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  1. The Copy&Paste Game

    #857822014-12-29 12:36:33Kip said:

    I was looking around and i didn't see a thread like this, so i'm just gonna go ahead and make one.

    The Copy&Paste Game is simple. Forgotten what you last Copied? Paste it onto the thread and post it. No context. Doesn't have to be a super active game, it's just something to do for laughs.

    The are only a few rules:

    • Don't post something that is specifically insulting to another member (let's not cause trouble!).
    • Avoid posting NSFW pictures, videos or links, please.
    • Spoilers for anime, manga, TV shows, books, and movies should be hidden behind spoilers.
    • Avoid posting yours or others personal information like address, name, etc... (refer to CL rules for that one)

    Have fun kiddies.

  2. #858162014-12-29 20:07:51Lieutenant said:

    Without it, our mental and physical vitality is impaired, our resistance is lowered, and we succumb to illnesses that often prove fatal. We may escape actual death, but what remains is a meager and barren existence, emotionally so impoverished that we can only be called half alive.

  3. #858322014-12-30 04:55:20Kip said:

    got banned from my last dungeons & dragons campaign for insisting that paladin was pronounced like paula deen