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  1. [CL CHORUS] Crescent Moon (COMPLETE!)

    #856722014-12-26 05:01:46 *Lieutenant said:

    [February 10th, 2015]

    It is done!

    With all the sweat and tears being pushed out to finish the job, it is now successfully done!

    I will give thanks to @Kip @Momimochi @Jacek and @Rinneko for their commitment on all the editings made, these guys do help me a lot on making this chorus a success. Anyways let's give a little credit to @genericmav for the bg of the video, that was a surprise for myself even when they decide to use his art for it.

    Anyways, if weren't because of you guys, this can never be done, never expected anyone to cooperate and join in with me on my very first project, it's such a welcoming gesture. Huge thanks to all those who helped and gave advice and feedback to me on since from day zero up till now, to the singers and everyone basically lurking in the dark that look forward to this chorus getting done, those are very much appreciated.

    Things did run smoothly than how I expected it to be. Damn, I owe you guys a lot. Also my apologies for any flaws I presented in my work performance, I will surely make improvements in the future. I will not forget your dedications on this project. Thank you for all the support!

    Alright, enough with the babbling, enjoy the video for now!

    Greetings, users of CL.

    2014 is coming to the brink of its end yes? No? How was your holidays? Are you guys missing chorus projects yet? Let's liven up your life by once again, a Japanese song. In this time we will do "Jougen no Tsuki" (Crescent Moon) and here's a good chorus presented by the Nico Nico Douga, basically it's still the same song that should be sing by the CL members.

    And hey it's not all the time we hear a good male song, nevertheless, it doesn't matter what gender you are, it would be interesting to hear the voices mixed with each other. No auditions of course, probably just some re-recording remake but nothing more than that, everyone is more than welcome to join.

    The song (it's a cover) displayed was made by both genders so you get the general idea how it would sound like. Even though it would be unexpected to see me run a chorus project, but there's always a first time to everything. Don’t take me wrong, it’s not like I missed listening to you guys singing.

    Anyways, here is the english lyrics translation if you want to understand what the song is about.

    At first I want to make it for specific season (like xmas or new year) but hey I don't care in the end, it's just good to have something to make with you people.

  2. #856732014-12-26 05:01:56 *Lieutenant said:


    Hanamichi o usuku terashite
    Yosegizaiku oto o kanadeta
    Adeyaka na jougen no tsuki
    Kumo ni kieta kasa mo nai no ni

    Asa ga kite sore ga haru no shimodoke no you ni
    Itetsuita koi ga itsuka atsuku nagareru naraba

    Owaranai ame no naka de dakishimete
    Anata ga kotae o kakushiteiru no nara
    Kawaranai koe de douka sasayaite
    Kowareta kokoro o semete tsutsunde

    Katamuita kimochi wa yagate
    Himitsu bakari fuyashiteta koto
    Mata hitotsu "Kawaranai de" to
    Hoho no beni o kuzushiteta koto

    Furitsuzuku ame ga yagate arai nagashita
    Azayaka na iro o tsuketa yuki no tsubaki no you ni

    Karisome no yume ga itsuka sameta nara
    Anata o sagashite doko e to susumu darou
    Sasayaka na negaigoto o shita koto mo
    Miwatasu keshiki mo wasureteku darou

    Haruka tooku hanarete
    sore wa totemo hakanaku
    Kako mo ima mo subete o
    takushiteiku nara

    Owaranai ame no naka de dakishimete
    Anata ga kotae o sagashiteiru no nara
    Yukitsubaki akaku somaru hanabira ni
    Koyoi o azukete mayoi tsuzuketa

  3. #856742014-12-26 05:03:17 *Lieutenant said:


    I will open the slot for about 1-2 weeks for you people taking your time to think whether you want to participate it in or not. Once you've made up your mind to join, notified me by PM or post it here in the thread and I'll put your name on the list.

    When that is done, please make your recording as soon as possible. I will need them before January 31st, let me know if you have problem and will be needing some extension, because it's already more than enough time for just a recording.

    I can do audio editing but it’s good to know anyone willing to lend their skills upon this project. Additionally, @Jacek and @Rinneko has agreed to join in as the video editors.

    Bold usernames are those who has their part turned in already.


