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  1. Round 1: The CL Great Mad Scientist Challenge!! [COMPETITION]

    #847012014-11-21 21:18:41 *Taro_Tanako said:

    The CL Great Mad Scientist Challenge!!

    Voting is Open Now


    So voting for CLs top mad scientists has now begun!

    Each science-off will last two days with a winner chosen to go through to the next round.

    For the rules and nominations


    Groups have been composed randomly.

    Round 1 so far:

    Group 1 - Dr Jack Black vs Edward Steam (winner)

    Group 2 - The Doktor (winner) vs Mayuri Kurotsuchi

    Group 3 - Ed (from Cowboy Beebop) vs The "Gold-toothed Doctor" (winner)

    Group 4 - Dr Ichirō Irabu vs Dr Stylish (winner)

    Group 5 - Irie Kyōsuke vs Shou Tucker (winner)

    Group 6 - Mikhail Pavlichenko (winner) vs Dr Franken Stein

    Group 7 - Verde (winner) vs Gengai Hiraga

    Group 8 - Rinrato Okabe vs Ichiro (TIE)

    Group 9 - Hange Zoë vs Orochimaru (Tie!)

    Group 10 - Dr. Thunderland Jr vs Caesar Clown (Tie!)

    Group 11 - Lloyd Asplund vs Shinonome Hakase (Winner)

    Group 12 - Moral (Winner) vs Cindy Campbell

    Group 13 - Nina Einstein vs Dr Gero (Winner)

    Group 14 - Takano Miyoko vs Gojo Shioji (Winner)

    I've switched up the pace from Group 7 onwards due to a recent absence from CL, so voting multiple groups at a time. Gomen.

    And now for Round 2 in this drawn out and torturous competition!!

  2. #847022014-11-21 21:19:03 *Taro_Tanako said:

    ROUND 1 - Group 1

    Dr Jack Black - Black Jack (2 votes)

    Made from the body parts of his best friend, this superb surgeon plots revenge on those who killed his mother.


    Edward Steam - Steamboy (5 votes)

    The science-obsessed father of Ray Steam. Due to an accident he has replaced some of his body parts with mechanical ones. Edward Steam has a different moral perspective than most others and creates the diabolical Steam Castle war machine with the intention of subjugating humanity.

    Winner: Edward Steam - that diabolical steampunk villainous man

  3. #847042014-11-21 23:39:44hellstorm901 said:

    Edward Steam

    I'm not familiar with either of these two but he looks more like a Mad Scientist and that summary of him seems mad enough.

  4. #847182014-11-22 05:30:20Lieutenant said:

    I would actually like to vote for Edward Steam.

    Even though as much as I like Dr Black Jack's performance, I just don't think he's close enough as being mad as Edward, he is as serious as he can be taking his surgeries even though he takes a lot of risk is /repairing/ his patients (which is obviously crazy), but hey look at Edward. Look at the way he talks, at how he worships science as mankind's ultimate power. That's something, no?

  5. #847202014-11-22 08:48:30 *Akira_Kaya said:

    Edward Steam

    I agree with hellstorms901 because I don't know either of them but he looks more like a mad scientist like what was said.

  6. #847242014-11-22 14:54:44 *HTF said:

    Edward Steam. Out of these two he is the one who is an actual scientist. And a very good one, at that.

  7. #847532014-11-23 22:01:39 *Taro_Tanako said:

    ROUND 1 - Group 2

    Wow, some real mad mad scientist!!

    The Doktor - Hellsing (5 votes)

    What's more evil and mad than a Nazi Scientist/Occultist?! The Doktor is an age-preserved and bloodstained lead researcher for the shady Millennium organisation. He created an army of Nazi vampire soldiers to challenge the world (and Alucard) and likely also made the Major into a cyborg. He is evil, brilliant, and utterly insane.


    Mayuri Kurotsuchi - Bleach (1 vote)

    Captain of the 12th Division in the Gotei 13 and President of the Shinigami Research Institute, Kurotsuchi is a specialist with biological and chemical weapons. His diabolical intellect has been harnessed by the Soul Reapers but he walks a very fine line between good and evil. Experimentation is his driving goal, to the point that he has even artificially manufactured his own daughter.

    Winner: The Doktor - What? An evil Nazi scientist? How truly horrible!!

  8. #847712014-11-25 03:55:23 *udonge said:

    The Doktor - Hellsing

    He dig up the grave of Mina and use her as the based of his psuedo vampire-ish research. Cant beat him for that.

  9. #847932014-11-25 22:31:35 *Taro_Tanako said:

    ROUND 1 - Group 3

    Ed - Cowboy Beebop (0 votes)

    Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, aka Radical Ed, aka Françoise Appledelhi. Ed is the ultimate free spirit, eccentric, and genius without focus. An amazing hacker and tinkerer with technology, Ed is one of the most endearing and unpredictable of people plus those moves!

    "Exploration, experimentation, exploration, Explanation! I will come back alive, I trust you Ed!"


    The "Gold-toothed Alchemist Doctor" - Full Metal Alchemist (5 votes)

    He has no name but only description, yet he is the prolific lead scientist-alchemist who working for Amestris and Father. He was the villainous creator of Wrath and carried out countless inhumane experiments in human transmutation. This doctor may be small and fragile-looking but he still creeps me the hell out!

    Winner: The "Gold-toothed Alchemist" - a cross-eyes, wizened villainous man with only evil schemes and sinister motives. Yep, this guy is mad and sciencey.

  10. #847982014-11-26 03:29:58Lieutenant said:

    Voting for the "Gold-toothed Alchemist Doctor", you can already see how mad he is when he literally sacrificed a lot of people in the experiment of the Philosopher's Stone, and still going on to it no matter how many died.

  11. #847992014-11-26 04:05:37Kip said:

    Def the Alchemist Doctor. Ed isn't really much of a "mad scientist". she's more like a tech crazy kid.

  12. #848072014-11-26 15:12:15HTF said:

    "Gold-toothed Alchemist Doctor" because he's more about science than Ed, and much more crazy.

  13. #848092014-11-26 18:14:20udonge said:

    Ed is nice but doesnt really fit the maddo scientist category. so my vote go for Gold-toothed Alchemist Doctor