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  1. What are your favourite podcasts?

    #857012014-12-26 22:45:07 *--Jack-- said:

    What do you listen to?

    Share it with us!

    Want to tell us about a new podcast you found? Need to find a new one? That's what this thread is for. Hopefully we can all find some new content to listen to!

    Posting Guidelines:

    • If the podcast has a recurring logo or image post it (optional).

    • Post a link to it! Or at least give its name so others can find it.

    • Specify if the podcast has inappropriate material and to what degree (In other words, tell us how filthy they talk).

    • Give a brief description of what the podcast covers or talks about, like news, movies, comics, current events, fashion, gaming, etc.

  2. #857022014-12-26 22:45:48 *--Jack-- said:

    [ Space reserved for CL-related Podcasts if theres a new one in the future ]

    CL podcasts list (a sneaky edit by xtc)

  3. #857042014-12-26 23:29:52momo said:

    I absolutely adore This American Life from the folks at WBEZ Chicago. Ira Glass is such a treat. It is from this group that the Serial podcast series spawned.

    Giant Bomb's Bombcast is a very fun one too, really great, down-to-earth guys from Giant Bomb talking about games, news, game culture, and anything that may be tengentally related to that. Lots of going off-topic into left field.

  4. #857312014-12-27 22:39:08Danteluego said:

    It's fun , It's comprehendable and it's relaxing ''The Broken Podcast'' It's between 2 youtubers (Pewdiepie and Cinamontoastken) they talk about gaming, how it's like being a star on youtube and so on, they also add their daily fun life which is quite fun to listen to. They also have other famous youtubers as guests.

  5. #857362014-12-28 03:46:35--Jack-- said:

    DC introduced me to Jesse Cox and WowCrendor, and their Podcast is one of my favorites, so for those of you who don't know, here:

    Cox'n'Crendor in the Morning

    They mostly goof off, but if you've seen either of their youtube channels or seen their content elsewhere, you'd probably get a kick out of it. They usually cover current events and occasionally talk about gaming news.

  6. #883142015-03-30 06:59:59 *--Jack-- said:

    This could use a bump.

    I'd heard (from people on a podcast, ironically) that RadioLab is a good podcast that covers a lot of things. I'll report back when I check them out, but in the meantime you can find them here.

  7. #887282015-04-13 23:10:58--Jack-- said:

    Firstly: Amazing sound effects and sound managment.

    Been listening to their stuff every now and then, and it's a pretty interesting podcast. Each one is very subject-oriented. It's educational and informative in an easy-to-listen-to way. Each one typically has one main theme that's covered, and several tangential things that go along with it. Here's the subjects of some I've listened to:

    "Patient Zero"

    which talks about HIV, and Typhoid fever, as well as how they started.

    "The Living Room"

    which talks about a woman's story, watching a couple's life from a building a cross the street.

    "In The Dust Of This Planet"

    which talks about pessimism, and how it's "edgy" allure has been involved in large portions of culture and modern society.

  8. #889072015-04-21 14:05:33 *Sparrow said:

    Hidden message there are no easter eggs here

    The TED Radio Hour is a lot like the RadioLab podcast. They pick a certain subject (for example: Unstoppable Learning) and find a couple of TED talkers to bring on the show. They will talk about the subject and play back to the talks that the talkers made. The episodes last for about an hour and are recorded every week.

    You can listen to it here or use this app. That app is a pretty good app for podcasts btw.

  9. #891292015-04-27 18:19:41Jexams said:

    Seeing as I have 16 ones I listen to regularly, I'm gonna try and just post three of them.

    • Critical Hit: A fun D&D podcast that's currently off season and running through a Fate campaign. Great if you're looking for a large backlog of nearly 300 episodes.
    • The Adventure Zone: A newer D&D podcast that's pretty damn funny.
    • The Pen Addict: A fountain pen focused podcast. Yes, fountain pens.

    Besides those three, I listen to a handful of podcasts from Quite a few of the podcasts on that network are rather Apple focused tech podcasts but I really like the hosts and enjoy the conversations.

    inb4 "apple a shit"

  10. #1066872016-09-05 04:22:59--Jack-- said:

    Jim Sterling's Podquisition or "the jimquisition podcast" is a podcast that he does alongside Laura Kate Dale (Former Destructoid games journalist), and Gavin (aka The Miracle of Sound). They talk a lot about current game news and gaming events that take place.

    They do talk about NSFW things so viewer discretion is advised.

    Also Jim and another colleague of his, Conrad Zimmerman, do a secondary podcast on the same soundcloud page where they talk about movies made after games and how usually they are garbage. Some gaming movies Jim and Conrad have covered:

    • Dead or Alive
    • Final Fantasy: Spirits Within
    • Silent Hill
    • Prince of Persia
    • Resident Evil: Apocalypse
    • Need for Speed
    • Double Dragon
    • BloodRayne
    • Wreck-it Ralph
    • Mortal Kombat

    And more...

  11. #1151462018-11-03 05:31:47--Jack-- said:

    Old thread bump

    The Misfits Podcast

    Simply put, these guys do a podcast about telling stories of when they goof off. Most of the time it's drug related, or money related. Starring Fitz, John on the Radio, Swaggersouls, and more youtubers, they usually play games and make off-color jokes on youtube. This is not a child-friendly podcast.

    The Misfits Podcast on Soundcloud

  12. #1151482018-11-03 11:01:54Kinnear said:

    A friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep. Welcome to Night Vale.

  13. #1151492018-11-04 04:52:40--Jack-- said:

    The Dude Soup Podcast

    Funhaus, a forking off of RoosterTeeth (such as Cow Chop and Achievement Hunter), mostly focused on improv comedy and gaming nonsense, the youtubers of Funhaus have many podcast like videos, but their most legitimate is the Dude Soup podcast, where they discuss recent pop culture news, often involving gaming and or cinema. While it has plenty of audio quality, they also have visual aides in many of the newer podcasts along with changes of scenery with their studio.

    YouTube Playlist for the Dude Soup Podcast

    Also this too is not necessarily a child friendly podcast or Youtube channel. FH make many politically incorrect jokes, but seem to be pretty well rounded and avoid criticism due to the sheer spectrum of subjects they make fun of. One of my top 10 youtube channels easily.