    Audio: @Lieutenant, @Kip, @Momimochi
    Video: @Jacek, @Rinneko

  4. #856752014-12-26 05:03:35 *Lieutenant said:

    Important stuffs and reminders:-

    You know the drill, sing with only your voice without the music and make sure to sing in a quiet environment. You can share your file to me through Mediafire, Dropbox or SoundCloud, which makes it all downloadable, also in MP3 format. You can send it via Skype or email.

    Also, I prefer you guys to sing the song in one shot instead of making parts, unless there are parts you can’t do, I prefer it that way so I can cut off the part myself. Things may change on this though but I will make notice on that.

    As @MrTrain has posted below (thanks for the reminder), we'll be using this off-vocal version for the right timing. But of course don't forget to cut off the music later since I'll only need your voice without it.

    [January 21st, 2015]

    Anyways, I can give you a permission, if you feel like you're too uptight and feeling all hard singing all of the song, if you're not that confident, I can allow you to sing only 50% of the song, depending on you which one would you choose, the half beginning or the half end. If you can sing it all then go on ahead, it's better that way.

    By this it shouldn't be a problem if you're having trouble to sing it all. Gave you enough excuse (looseness).

    [February 1st, 2015]

    Submission closed, Everyone submitted in their parts without problem.

    [February 2nd, 2015]

    1st stage of audio editing done, moving onward to the 2nd stage of audio editing.

    [February 6th, 2015]

    Audio mixing in progress.

    [February 10, 2015]

    Video editing done and thus the project is completed.

  5. #856792014-12-26 07:07:04Rinneko said:

    Yup, video editing. I also want to sing for this so you can sign me up there! :)

    I hope to see interest in this chorus amongst the users.

  6. #856812014-12-26 07:24:43 *Mairu said:

    Put me down for "A-Okay" because I'll sing this, no problem. Quick Question: For females, we should just sing the whole thing, right? I mean, the male parts as-well, or will you define which is which. Some of the parts where female and male voices clash almost sound like male only and I'm not entirely sure.


  7. #856822014-12-26 07:55:28Lieutenant said:

    You can sing it all including the male parts too, don't think I will be following the cover above much so you never know which parts I will cut off from your recording later.

  8. #856932014-12-26 14:55:44HTF said:

    After listening to the other one chorus thread, I think you guys sing really well. I kinda want to try it too now, but I am not that experienced with singing. Especially not in Japanese. Not sure if I should audition or not. I will be rooting for you all, that's for sure.

  9. #856942014-12-26 15:05:44Rinneko said:

    No auditions necessary. :) You don't need to be experienced to join in, really. As long as you're willing to put in the effort, why not give it a go?

  10. #856962014-12-26 15:22:10Lieutenant said:

    Never said anything about needing audition, everyone is welcome to join. (I am also not very experienced with singing Japanese though but hey why not give it a try)

  11. #857612014-12-29 00:59:30 *mizlily said:

    Looks like a cg game, the video. The song seems hard to sing, and what if there are girls that wants to sing the guy part? -o-o-

    Also, that song reminds me of ayaka's crescent moon song too

  12. #857622014-12-29 01:44:18Lieutenant said:

    The video is vocaloid btw, and also the song is not hard to sing at all if you actually try it, girls can sing the male's part and vice versa.

  13. #857632014-12-29 02:15:07 *Momimochi said:

    The song's easier than Digimon's Butter-fly.
    That says a lot.
    And it's slow as hell. 'Less if you have, I don't know, extremely slow reaction time or something, it's pretty hard to get anything wrong.

    And lel, read OP; OP literally says we can sing whatever, though, preferably the full song.

  14. #857672014-12-29 03:17:51Lieutenant said:

    To those who signed up to sing, you can already start the recording using this off vocal version and cut off the music part after you done singing, you can send the mp3 file to me via Skype, PM or email, whichever's convenient for you. No need to wait for me to give signal to start, you can make things easier.

    Additionally I will make a Skype group soon for further convenience.

  15. #859622015-01-03 05:26:11Lieutenant said:

    Just a heads up that I won't be accepting more people onto this project by 5th of January.

    Also, already received some recordings, and to scare you people a bit I don't think I will make deadline extensions because giving deadline by Jan 31st is more than enough to only lend me 4 minutes of your time.

    Alright, back to work.

  16. #863372015-01-15 04:31:54Lieutenant said:

    We're halfway through the month and I hope y'all are working on your recording. Also a reminder that NO DATE EXTENSION will be given. You're late, you're out.

    On the side note, everything seems good with the recording I got so far, everyone's in sync and I'm looking forward on the others'.