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Blame the user above you. [GAME]

  1. #908152015-07-16 22:35:39Kittycat said:

    @ccc @Coldu please use the permalink if you want to not blame someone in this thread. to do that click the time and date, and it will post a message like this.

  2. #910762015-08-07 14:41:15Lollipop-chan said:

    I blame @DarkChaplain for stealing all ze toilet paper uvu now i have poop on my botton thanks m8 May my ghost along with my poop clad bottom linger on with you haunting for the rest of your toilet paper life ;_; Lol (idontmeananyofthis)

  3. #910992015-08-09 02:05:17 *xiaden said:

    @Kip, I know it's your fault. What, you ask?

    Well, it's simple elementary. When you left the bloody knife at the crime scene of the first victim, you knew that the fingerprints would be found. which is why you had Mrs. Janis cover it all and burn it. At the second scene, your expert sense of intuition allowed you to play the nyan cat song at full volume at the right point in time to cause a forensics agent to drop the evidence containing your DNA. The destruction of the control panel for the alarm system you had blaring that song (which is still playing, btw) gave you ample time to lay the pieces down for the final act of your crime.

    There was one package of ramen left in my pantry. All your crimes and plotting to get me away from my house so that you could pay the Ex-con to steal that ramen. How Do I know this? You ate sloppy, my friend. there are noodles on your shirt.