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  1. Durarara!! x2 Shou - Anime Discussion [SPOILER WARNING]

    #860652015-01-06 21:40:18 *Taro_Tanako said:

    Durarara!! x2 Shou [DISCUSSION]

    WARNING: Some spoilers may be posted in this thread


    So the long awaited season 2 of Durarara is due to begin airing in this Winter 2015 anime season with more to follow later in the year. This is going to be an active discussion thread for those watching. Come and have your say about the episodes, what you think, etc. And for those wanting to avoid spoilers...DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!

    • Main studio: Studio Shuka
    • First airing: 10th January 2015
    • Genres: Action, Supernatural, Shounen, Mystery

    Episode 1 airs in Japan on 10th January 2015 with international subs to follow soon after. To get you excited (or not) here's the official trailer.


  2. #860852015-01-07 15:34:37Rinneko said:

    There we go, Aoba finally appears and the twins get more showtime.


    What I'm really looking forward to is Mikado becoming more badass, though, and Aoba's role in inciting the events.


  3. #860992015-01-08 02:59:36awkwardangels said:

    I can't wait for people who think that Mikado is all sweet and kind to break. One of my friends theorizes that he has a split personality, and he definitely shows signs of having one. The reactions will be hilarious omg.

  4. #861852015-01-10 20:56:55OneDollar said:

    Good first episode, had 8/10 of the drrr vibes. I did feel the art and new bg music was a bit off though. OP almost as good as season one but I'm sure it will catch on. ED didnt seem to fit the anime though.

    Good start, keep it up. Miss Kida :(.

  5. #861902015-01-11 00:16:23Taro_Tanako said:

    First impressions...it's a bit like seeing your old school friends after a long break. It feels right just slipping back into watching the first episode, however, there's clearly something subtly different about the art style which is slightly jarring and further highlighted when they cut in some of the original series as flashbacks. Nice OP though.

    Gonna do a full review in the next couple of days.

  6. #861912015-01-11 00:18:02TalTal said:

    i cant wait for all the Shizaya to get push aside to make room for the One True DRRR Ship, Aoba/Ballpoint Pen


  7. #861922015-01-11 00:36:31 *Yugure said:

    Hahahahaha!! Those anime references especially Mahouka Koukou on their van

    Anyways, it was a great start, the episode made me laugh, and both OP/ED are ok to me.

    The comeback is real. Keep up the good work~

  8. #862222015-01-11 16:19:40 *Taro_Tanako said:

    Durarara x2 Shou - Episode 1 [REVIEW]

    The gang(s) is back! Durarara returns after a five year long hiatus and it brings with it the same old ensemble cast of characters, frenetic pacing, and weird happenings in a seemingly recognisable modern world setting.

    For me, the original had a feeling of anarchic excitement with a plot thread that bound a rather disparate bunch of groups and characters together. The focus would switch, sometimes dizzingly, between these characters and how the loose plot affected them. Sometimes they would be passive observers to the actions of others, and sometimes they were the main protagonists pushing the drama and comedy. It was an engaging balance and brought the setting of Ikebukaro to life. Season 2 certainly starts off where season 1 finished this.

    So season 1 finished off with a number of loose ends seemingly being tidied up, or at least clarified, but with quite a few still unresolved. Mikado came to terms with his involvement in The Dollars and the feud with The Yellow Scarves was settled, albeit with some personal loss for Mikado and his relationship with Masaomi. Most intriguing here was the prediction by Izaya that Mikado would never return to accepting a normal life, a foreshadowing of Mikado's development as a character that seems rather ominous. There was Celty finding happiness with Shinra and resigning herself to her nature as a headless supernatural oddity (Dulahan). Izaya appears to have finished his current schemes in defeat, although his is obviously not quite the case since he secretly has Celty's head and always has something more up his sleeve.

