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Round 1: The CL Great Mad Scientist Challenge!! [COMPETITION]

  1. #856912014-12-26 14:48:46HTF said:

    I hope it's not too late to post here. (I probably was too late to vote for Icchan, though :( )

    Vote 9 - Orochimaru, vote 10 - Dr Thunderland Jr

  2. #857442014-12-28 13:34:16 *Taro_Tanako said:

    In a bid to hurry this up (I've been rubbish!! Gomen!) Round 1 will now conclude after this last vote. Roll on Round 2!

    ROUND 1 - Group 11

    Lloyd Asplund - Code Geass (1 vote)

    An amoral genius scientist working R&D for the great Britannian Empire, Lloyd Asplund shows a callous disregard for safety in the pursuit of data to improve his mecha and weapons. However, beneath this cold exterior he does show some moral character and is something of a dry wit around close colleagues.


    Shinonome Hakase - Nichijou (3 votes)

    A super young genius who loves sharks and snacking. She may be a spoilt brat but she also created Nano, although she's constantly undermining Nano by reminding people she's a robot.

    Winner: Shinonome Hakase - she's clearly the cutest mad scientist yo!

    ROUND 1 - Group 12

    Moral - Hamatora (2 votes)

    A former professor at the Facultas Academy, Moral is a psychotic but intelligent person who is obsessed with equality, going as far as empowering others even though it creates monsters of them.


    Cindy Campbell - Squid Girl (1 vote)

    An American researcher on extraterrestrials. Cindy likes to accuse people of being aliens. She is searching for their presence amongst us.

    Winner: Moral - he sure is creepy and crazy rather than annoying and kinda lame

    ROUND 1 - Group 13

    Nina Einstein - Code Geass (1 vote)

    School girl genius? Well, certainly. Although she is creepily obsessed with Princess Euphemia and harbours great hatred and xenophobia towards non-Brittanians. Also, a mass murderer following her development of the Fleija (think nuclear warhead).


    Dr Gero - Dragonball (3 votes)

    Also known as Android 20, Gero is a scientist responsible for the Red Ribbon Androids. He has a deep hatred for Goku and is cold-hearted and evil through and through.

    Winner: Dr Gero - he is a true doctor of evils! Although not an obsessive racist nuclear science school girl

    ROUND 1 - Group 14

    Takano Miyoko - Higurashi no naku koro ni (1 vote)

    Nurse and criminal mastermind, she is an occultist and loves to scare people. Her twisted personality serves to help her manipulate people to her own devilish ends.


    Gojo Shioji - Excel Saga (3 votes)

    Err..a mech scientist and creator of the Ropponmatsus. He's a massive creep IMHO. He works for the Department of City Security and has a keen eye for aesthetic appeal, I guess.

    Winner: Gojo - cos ya know, he's a crazy pederast o.O

    So vote loud and vote clearly!!

  3. #858442014-12-30 16:28:55HTF said:

    That is a lot of rounds at once. Okay.

    Group 11 - Shinonome Hakase; Group 12 - no preference; Group 13 - Nina Einstein; Group 14 - Gojo Shioji.

  4. #858462014-12-30 16:58:30Lieutenant said:

    Group 11: Shinonome Hakase - Nichijou

    Group 12: Moral - Hamatora

    Group 13: Dr Gero - Dragonball

    Group 14: Gojo Shioji - Excel Saga