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What type of anime watcher are you?

  1. #861552015-01-09 17:26:06Lieutenant said:

    It's hard to say if I fit into any of these category, really, let's look through one by one.

    1) The No skipper.

    IF the music is good enough, I don't skip, which is rarely the case, BUT I skip the next-episode-preview thing because I don't give a fuck, I am patient enough to wait for the next episode.

    2) The Casual watcher.

    Well like I said, if the music is good I don't skip them. And I don't skip parts too since, well I always want to understand the situation.

    3) The Picky Elitist.

    I definitely don't do this, it usually takes me a few more episodes then I will decide if I want to watch it or not, but rarely the case too, because I tend to finish the anime that I watch.

    4) The Picky Art Critic.

    Also absolutely not true. If you watch old anime you can't expect it to be all pretty, especially when you want to compare it to nowadays' technology that makes everything so sparkly and shit.

    5) The God of Hunch.

    Not really, I have my own opinion of whatever anime I am watching and I usually know that it's on my personal opinion and it does not matter either way. And I always expect stuffs to be shitty rather than good on my first impression on watching anime anyway.

    6) The No Moe Warrior.

    Don't think so. I am pretty flexible, don't choose my anime that specifically. Let it be moe shit if the stuff is good, even though I rarely watch something moe, but hey since I have experienced watching a few of KyoAni stuffs, so.

    7) The Hipster.

    Well the old animes I watch don't tend to get overrated (later or no later). It's more like I'm too lost to catch up with new anime and those tend to get overrated.

    8) The Hive Mind.

    More like I don't watch anime now, actually I only follow UBW for now and I think it's good so far (I really like the animation improvement aside from the story, I tend to appreciate art more than the story, that's just how I am). So yeah, I don't watch anything popular at the time, actually, I don't even care what's popular and what's not at the moment. I just watch it if I feel like it despite of how audience give feedback to it.

    9) The Cowboy.

    At some point, I suppose, but leaning more towards no, I don't cram my mind that close and compact to just worship a certain anime, whatever show they display will always have it's flaw and unique point, that's what I believe.

    10) The 90's kid.

    I don't make that joke but I probably need new anime to watch, heck it doesn't have to be new, really, just something I haven't watch yet.

    11) The Gundam Heretic.

    I don't watch Gundam.

    12) The Gundam Satan.

    Again, I don't watch Gundam.

    13) You are(not) alone.

    Well it's not like I never talk about anime in public, just rare, if it pique my interest I do talk about it and I give no shit if there will be anyone thinking I'm weird just talking about it. Also, thankfully, I am not surrounded by Narutards, then again I don't care, really, it's what they like, so what.

    14) The Studio Weehibli.

    Still haven't watch some stuffs by them so I am pretty much invalid in this category.

    15) Every men are gay in anime.

    I am straight, so no. Just, no.

    16) The Otaku and Proud.

    Well not everyone uses their real name on the internet, and I am one of them, but I definitely don't use those Japanese-Chinese-ching-chong-writings-weaboo names, and I don't constantly post anything anime-related, also most of the time it's me unfriend-ing people. Obviously not Japanese and an otaku.

    17) The Casanova.

    I don't make time for anime, I know, pretty unfaithful lol, I don't treat anime like how I'd treat my lover, clear difference in my mind. I'm not an avid-committed-anime-watcher. Also I don't make things my favourite quickly, that will take some time.

    18) Give me suggestions! I will(not) watch them!

    I don't ask anyone for anime suggestion because I know I'm not gonna watch them anyway, I just choose by my own and see if I ever watch it, see I don't even take an effort to watch my own anime suggestion.

    19) The Scholar.

    I don't do this because I always don't watch whatever these kids watch nowadays, can't just judge like that, it'll make you look like a total idiot.

    20) Le 4chan Master 9Kekerino.

    If I have watched that anime and I get the hang of it pretty well and I think it's shit, yeah sure why not. A lot of people likes shitty things anyway so I don't have to be there to tell them that, society will see that and they will tear themselves up apart.

    Well that's all I can specify, like I said, I don't think I fit closely into any one of these categories. I can't even categorize myself as an anime enthusiast, really, I rarely watch anime, and even if I do, I don't (rarely) talk about it, I don't tell people what I watch. I may criticize and/or give feedback/review of what I think about it, I tell it straight if I feel like it doesn't meet my expectations.

    Most of all I often associate real logic with anime, which most of the time can't be accepted, really, because yeah, you know, anime-logic they say. That's why I tend to critique an anime because I can't brain most of their logic.

    Maybe that's how I should categorize myself. I watch only a few anime and when I do, I have my own (serious?) opinion upon it.

  2. #861802015-01-10 18:11:30DarkChaplain said:

    The "You start on almost everything each season and finish (almost) nothing, even though you quite enjoyed some of the shit you watched".

    But my god, that spelling & grammar in the OP. Amazing.

  3. #863422015-01-15 06:34:44Noodle said:

    I used to be the no skipper. But now I'm probably the picky elitist.

    Spoiler. I almost never watch the rest. But let's be honest. Anime nowadays sucks anyways.

  4. #863832015-01-16 13:37:05HTF said:

    I don't know. I am definitely 2. The Casual watcher, and I think I am also a but of 14. The Studio Weehibli. Maybe a bit of other categories too, but not enough to mention.

  5. #876382015-02-28 01:30:31rockinernie said:

    The thing is I watch the OP and ED the first episode of the anime and the last episode only(unless it changes). I pretty much try a little bit of everything, I'm not afraid to try new genres of anime.

  6. #956052015-12-14 19:31:36Enami said:

    I'm a mix of 1, 5 and 18.

    The No skipper: I rarely watch endings, but i do watch openings if i like them, but i never skip a scene in any anime, i'm kinda a perfectionist so i always watch the whole ep; completely, and i also don't drop any anime i have begin to watch, there's no going back for me lol i do stop them and finish them later sometimes though.

    The God of Hunch: i don't decide to watch an anime randomly or on a whim, i only decide to do so after i'm convinced that i will like it and i do, i can't tell how good it'll be or how bad it'll be but i can tell most of the time if it's my type and if it's acceptable for me, or if there's no way i'll like it, so my hunch is not precise it's more like yes or no.

    Give me suggestions! I will(not) watch them!: I have a lot of anime i wanna watch but i don't have enough time for it because the list just keep on growing and this seems endless haha xD

  7. #956142015-12-14 22:29:11Memelord said:

    69: Cory In The House is your favorite anime, followed by Code Geass in a close second, with third being a 274 way tie between miscellaneous ecchi anime.

    Also I'm a little bit of #42 because I cried throughout Clannad: After Story and can force myself to cry by listening to the Big Dango Family song in a dark room.