Despite any obstacles that may appear, after all, it would be boring if it's easy all they way :3

  11. #89012012-01-26 22:59:45outsidethelines said:

    I want to chase my dreams while I'm still young and still can make mistakes,I don't want to regret not taking the chance when I'm on my deathbed thinking about what I could have been...

  12. #89022012-01-26 23:04:51outsidethelines said:

    @loploplopl I know it's waaay easier said than done but you shouldn't let that stop you. I'm 15 too and it wasn't until this year I started getting over speaking infront of others, it's a long way but you'll get there. :)

  13. #89162012-01-27 00:10:46eterno said:

    @loploplopl Speaking in front of others, contrary to popular belief, isn't a skill but rather it's mostly just a matter of getting comfortable with your audience. If you want to get comfortable with it, try to talk in front of people that already know you first, the people who don't judge you immediately like your parents or friends. Then slowly replace said people with strangers and then you'll realize that talking to strangers is pretty much the same thing as talking to people you already know because most people aren't sociopaths :p

    I mean seriously, it's something that you'll figure out naturally in time. But, practice usually is the perfect way to get comfortable with people. Please note that there's a difference between getting comfortable with people and having good people skills (the latter in which is a bit more technical).

  14. #89362012-01-27 01:50:17Arachne said:

    I wanted to become an illustrator, like do character designs and such but now I'm planning to attend in the entrance exams of one Art uni and become a designer. My plan b is to study food and travelling. Both of these seem realistic to me.

    I still have some small dreams, they're easy to achieve but also illegal.

  15. #93442012-01-29 02:26:16Xaiku said:
    My dream is to all the pain and suffering from ppls lives and i joined the Marines so basicly i already am on a path to fullfill my dream to spread my love and confort these that are hurt and suffering