    Episode 1 of the second season kicks off with the typical Drrr fast pace, throwing viewers into the story midway through, a flourish that either works for you or not as a viewer. The OP is in keeping with Drrr and has a nice rock guitar flavour with a recap worked in. The main episode plot revolves around Celty and her more brash and confident acceptance of her nature. Unfortunately, this also leads to some trouble for her when the police and media catch up with her. Cue street chases and the cast watching on. Also, there's a seeding for some mysterious murders that will develop in future episodes. This episode works in appearances from pretty much every single character with a number of new ones too. The overall result being a mishmash of cameos to remind you who was there last time. It's typically a post-hiatus episode that feels a bit strange if you roll into this straight from the last series but is to be expected and is nice to reacquaint you with our old friends from the Drrr setting. The comedy mostly works and masks the weirder and more disturbing elements of story introduced. There are numerous amusing references to other recent animes and fan tropes that almost seem a bit satirical, and the writers certainly have their tongues firmly in their cheeks with this.

    I have to mention the art style now because, as discussed by other viewers, I found it a little jarring in places. The animators have done a good job and the overall effect is similar to the original series but Mikado's face looks really odd to me. His scenes are intercut with some flashback from the original and to my eye this compares strangely, like it was rushed a bit. There is also a bit with Shinra and Celty that seemed really strangely proportioned. I'm hoping this was just a blip in the otherwise passable quality of art and style of Drrr.

    Anyways, the episode finishes off with a little nod towards Masaomi's eventual return and gave me a nice little feeling inside like being reunited with my school mates after a summer break and just picking up as if no real time had passed. The ED was upbeat and displays the extending cast in typical Drrr style with a preview hinting at the introduction of new characters and advancing the seeded plot from this episode.

    All in all I enjoyed this and cannot wait for next weeks when the real action and plot will be revved up. MY SCORE 8/10.

  9. #862302015-01-12 04:09:39MyogiWarrior34 said:

    He-hey guys, it's me myogi! Looks like Drrr is back and I just listened to the OP video...

    NOW I AM PLANNING ANOTHER LITERAL. To the oldfags here, you know what I'm talking about.

    To the new guys here, here's the chaos we've done back in season 1: arigajoe.tumblr.com/post/5001924406

    thanks to tumbler followers who recovered this golden treasure.

  10. #862332015-01-12 05:23:28my_emptyness said:

    omg its back.... the obsessions are comming back to me xD, as soon as i saw the anime i know i have to come here . great first episode cant w8 for the whole thing to unfold xD.

  11. #864552015-01-18 08:49:34 *Warlock said:

    @Taro_Tanako I thought the first episode was pretty good. I liked the references to the other series it had, and enjoyed Shinra clinging to Celty as usual. The bad Engrish made me laugh as well. My expectations were met, and I'm looking forward to the second episode.

  12. #863472015-01-15 15:20:22DarkChaplain said:

    So I watched this two mornings ago, and was severely underwhelmed, though my expectations weren't high to begin with.

    The good thing: Lots of Celty. The bad thing: She did mostly the same stuff we'd expect from season one, apart from one scene which was rather neat.

    The bad? It was basically just an episode reintroducing old characters, no matter how small their contributions. Namedrops left and right, without any real point to them. While I can appreciate why it is necessary to reintroduce characters in season 2, after such a long break, I cannot help but feel that a lot of it was wasted due to the characters being very minor and having no bearing whatsoever on the episode itself.

    All of that was wrapped in Mikado's "nothing has really changed for us" monologue, which is kinda true. It is still the same tired thing. And Mikado is still an inactive, boring character.

    Two new characters were introduced, another one was just shown on the sidelines. While one of those characters seems at least funny/crazy enough to be worthwhile, the movie director guy is obnoxious enough to make me want to turn off the episode after a mere 5 minutes.

    And I really quite dislike the opening song. It is nowhere near as catchy as Uragiri no Yuuyake or Complication. The ending animation returned back to the first half of season one's pattern, but a lot of characters are cut off and only barely make it into the picture. Disappointing arrangement for that reason. The song didn't stick.

    One nice surprise actually happened, though. I expected another brainless Izaya-Shizuo chase, but that didn't happen. Thank fuck for that.

    Overall, expectedly tiresome.