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  1. Aldnoah.Zero 2 - Anime Discussion [SPOILER WARNING]

    #860672015-01-06 22:02:00 *Taro_Tanako said:

    Aldnoah.Zero Season 2 [DISCUSSION]


    • Main studio: A-1 Pictures
    • First airing: 11th January 2015
    • Genres: Action, Mecha, SciFi, Headshots

    The end of season one had Slaine (fuck that guy!) go on a shocking killing spree fuelled by jealousy, betrayal, twisted loyalty, and general dickishness. What happened to Princess Asseylum since her body was never recovered? Has Inaho somehow survived (seriously how rubbish would Slaine be if he failed at that range?!). Can Slaine ever stop being a whiny emo who pisses in your cornflakes (whilst capping your gf)? Will they have such a great ending song as the aLIEz one?

    Here's an english subbed trailer and a japanese raw one to get excited about if you like.

    Let justice be done, though the heavens fall!

  2. #862042015-01-11 04:00:28Momimochi said:

    Manservant now has manservant. Slaine has officially won in my mind.

    On another note, missing point fucking blank, how Slaine. How.

    And I also learned Aldnoah is probably another word for AIDS.

  3. #862062015-01-11 04:26:239mm said:

    Slaine is literally the biggest faggot in the world. He is using the princess for his own ambition.

  4. #863992015-01-16 19:53:41 *Akidzuki said:

    @9mm I don't think he's using her, it's more like he sought a way to save her, and the only way he saw he could achieve this was by making a deal with Saazbaum. If you think about it it's logical. If he killed Saazbaum, he couldn't have saved the dying princess.

    I think he's still doing everything for the princess, and he must have a plan to grant her a normal life.

  5. #864002015-01-16 19:59:379mm said:

    You are wrong. How is Saazbaum gonna "save her".

    Slaine could have talked to the king like he did before and tell him to save the princess. That sounds more logical to me.

  6. #864072015-01-17 00:56:56 *Akidzuki said:

    @9mm And we all saw what speaking to the king did the last time... I think he no longer believed that it would do him any good. He knew Saazbaum's motivation and character, so he knew how to persuade him to let the princess live. Also, he had to act fast, because if they didn't treat the princess soon, she would have died before he could even talk to the king.

    This way, the princess is alive, hidden from the other martians AND terrans, and he can build his power to somehow "free" the princess from her fate. (perhaps by ending the war? )

    OFF: How do I write the reply like you did (under the post) ? :/

  7. #864112015-01-17 01:43:429mm said:

    alright. it's either we didn't watch the same anime or you watched it with really poorly translate sub.

  8. #864132015-01-17 05:27:48Teil said:

    Finally got around to watching the first episode. I didn't really like how they continued the story from last season. Slaine still retains his position as my favourite character due to the fact that he's incredibly fun to watch and I look forward to more of his bullshit in the near future. I guess my biggest problem with the new season is that all of the characters that we thought were dead survived through some means. Pretending to kill off one character and then bringing them back right after has always been a huge turn off for me, and they did it with THREE. At least Inaho seems slightly different as a character now. I can't wait to seem him develop even further as the show progresses.

  9. #864392015-01-17 21:43:34Taro_Tanako said:

    I am kinda worried that I will start appreciating Slaine this season. He's more complex than a hateful shit who doesn't know how to double tap.

  10. #864432015-01-18 03:15:27PureBoredom said:

    I'm thinking the bullet also did something to his brainy bits... He seems a lot more mechanical than before.

    Also I'm sorry I ship inaho and inko way hard.

  11. #865012015-01-20 06:05:41Teil said:

    Slaine vs Inaho was pretty entertaining. Slaine's Kataphrakt is really neat and I wonder how Inaho will kick it's ass in the future. Things are already picking up again and I can't wait until more people pretend to die once more. Needs more InahoxInko too. Anyone else her ship Slaine with the new princess who's name I can't remember at all?

  12. #865432015-01-20 19:02:39 *Momimochi said:

    Screw Martian naming. Who the hell names their kid Asseylum and Lemrina anyways. I think that was her name anyhow. Lemrina.

    No. Lemrina's obviously going to be crushing on Slaine and then go super sadist on Seylum or some shit. And then everything's just going to be this huge mess of love.

    Why did they have to take Urobutcher off this. Jeezus.

    EDIT: But yeah, I'm with Inaho and Inko ship. Lolololol. I like the childhood friend ship too much okay. You can't break the damn bond between Seylum and Slaine.

  13. #865512015-01-21 07:02:32 *Warlock said:

    Marathoned Aldnoah.Zero the last two days. Slaine's character development was the most in-depth I felt, and the first kiss in S1 with him and Seylum.... The feels were so real. I'm definitely shipping Slaine x Selyum. I mean there was a lot more, but Slaine got abused and used so hard, and he deserves the best. Inaho has got that Kira Yamato luck factor going for him. Inaho's robotic eye is hax too seriously. Though Slaine is kick-ass in Tharsis!

    Definitely rooting for team Slaine!